San Felipe


Thickness 3/4” nominal.   Min San Felipe in Los Angeles Blend shown.  **9 x 11 San Felipe has a pillowed edge. 3 x 4 and 12 x 12 have square edge.




Available in all ARTO colors and blends.  Click here to view colors palette.


GB2 9×11 San Felipe T. Mustard

GB40 12×13 Big Felipe T. Mustard

9x11 San Felipe Josie Blend

GB64 9×11 San Felipe Josie Blend

12x13 San Felipe

GB65 12×13 San Felipe Caqui

Mini San Felipe

GB63 Mini San Felipe T. Mustard

GB6 3×4 San Felipe Los Angeles

BB9 Mini San Felipe Los Angeles Blend




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The vast majority of raw materials are locally sourced to minimize transportation impact. Our cement is supplied by an Energy Star Certified factory. All products include varying amounts of recycled content, our packaging incorporates recycled or reclaimed materials. Our primary goals are to increase recycled content without reducing product quality or locally sourced content and to reduce our waste stream as close to zero as possible.


CSI Specifications:

  04 22 00 Concrete Wall Veneer

  09 30 36 Concrete Tile Flooring



ARTO is happy to support efforts toward green building certification.  ARTO products can contribute to LEED rating system certification in a variety of credit areas.

  • MR 4.1/4.2 Recycled Materials
  • MR 5.1/5.2 Regional Materials
  • SS 6.1/6.2 Water Runoff Reduction
  • SS 7.1/7.2 Heat Island Effect Reduction
  • ID Credit 1-4 Innovation in Design


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The handcrafted elegance of ARTO products is complemented by their rugged durability and unmatched versatility for Walls, Floors and Hardscapes. Tiles, brick veneer, pavers, wall caps, pier caps, pool coping, balustrades, and more are offered in a wide variety of colors and textures to create your own look.
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