Toca Madera West Hollywood

These pics came to me early this week( Monday ). I was floored ( no joke ) by the use of our Handcast Concrete Tiles

The exterior facade is using our Eye of Felipe in Charley Brown LINK 

The Interior is Using Our Pattern 5B a blend of Eye of Felipe & San Felipe LINK

For Fun Here our Searches on Instagram for this location 

Location TAG LINK 



o-1 o

Calendar & A New Year’s Tradition

Did you get a Calendar in the mail last week?  Our Dad Arto has been sending these puppies out for maybe 25 years or longer. We get calls from people saying they did not get their’s .

Did you get yours ?

NO. Register here to get on the list.

Quick 15 second action video on what is going here here.

David Shipley 12-13

New work from the Studio

Stop in this Saturday the 17th. 


Open House & Bone Yard Sale

Stop by the Factory for an Open House ( Just a Tour by Me ) & Boneyard Sale. I may make you a cup of Espresso as well.

This Saturday December 17th 2016 from 8 to 2 .  Drop me a line to tell me you are coming  LOCATION 

Pic below from Last Saturday.




David Shipley 12-6

A quick pic from the Studio

He will be @ the Open House as well on December Saturday December 10th.


USC Marshall School of Business : Fertitta Hall

When I said I was getting better pictures I did not know how much better they would be. Holy Molly !

This is built on our Handcrafted Quarry Clay Body. fertitta-hall-arto-brick-07-blur




Click the Below Picture To See More Color Choices on our Handcrafted Quarry Clay Body.2016-12-05_20-32-51


An Italian Estate in California

Howdy All,

This home I am going to call out as an Italian Renaissance but I am probably wrong. What style would you call it? 

Products Used :

Pata Grande from the Artillo Series 

Handpainted Decos from the California Revival Collection 






11-29 Couple Pics

Here are a couple Pics from the Studio this AM


I will be here this Saturday if you want stop in for a tour of the Studio & The Factory.

fullsizeoutput_1cd1 img_3401



Bread & Butter / 12×12 Artillo Cotto Gold

Picture below is 12×12 Artillo Cotto Gold . Concrete Tile Handcrafted in Los Angeles. Our bread & butter. Everyday for many years, Thank you. Oh do not forget about the decos, we make those too.  ( link is a glimpse of the future in the works )







Milwaukee Museum of Art

I had a choice to stay in Chicago one day or head straight to Milwaukee. I picked Milwaukee. As I write I am glad I did. I will come back and do more exploring. I will still make the time for Chicago.

Like most of my posts it is all about the pictures I will add links for more in depth information when I can. Enjoy.


Google Pictures of Milwaukee Museum of Art

website of Architect Santiago Calatrava 


Pablo Picasso

The Cock of the Liberation (Le Coq de la Liberation),


Duane Hanson’s “Janitor”

Story on Restoring Him / It 


Wayne Thiebaud’s Refrigerator Pies, 1962


This is a big One > 110 in × 149 in

 Midgard Anselm Kiefer




Breath (Atem)

Gerhard Richter



After the Election of November 8th 2016

Do not Worry The Sun Will Still Rise Tomorrow like it did today over the Pacific..

(Even if the Earth is Void of Life. / Joke / bad Joke but joke )

On a Serious note the world will still be turning. We still will have the choice to treat our Neighbor with Love & Respect.



Fertitta Hall | USC Marshall School of Business

The other day William and I were visiting people in Downtown Los Angeles in particular Rachel @ AC MARTIN .  She brought up Fertitta Hall  & its use of Terra Cotta on a Fireplace Surround, “The Buckle”. We were both going to walk the site but I delayed us. So we postponed. Then Traffic put me on Figueroa Street and there it was. I parked. Snapped a few pictures. Left the scene just as the “no stopping ” signs would have become active. I hope to send a pro in to take better shots soon. Enjoy these for now.





David Shipley Back in The Studio

David is Back in the studio.

When I first met David he was working on Sculptures and has two permanent pieces in the Library at Texas Woman’s University . I do not have any quality pictures to share (yet ). While here he will be sculpting again as well as Painting.

We invite you to his studio. 730 AM to 4oo PM Monday through Friday other times & days call (310-466-0212 ) or email  for an appointment. img_2823

The Los Angeles Rams

Nothing official about the Bus that I know of but Vic from shipping told me that it was once a St Louis Rams Bus.

Until proven otherwise I think the guy staring through the window is Patrick from Marketing.









Safety Is Important @ ARTO

So is having Fun.

Jordie Below in the Shipping Department sporting our new line of Eye Protection.



Project: Roman Series Hermosa Charley Brown Limestone

A change of Pace. Not just Tile but all the accessories to finish your Landscape Project. Shown below is our Roman Series in Color Charley Brown with texture Limestone. All that is missing from the project is pool coping and showing off our Curves ( Radius Pieces ). Well there is more to the series arto-brick-15arto-brick-02 arto-brick-23 arto-brick-06 arto-brick-13 arto-brick-09


Stephanie & Daniel

Looking through the Archives I came across this one of Daniel & Stephanie from maybe 2 years ago.


Put Color Back In Architecture ( when appropriate )

In a Sea Of Gray ( we have that too ) call out some color for your project.

Size & Shapes to Glaze   Series Oleson ||  Series  Monrovia  ||  Series Studio  ||






Lower Alabama & The Pan Handle of Florida

SSH. It is a secret part of the USA ( Pensacola Beach). Took just a few pictures all from the same spot. This is what I saw after work everyday.

( BTW better in person )img_2555 img_2571 img_2588 img_2594

Avila Brothers

So there are many sibling sets at Arto. My brother Vod & I ,The Avilas below and I can think of at least 4 more.20160318-arto-staff-4219-color


the boss, our dad , Arto back in the day

My brother Vod  recently scanned a treasure trove of old pictures. Since then when I present Arto Brick to folks that do not know our company culture I have started to share this picture.   I mumble a few words and end with the fact that he, Arto our father has always been cool. Cool since the beginning of time. Even when I was a teenager, he was cool. He was cool with the ladies but also with the other simple things from fishing to when he went swimming even when he took the trash out. He carried himself in a special way in all circumstances.


Hospitality Project: Zinque (8 x 8 Hexagon 3″ Thick)

Howdy All !

The hexagon is a timeless shape. Use by nature by Honey Bees and see in Volcanic Stone formations. Arto produces Hexgaons in #ConcreteTerraCotta & #HighFireTerraCotta in sizes from 4×4 to 14×14. The color options are over 100.

The Pictures below are of Restaurant called Zinque I stumbled across on LA.Eater  .  They use three shade of our Concrete Colors, Early Gray, Smoke & Sidewalk.

Also this 8×8 Hex is available 3″ thick for Vehicular Traffic.

04_2014_ZINQUE_WEHO-82.0 screen-shot-2014-08-17-at-9-31-47-pm 04_2014_ZINQUE_WEHO-55.0.0


William in Action

William in action ( the guy in the Blue Arto T-Shirt ) giving a factory tour. img_4335


Coachella 2016

Updated 10-17-16


The Coachella Collection has been available going on two years but never in the Price Book. The Coachella Collection in the new price book  staring on Page 11 . Below are some of the Concept Boards We came up with . Do you have suggestions?  Which ones do you have a project for or need in your showroom?

I will get calls from my people after I say this but think outside the box. These color ways and patterns are available in all of our High Fired Terra Cotta Shapes.

This tile is suitable for Exterior , Submersed and areas subject to freezing not to mention floors !


BB171- Coachella

BB171- Coachella

BB172- Coachella

BB172- Coachella

BB201 Arabesque Pattern 12 - Coachella Deco C

BB201 Arabesque Pattern 12 – Coachella Deco C

BB219 Mini Conche Coachella Blue with Hand Rubbed Edges

BB219 Mini Conche Coachella Blue with Hand Rubbed Edges

BB217 4x4 Coachela Filed Tile with Deco and Liner B

BB217 4×4 Coachella Filed Tile with Deco and Liner B

BB216 4x4 Coachela Filed Tile with Deco and Liner A

BB216 4×4 Coachella Filed Tile with Deco and Liner A

BB218 4x4 Coachela Filed Tile with Deco and Liner C

BB218 4×4 Coachella Filed Tile with Deco and Liner C







Petronilo !

Howdy All

Petrolino has been at Arto since 2002. In a prior life my brother has know him maybe since late 1999.


A little bit Texas

Howdy !

Just a few shots of Texas. I did not snap a lot as I normally do but no excuses I found few that will do. Not In Order of visited but in order of how they uploaded .


How I saw Austin, a lot of Building going on in a small space. Drive Out 30 minutes ( at the right time ) and you are probably in what it used to look like.

Adhoc meeting at an Architectural Firm in Austin


45 Minutes outside of Austin ( at the right time ) you end up in Elgin. This is a project in a Cotton Gin that the Principles at Architerra  are putting together.


Driving to Galveston as the Sunsets


Visited a home with Alamo Stone that used Arto in all the Wet Rooms ( i Think 5 )


Lucky Cafe El Paso. I am driving the South with Celiacs used yelp to find Gluten Free, ended up here. A good Surprise.





Bathroom #1 Houston House Surprise

I am on a road trip across Texas . In Houston as I write. Jennifer @ Alamo Stone took me to one her projects. Met Kurt on site . He wears shorts to work like myself. It made my day.

Below are some cell phone pictures of one of the bathrooms. Using my favorite; 6×6 Hexagon in Portland Blend.  Luxe will be shooting the site soon look forward to getting better pictures.

Sincere Peace


img_2375 img_2376 img_2377 img_2378


Conche Tile #HACK

We discovered this project on Instagram.

Instagram & Pinterest still a great place to find nuggets of creativity. At this time this DIYer is anonymous will be tracking her down to give her an Avocado Sandwich and Professional Pictures of her  project. VERY COOL !!! Thank you for using our Tile !

OH what is the hack ?!: she made her own wood tile as accents in the floor. Technically we could of made her different color tile but cool. On that note send us your suggestions for different material to make our conche in!




heloo winner cocnhe-6 conche4 conche-3 1-conche



Go to the Downloads Page , You will find us There


Fishing Trip ! 2016

Okay Real Quick ! Want to get on the list for next time send me a note  . A lot of our fisherman were first timers and had a blast. They were blessed with a Calm Sea and Fish !

This first picture is of George our sealer vendor . He was pleased to pick up this sheepshead aka Semicossyphus pulcher . He was very excited because he had a family recipe ready to go when he got to land.


20160828_055717not the boat they went out in but a docked neighbor


Angels Gate Lighthouse on the way of the Port of LA 
unnamed-3 unnamed-2

Ship Rock Catalina 

unnamed-1 20160828_1420061 20160828_064648 20160828_063305 20160828_063133 20160828_062236 123_1-6


ASID Los Angeles Story on David Shipley

The work of David Shipley is easy on the eyes yet challenging. We have enough success that we are going in two directions in order to scale his work . What I mean by scale is make it available to more people yet not lose the option of a Commission exclusively made for your project.

Below is David Shipley on the cover of the ASID ( American Society of Interior Designers ) Los Angeles Magazine.

Book a time in the Studio




New Conche Studio Ceramic Board

A new Hand Board in the Works

We wanted to pour gas on the fire of the popularity of our Conche Shape ( Fan Tile , Conche Tile, Fish Scale Tile)

Get on the list. via email or here.



My brother & I are in talks to build a program where one can use their hands, their imagination and improve their core.

Interested drop a note in the mail.

Below is from our Monday workout.



2016 Ceramic Price Book

Howdy All

I am excited to tell you we have a new price book of  our Ceramic / High Fire Terra Cotta tile & pavers.

Please grab a digital copy below .

The back cover is of the Coachella Blue Kitchen ( here are more pics of this project )





I often say to people that will listen which most of the time is just my kids “you cannot enjoy being lazy if you do not do hard work” or some variant.

As the 15th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and I see “never forget” almost every where I think there needs to be a second part to this. Not that remembering is lazy but that there needs to be a work part to the proclamation of us never forgetting . I think that second part is living.

Living a grateful life.

Living a life.

Not wasting your life.

I think we honor those lost on 9/11 and through out our lives by maxing out our  life . ( we can discuss what “maxing out our life ” means later).

Never Forget meditate on it. Pray over what it means.

Then go live while remembering . It can make living sweeter and more meaningful.

Never Forget , Be Grateful and Live.


Silk Road Tile Update 9-6-18


Silk Road trade routes literally moved people, goods and cultures since the 2nd millennium BCE. In your mind’s eye picture it connecting Asia the Middle East, North Africa & Europe. Present day the Silk Road is what we live everyday as we acquire a Red Wine from Chile, Water from Fiji, a song from a band in Reykjavik , or a trip to Budapest.

When I first used the Silk Road terminology to describe a new tile style I was thinking small. My thinking is changing to encompass the Silk Road as a way to organize the many styles around the globe.

For Example: Silk Road>Portugal to describe style and colorway > Lisbon can allow us to drill deeper into a style of a particular city or region with in Portugal

This thinking is a work in progress but it seems to be sticking.

The Piece below built in the late 1950’s by our Father’s Girlfriend Irene Berchtenbreiter below it is a reproduction available NOW.




Los Angeles Fleet Week 2016

This past week was #FleetWeek in Los Angeles to be specific it was @ the Port Of Los Angeles / Ports of Call / Cruise Terminal.

I am not a big fan of crowds & there was plenty of people at the event but the space was so big that my agoraphobia did not flare up.

I reverted to a thirteen your old boy during the event which resulted in very few pictures. Everything below we saw but I was too busy touching things to take pictures. Try this Instagram Hashtag for more pictures  lafleetweek2016 

U.S. Coast Guard search-and-rescue demonstration at #LAFleetWeek2016. On an average day, @uscg saves 10 lives!

A photo posted by LA Fleet Week™ (@lafleetweek) on

Last night ended with a spectacular fireworks show at #LAFleetWeek2016! Photo by @michaeljusticephoto.

A photo posted by LA Fleet Week™ (@lafleetweek) on

We already know #Marines are superhuman, but some even have four legs.

A photo posted by LA Fleet Week™ (@lafleetweek) on

Vic & the Painting Ladies

Vic & the Painting Ladies of the Tile Studio in front of #1

Vic & The Painting Ladies


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Tile Floor

AKA Mighty Kitchen in Los Alamitos

This is one of those projects that when you see it being built on the factory floor you say ” Wow that takes some guts”.  I must say they pulled it off. I do not know the designer , I do not know much about this project look forward to learning more & sharing with you Professional Pictures of this site.

What did they use: #HIGHFIRETERRACOTTA in Studio ( 3/8 ” thick ) Picket 8×8 using Glazes from the Premium Color Palette.


Update: Design Team > STUDIO M c C O R M A C K  p: 949.200.8951×105


IMG_4591 IMG_5291 IMG_5302




The Design of Redbird, Robert Weimer Interviewed by Amy Knoll Fraser

The Design of Redbird, Robert Weimer Interviewed by Amy Knoll Fraser LINK TO STORY

We are pleased to be in the running for AIA|LA People’s Choice Awards, 2106 Restaurant Design Awards! The highest recipient of votes in each category, as well as the Jury winners, will be announced in person at a ceremony on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at Dwell on Design. 

To learn even more about our design, read on below…


AKF: Robert, you and I have worked together for over a decade. You were working for Michael Berman when he designed our first restaurant Grace, which opened in early 2003. You were an integral part in the design of that restaurant. You then went out on your own and designed BLD for us, then Fritzi Dog, then Redbird of course and, most recently, ICDC.
RW: Yes, that’s all true and I can say it’s been a wonderful journey working with you and Neal all of this time.
AKF: That’s very kind of you to say.
RW: No, it’s very true, you and Neal, and especially you, given our creative relationship, have been like patrons and I am very grateful.

Picket Big

AKF: It’s funny. Opening a restaurant is a huge collaboration. And in order to have everyone on board full force you, meaning me, as an owner have to give it away so that everyone involved in the creative process feels it is their own. I learned that opening Grace. And found that if you do give it away and let everyone do their thing it comes back to you just as you want it.
RW: Absolutely. I find that to be very true about collaborating.
AKF: Just a small disclaimer here though. I’m giving myself a little too much credit. It’s not at all easy for me to do that. But you are really great at it. This is why I think you are so good. You really listen to your clients and work their desires and concerns and worries into your vision for the project so that they feel heard while at the same time you maintain the integrity of your design. Which is not easy because what you are manipulating is so personal to your clients. They have everything in it. Restaurants of our type are especially challenging because it is truly labor of love and the finances are always so tight. And then you do private residences which have to be even more challenging in that regard.
RW: I really feel that that is almost the bulk of my role as a designer. The easy, less challenging part, is the actual designing. And much more fun.
AKF: No surprise. Ok let’s get to the actual design talk of Redbird. I introduced you to the space with broad strokes – retractable ceiling on the courtyard, painted ceiling mimicking the cathedral painting in the interior space and bringing in other elements from the original structure to pay homage to the existing architecture – the marble, etc., a dark gray floor the same in and out to make both rooms feel related and the wrap around bar and as usual my mandate – the perfect marriage of form and function, and it had to be warm. Then you took that and broke into a full sprint for a full year.
RW: Hahaha. Thank you. And yes, you do keep me on my toes in the functionality department.
AKF: Efficiency equals savings. Sorry to interrupt.
RW: No worries. All of these ideas I loved. My main objective was to truly honor the existing timeless architecture by leaving it alone mostly – just sprucing it up really with a new coat of paint and some minor maintenance – and to then introduce or insert simple modern forms that would complement what was already there while also ensuring that it was functional and warm.


AKF: Yes, one of the most important things to me and Neal is that the space never feels pretentious or staid. We have never had a dress code for this reason. We feel great food tastes the same no matter how you’re dressed and just as great a time can be had in shorts and flip flops as a dress and heels. It is important that the feel of the restaurant design-wise and otherwise communicates this to our guests.

RW: I’ve always loved that about you guys and your restaurants. And it’s a great way to design because it really allows for a lot of creativity. It’s kind of like working with no rules – or, maybe, knowingly breaking the rules.
AKF: Exactly! That’s how we work. Not in a contrarian sense but feeling comfortable with not following any rules. Everything to us is site and time specific meaning if it makes sense for this space at this time then we do it no matter if it’s not been done that way before or might seem out of whack. We’re fairly intuitive folk.
RW: Yes you are. I work that way too.
AKF: You do indeed. Ok. Let’s talk about some of the most genius things you created for the space. The bar face you created – everyone asks about it.
RW: The bar face is a great example of how we work together. I came across a stunning wall paneling that we wanted made from walnut that couldn’t have been further out of our budget so we, as we always do, came up with our own version for a fraction of the cost.
AKF: And a much better version in the end I have to say. Walk through your process with that.
RW: I wanted to figure out how to create this dimensionality that we loved in this wall paneling. At Grace, for the sign, we used a laser cutter who cut walnut for us. So for the bar face at Redbird I created a design with 3 layers of walnut – one solid, the next with a series of circular cut-outs and the next with a different series of cut-outs that would lay on top of the others to create the dimensionality we were looking for. We used the same laser cutter we used for the Grace sign and then installed them one on top of the other to create the effect we were looking for.
AKF: Brilliant. You are as great with these surface treatments as you are spatially.
RW: Well, thank you.
AKF: Of course. I’m always amazed at how you chop up space in your head. It’s something very few people notice outright but something everyone feels whether they know it or not.

RW: Exactly.
AKF: OK then there’s the floor which I want to bring up because I doubted you at first which rarely happens. And you, as you do, gently talked me through it and I think it’s one of the most substantially significant pieces of the design mostly due to the fact that it feels absolutely original. Another reason why you are so good at what you do. Please talk about that idea.
RW: Well thank you again. Ok, yes. Well, you came up with the continuous floor gray color and so I went with that.There is a tile pattern in the building that is original so I decided to use that but to really increase it to a much larger scale.
AKF: And this is where I was worried.
RW: Yes.
AKF: But it ended up being perfectly proportional. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.
RW: It’s ok. Part of the process. We always work through these things.
AKF: We do indeed. Please go on.
RW: Since the original architecture was so beautiful, and so strong, I wanted to insert elements that complimented the building without mimicking it or competing with it.
AKF: And so this is where and how you inserted your “floating” pieces which is your spatial shining in my mind. Please explain.

RW: There are two parts to this – the forms inserted and then the furniture. For the inserted forms there is the floating soffit above the bar, the host stand, the wine room – all of these are floating free of the background building. They are detailed with crisp edges and sharp lines to clearly define what was new creating a dialogue between the two so that the stark contrast would be visually logical. The furniture we tried to keep as linear as possible –and to be as “see-through” as possible to maintain a  feeling of lightness—in contrast to the heavy, thick building. We do add bulk with the magenta banquettes in the courtyard, but in a grounding way to intentionally center the room.  And finally we applied patterns to surfaces to add some richness and texture.The positive reaction tothe space has been a little overwhelming for me. I think we achieved something really special here. There is a history which we were able to acknowledge, and then move beyond. We are creating a whole new story for this building,and the guests seem to be appreciating it. I’m filled with a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.
AKF: Me too. Thank you Robert.

Contact Robert Weimer through his website




Concrete Colors for life

What color is concrete? Thanks to Arto’s Chameleon Express color automation system by Davis Colors, Arto can make thousands of colors on demand. The Chameleon system is much like the paint tinting systems you see in paint stores, but is designed for concrete manufacturers. The Chameleon system blends liquid red, yellow and black iron oxide pigments together in accurate ratios to achieve a wide range of colors.

UntitledThe synthetic pigment is non-toxic and made from 60% post-industrial scrap steel and iron. One source of scrap steel is from Untitled3car manufactures. Once the car parts are stamped and cut the remaining scraps are used by pigment manufacturers to make iron oxide pigments. Iron oxide pigments are used in concrete because they don’t fade. Untitled2The active ingredient is pure inorganic pigment which is made in a process of oxidizing metal, in essence, “fading” metal into a pigment. The resulting pigment concentrate is impossible to fade. That’s why it’s the same active ingredient in another permanent coloring application: Tattoos. Concrete, on the other hand does change with time and weather exposure. You can keep concrete looking fresh by protecting it with periodic applications of a high quality sealer. For more information about the Chameleon system go to



Kaleidoscope Contest Link to entry 

We want to see your Feet on the Floor. Enter the contest by either entering the URL of your image of a winning picture of Feet on the Floor from the internet or uploading your image. The image URL can be directly from your Facebook or Instagram account. Make it fun and creative! Enter for a chance to win 20 pieces of our Kaleidoscope line of tile. We will ship the tile to one of our dealers nearest to you.

Dealers! forward to your clients. Get them involved. spread the word. 

no facebook or instagram email picture to 

#IHaveThisThingWithFloors #ARTOcontest
Link  To Entry
Disclaimer: We do not own the images and will no use them any other place without your consent.

Note: the contest administrator reserves the right to remove any entry due to cheating or being inappropriate.


Brasília not Rio II

It seems that my eyes have found more color in Brasília. Yes it is a Handsome Gray Concrete on the outside but look at the Color on the inside ( scroll down )

Before I began my internet travels of the Brazilian Capital my minds eye saw it as the Capital of Brutalism as well, gray. modern concrete architecture with no room for color. Well I am learning that good color framed in simple gray lines are just > WOW.

Pictures below are of Santuário Dom Bosco. Named after a Priest in Turin that dreamed of a new City in this region of Brazil . Sanctuary design by architect Carlos Alberto Naves. I cannot find anything else on the Carlos please share with me and post here if you do.

Why the title Brasília not Rio II ? here is the first post



23 Santuario Dom Bosco Fenster







Brasília Not Rio

I am hoping I make this type of post a regular feature. What is type of post? A post that highlights a regions’s architecture or particular building or space. I will come back to the definition and refine it as I write more of these “types of posts”.

Okay guys, Brasília. What I know: built in the middle of the rainforest & it is the New Capitol of Brazil. That is about it, for now. I hope to share pictures and facts of this place as I learn & discover from 5,756 miles away.

Brasília: Cathedral of Brasília , I the full name in Portuguese Catedral da Nossa Senhora Aparecida . The Architect is Oscar Niemeyer and it is dedicated to Our Lady of Aparecida / Nossa Senhora Aparecida a statue of Mary with a story dating to 1717 in São Paulo. 

Okay. I think that is enough text for now. Enjoy some pictures from the internets . From What I see this building is lit up by the Glass! Would love to translate this in to concrete or clay.


Picture Credit CANDIOTTO, B.

download (1)

Picture Credit CANDIOTTO, B.

2016-07-26_21-50-50Picture Credit CANDIOTTO, B.
download (2)

Picture Credit CANDIOTTO, B.


Public Domain







Silk Road Tile ( 7-11-16 )

Silk Road ( I like the sound of it )

Built on our High Fire Terra Cotta. This hand crafted tile is tough enough to be used in severe weather ( freezing )  wet areas or submerged & On Commercial floors.

As you can see from the detail there is an unique beauty to it. Which would look good in your bath, in  your outdoor kitchen, in the water line of your pool or back splash ( you decide ).

The finish of this series is very ARTO. Rustic & Elegant

This is a sneak peak as of 7-11-16. I will be updating this page as we have more information. If you want to be notified as I update please send me a note to
Silk Road Decorative High Fire Terra Cotta Tile
Silk Road Decorative High Fire Terra Cotta Tile
20160613-Arto-Surface-457 20160613-Arto-Surface-458 20160613-Arto-Surface-459 20160613-Arto-Surface-460 20160613-Arto-Surface-461 20160613-Arto-Surface-462 20160613-Arto-Surface-514 20160613-Arto-Surface-538 20160613-Arto-Surface-539 20160613-Arto-Surface-540 20160613-Arto-Surface-541 20160613-Arto-Surface-542 20160613-Arto-Surface-543 20160613-Arto-Surface-544 20160613-Arto-Surface-545 20160613-Arto-Surface-546 20160613-Arto-Surface-547 20160613-Arto-Surface-548 20160613-Arto-Surface-549 20160613-Arto-Surface-550




























Candy Tile

Howdy All,

If you have met me you know that other than being tall, dark, thin, handsome with thick hair that I am excitable.  These Cadmium Colors excite me and make me hungry.  These ( Yellow, Orange & Red ) color are available on Dimensional Tile,  Monrovia, Oleson & Studio bodies. ( scroll down 5 pictures in this series ) request sample chips 


IMG_1047 2

IMG_1104 IMG_1105 IMG_1106







Geppetto’s Toy Store Carlsbad / Antik Brick Used Red

This is an easy one to write about. ( Not much to write ). 2×8 Antik Brick in Color Used Red our most popular item. Suggested Retail is 6 dollars a square foot ( CRAZY ). Can be painted as well!

Arto-Brick-Toy-Store-09Arto-Brick-Toy-Store-20Arto-Brick-Toy-Store-15Arto-Brick-Toy-Store-13 Arto-Brick-Toy-Store-08 Arto-Brick-Toy-Store-01




UPDATE 7-19 Kaleidoscope


It is official. The name for this collection is Kaleidoscope. I was surprised by how many said not to name it Alhambra or similar. The reasoning was that it would get lost in the sea of products of similar names and in turn not get discovered. A quick tally has the three most popular as Kaleidoscope, Estrella ( or Star of Some Sort ) & Alhambra. Another item we took from the survey is the naming convention using seasons. I can see adding more seasons and possibly weather names like squall.

Below is Version 2 of the Story Board. Below it is the other color ways.



SD229HAWinter – SD229HA






Autumn – SD229-HD



Antik Brick Brochure & Display

Howdy All,

Have you seen these tools before ?

Dealers Send me a Request . Everyone else drop me a line ( OH BOY )





Fountains / Build Your Dream Fountain ( or pool )

Well Hello,

On our secret menu is our ability to produce Fountain Components. The team can go into the archives bring out some classic work to fit to your project or bring us a paper napkin with your dream pool or fountain. On that note we can start with a napkin but the more you show us the shorter the route to completion.

Below are two different projects that just came in . ( BTW this can be anywhere USA or in the World ) from my recent trip to Birmingham Alabama this look is not just in Southern California





Sweet Home Alabama

Howdy ! ( scroll down for pictures and the video if you are impatient )

This post comes to you a little late. I was in Alabama this past May. I usually like to post sooner than this so nothing escapes me. As it is now my mind is a Steel Sieve .  Luckily I like to explore with my eye and my belly so the memories take some hold. To be exact I did not spend my time in LA ( Lower Alabama ) . I spent it in Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville  with an incursion in Columbus Georgia. Did I mention I drove through Auburn where I saw the Church Building I mean the stadium @ Auburn University. I will tell you that it reminded me of the Coliseum not in Los Angeles where I am writing from but the one in Rome . The pictures on the internets that I found do not do it justice. Up close the angles of seats will make a triple black diamond ski run look safe or frighten this guy ( probably not).


The Hollywood section of Birmingham looks ( home on Zillow here )( Google Image Search Here ) like my part of the world. Which excites me.

Uber. My drivers license expired and I could not rent a car so I used the UBER. Very impressed. Used it multiple times. Learned right off the bat to start a conversation with a stranger you ask them “Where do you go to church?” and “Who do you root for?” .

Henry Tile. They were already a customer but now it seems we are on the road to developing a partnership, perhaps not overnight but excited for the process!

Montgomery. I spent two nights maybe three downtown. Found a fun & tasty place to eat. I think I ate 4 meals plus had my first taste of Pimento & Cheese. Found Some Cool Tile ( below ) too. Explored the capitol & the water front ( below) . A lot of history. Not all good but important & not hidden which was different from where I come from where it seems bad memories are erased then forgotten which can lend it self to be repeated.

Boiled Peanuts . Bad Discovery

Back to Henry Tile.  Before I get to the pictorial part of the post which in the end is simple to consume I want to thank them for the Hospitality not to mention them shuttling me around the state. Look forward to my next visit.

In case you are in the mood now here is Lynyrd Skynyrd .

IMG_0546 IMG_0552
IMG_0572 IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0578 IMG_0581 IMG_0586 IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596IMG_0605














Thank You Emily Henderson

Howdy All,

While we were sleeping Emily Henderson chronicled the remodel of her kitchen using our Tile on This project LINK TO FULL STORY ON HER SITE . What is great about the story is that First it looks great then second she has this feature where she calls out “Get the Look” & “Look For Less” we are on both lists.

Why great?

It tells a good story regards our tile being High Value at a Good Price.

To the Point Thank You Emily




Newport Beach May 2016

Since I believe 2006 our family has been traveling up to 1 hour ( inside joke – a travel time of 1 hour to escape. escape is where you make it ) from our home to visit this escape from reality called Newport Beach.  My favorite is to walk to Crystal Cove State Park on the sand. It is an escape that I am privileged to take and I hope that I never forget the memories being built their over the years. Below ares some pictures & video that I hope captures some of what I experienced.

BTW I am behind one week. Next week this post will be of my travels to Alabama which will be two weeks from when it happened.



IMG_0428 IMG_0432 IMG_0449 IMG_0451 IMG_0484 IMG_0509



A Classic Ranch Style Home ( Thin Brick / Exterior Cladding )

Antik Brick simple, rustic & elegant. Antik Brick adds value & charm to your project . Shown here in Color Used Red. Antik Brick is available in many colors which have been inspired by the indigenous bricks colors seen around the world. Antik Brick is 1/2″ thick ( known as brick veneer, brick tile or thin brick ) & has all the trim ( short side, long side corners & outside corners-scroll down)

Request a brochure via email or here via a form Contact Page ( ask for electronic or hard copy mailed)

Available through our dealer network

Dealers if you don’t have displays & brochures  for your showroom call us 310-768-8500








360 Tour of Our Booth @ Hospitality Expo In Las Vegas

Our Booth @ HD EXPO  enjoy the tour.


Las Vegas Revelation


I hit the city and my team lost me.

A bunch of us were descending on the city of Las Vegas for HD EXPO & others were left with less hands to run the show at Home.  Long story short I was put out of action. All I could see through darkness of my room was the warm glow of the day through the hotel room’s curtains.

At the end of my sequester I realized that I was removed completely from all of it & the team did well. Sorry not well, great.

Thank You Guys


BTW most of the pictures are on their side not my normal 45 degree  because that is how I saw the world as I was getting sick.

IMG_0327 IMG_0336 IMG_0340 IMG_0350 IMG_0356 IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0378 IMG_0396



Compton working it in Salt Lake ( a 3d Tile Story )( Dimensional Tile)

I had heard rumors about this project then the team @ European Marble & Granite sent me the link to it.

Below are a few pictures I grabbed from the site highlighting our Compton Tile.

Material: Concrete , Series: Impression, Item:Compton, Color: Sidewalk

HT ( thank you to ) : City Home Collective 

tire-town-design-17 tire-town-design-7 tire-town-design-8 tire-town-design-14 tire-town-design-19 tire-town-design-51 Arto Tire Town 2 Arto Tire Town 3 Arto Tire Town















Pismo Beach Quick Trip ( #artoroadtrip )

After a Wedding Saturday In Bakersfield California we took the Long Way home through Pismo Beach.

Almost jumped in !


We remember 1915

We remember the 1915 Armenian Genocide today and we acknowledge this date as the beginning of the systematic murder of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire on April 24th. Like all good things in nature we have multiplied to 8 million plus Armenians living around the world. The Armenian culture has grown stronger as Armenian people are active throughout many different societies through the arts, through science, through community and civil responsibilities. Around the world Armenians and non Armenians have gathered and brought light upon this human tragedy in hopes that will not happen again.



Cable Car Ride

I just came back ( April 24 2016 ) from a 3600 mile trip to the Northwest United States ( Oregon , Washington & a little bit of Idaho ). Wow a secret part of the world.

The clips below are of my ride on the famous cable car in San Francisco. I had a blast . There was .00001 % of Risk by hanging on the outside of the Car.

Hospitality Project Hotel Erwin Venice California

Hotel Erwin a boutique hotel located in Venice California is a new ( to me ).

This Space Designed by Lucinda Pace of .

Material: #HighFireTerraCotta || Series: #HandPainted || Collection: 2d Impressions || Design: Rings ( We also produced the Subway Tile & Sanitary Cove )


ErwinBathrooms-6 ErwinBathrooms-48 ErwinBathrooms-259 ErwinBathrooms-198 ErwinBathrooms-196 ErwinBathrooms-194 ErwinBathrooms-181 ErwinBathrooms-97 ErwinBathrooms-72 ErwinBathrooms-30 ErwinBathrooms-25 ErwinBathrooms-207 ErwinBathrooms-188 ErwinBathrooms-149 ErwinBathrooms-126 ErwinBathrooms-125 ErwinBathrooms-115




Sunset Seen From Downtown Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon Is Special. This Sunset Crowns our Visit Last Week.




Portland Sunset



#ConcreteTerraCotta Handmade Hexagons ( French TerraCotta / Reclaimed TerraCotta ) For A French Farmhouse

There is more to this home. In fact there are two homes on this property. What style is this Kitchen? I am calling it French Farm House. Send us a note if you have a different opinion.

Material: #ConcreteTerraCotta | Series: Artillo | Color : Crème Fraîche | Shape: Hexagon

Halsey-17 Halsey-18 Halsey-19 Halsey-20 Halsey-21 Halsey-22 Halsey-23 Halsey-24








Road Trip ( Lost in Sacramento )

On a road the next two weeks. While in Sacramento I missed a South or North when I entered information into the GPS. I am glad. I stumbled across this bridge ( FREEPORT BRIDGE )  by doing so.  ( LOCATION / GOOGLE MAPS ) 






Kitchen Connected to the Outdoors by a Common Floor

I am not sure brown is in but this period home wears it well. It is a calm space and as you scroll through the pictures you can see the color added by the hand painted decos adds charm.

Material: #HighFireTerraCotta

Series / Size: Oleson / 6×12

Color: Spanish Brown El-Campo-09 El-Campo-08 El-Campo-12 El-Campo-10 El-Campo-07 El-Campo-39 and opens to the outside.





Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

Typical Tourist Picture of The Galleria. I took this picture and I would do it again. It is a wow when you look up.


Google Picture Search 





Hospitality Project: Chez Billy Sud · Bar à Vin French Restaurant

The lead picture was sent in from customerASURFACE-DC.COM  .   The others are from Eater-DC . All I know is that the place looks great & I will order the Steak Frites when I am in town next time.

Material: #HighFireTerraCottaMonrovia|| Series: Monrovia || Color: Gold Rush with Black & Blue


baravin8.0 baravin5.0 baravin3.0 baravin9.0 baravin2.0 baravin1.0 baravin7.0









HD EXPO 2016

Howdy All !

We will be in Las Vegas May 4th  thru 6th. We will be In Booth 31239.

Link To Free Pass

Send us a note to make an appointment

Somewhere Over the Rockies

When I captured this one I almost dropped the phone from Excitement. The scene was stunning.



Kitchen Design: Hexagon , Contemporary but Warm

This kitchen for me is a good blend of Contemporary &  Modern. I must be reveal to you that I also think one of the most timeless shapes is the Hexagon. No matter your world view it is ancient.

085 086 089 102 072 073 074 075 069 070 071 035 041 045 049 064 065 034 030 032 033 021 022 023 025 027 028 020 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 010 011 012














50th Anniversary Party Pictures

There is more coming in but this is what has come in a few days since the party

IMG_3649IMG_3619 IMG_3622 IMG_3625 IMG_3626 IMG_3641 IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3650 IMG_3658 IMG_3664







The World Keeps Turning

March 22nd 20016.

We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Violence isn’t always evil. What’s evil is the infatuation with violence. Jim Morrison

The World Keeps Turning



Hospitality Project: Cecconi’s Miami Beach. In the courtyard of Soho Beach House

Series: Monrovia

Size: 12×12

Color(s) : Walnut Spice & Light Copper

Material: #Glazed #HighFireTerraCotta ( #Ceramic )

The space achieved a classic Miami Look with tile that is #Handcrafted , Durable & Great for Interior & Exterior applications.

armen2 armen10 armen11 armen3 armen5 armen6 armen7 armen8 armen9














Hospitality Project: Brick @ Hook Burger

I am thinking of Creating a Table Top book of our products in Restaurants . An excuse to visit more eating establishments.

Moving on

The 2×8 Antik Brick in color Tuscan Mustard is showcased in this Hook Burger Location. They did nit use corners but the installer did a good job with what he had.

Arto-Brick-Hook-Burger-25 Arto-Brick-Hook-Burger-24 Arto-Brick-Hook-Burger-23 Arto-Brick-Hook-Burger-21 Arto-Brick-Hook-Burger-20 Arto-Brick-Hook-Burger-14



The Order Desk





The Order Desk

These are a few of the guys who Answer your emails & phone calls at Arto Brick . ( Coming soon the Shipping )

Left to Right ( Hugo, Jose, Marc, Not sure )

3 amigos




This Place Is Big

For the last 7 days I have been on the road driving east on the 10 then north on the 65. What I have developed are two contradictory views. America is big & America is Small. I have logged a lot of miles but yet America ( the 48 ) is a place where you can touch any corner of it by car in a short period of time. What brought this together for me is the picture below. It is of the Saturn V ( Five ) Rocket in Huntsville Alabama. I was dwarfed by the Stage 1 Rockets but yet the whole Rocket was under 1 roof. It was huge but yet small enough to be under roof.




Spanish Colonial Revival or Mission Revival ?

Howdy All.

Is there a definitive book or website that defines the unique characteristics of Spanish Colonial Revival & Mission Revival if so send a note to . I am going to call the one below a Mission Revival for now.

The picket pattern below is from the Artillo Series. The Pattern is the 8×8 Hexagon in Mission Red. The tile is Hand Crafted from concrete. We also produce similar in High Fire Terra Cotta. 

21 20 18 12 13 14 15 16 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5

Picture of the Moment 3-1-16

Sunrise @ ARTOBRICK 1922493_10203583949425599_586675074_n


Do you follow @ARTOBRICK  on #Instagram?

Follow Here >

Tile Pictured:

Material: #ConcreteTerraCotta

Series: Artillo

Color: Tuscan Mustard

Shape: San Felipe

BY The Way what kind of dog is this?

Picture Credit Goes To @morganmccollum1


Picture of The Moment 2-23-16

Sunrises are my Favorite. (Sunsets too.) Picture Taken from the Korean Friendship Bell near Pt Fermin Lookin Out over the Port Of Los Angeles down onto Long Beach & Orange County .


Tools for You !

We have some new tools Available for Dealers & Design Professionals.

Request your Display Boards or Color Chips by emailing

  • New Chip Box For Premium & Classic colors in the #HighFireTerraCotta


  • New Premium Color Palette Boutique Board for #HighFireTerraCotta


  • This Conche / Fish Scale Pattern is in our #HighFireTerraCotta , Color: Coachella Blue

BB219 Mini Conche Coachella Blue with Hand Rubbed Edges

My Blue Kitchen ( Maybe Turquoise ?)

Howdy Guys. These pictures were sent in by Imperial Tile of Los Angeles ( Thank You )

It is our Pattern 2A Monrovia Color Coachella Blue ( #HighFireTerraCotta ). ( Dealers request the Board Here  )

IMG_4622 IMG_4633 image3 image1

New Deco Paint Sheets & Color Ways

Two teams @ARTOBRICK got together to update & produce new Decos using our color ways from the Premium Color Palette. These glazes can be used in commercial , exterior , wet, flooring & freeze thaw conditions.  YES!

8×8 & Hexagons Coming soon? What to be notified as they are released?

Do you have our premium color chip box? If not request a box here.

Do you want the new paint sheets ( 20 & growing )  ? Request them here. 




Howdy Did You Spend Your Presidents Day?

How did you spend your Presidents Day ?

Photo Credit


Sunrise over Los Angeles 2-8-16

never get tire of this or the sunrise !IMG_7413

#TileTuesday Black Conche 2-9-2016

The source of these pictures is the designer . She did a great job with the grout joints. I have a fondness of the big grout joint even though the world has moved away from it she nailed it. Also  she lacquered up the floor. Even though it may actually not be lacquer it gives the impression of an old school sealer. Yet the color of the floor keeps in fresh .

On a different note what do you call this shape ( the conche )?









In Stock Items

January 16th, 2017

Call 310-768-8500. ( our lead times vary from a couple of days to a few weeks depending on the item)

Starting Production on 2×8 Studio ( 3/8 thick ) to keep as stock ( also available in 5/8 Monrovia if needed )

Average Production on Ceramic Items 4-6 Weeks
Average Production on Ceramic Field Color Tiles 3-4 Weeks


200 SF 12×12 Super Artillo Desert 1
2400 SF 12×12 Artillo Cotto Dark
900 SF 12×12 Artillo Tuscan Mustard
900 SF 12×12 Artillo Normandy Cream
300 PCS 12×12 Artillo Stairtreads Normandy Cream
200 SF 12×12 Super Artillo Cotto Gold
150 SF 12×12 Artillo Spanish Inn
1600 SF 16×16 Artillo Cotto Dark
3700 SF 16×16 Artillo Normandy Cream
220 SF 16×16 Artillo Spanish Cotto
200 SF 10×10 Artillo Spanish Cotto
200 SF 10×10 Artillo Cotto Gold

400 SF 9×11 San Felipe Normandy Cream

400 SF 9×11 San Felipe Cotto Dark
200 SF 9×11 San Felipe Cotto Gold
3000 SF 8×8 Artillo Hexagon Cream Fraiche Vintage
300 SF 8×8 Artillo Hexagon Creame Fraiche Smooth
300 SF 6×12 Artillo Normandy Cream
300 SF 8×8 Artillo Cotto Gold
600 SF 8×8 Artillo Normandy Cream
600 SF 4×8 Smooth Brick Tuscan Mustard
300 SF 4×8 Smooth Brick Cotto Gold Vintage
600 SF 4×8 Smooth Brick Cream Fraiche
500 SF 12×12 Hexagon Tuscan Mustard
300 SF 6×6 Hexagon Creme Fraiche Vintage
500 SF 6×6 Hexagon Cafe Olay
300 SF 8×8 Hexagon Cotto Dark
200 SF 8×8 Hexagon Caqui
800 SF 14×14 Artillo Hexagon Smoke
100 SF 14×14 Artillo Hexagon Sidewalk Gray
500 SF 12×13 San Felipe Cotto Gold
150 Sf 8″ Conche Creme Fraiche
200 SF 10×10 Octagon Tuscan Mustard
220 SF 8×16 Artillo Normandy Cream
600 SF Arabesque Pattern12 Hacienda Limestone
200 SF Arabesque Pattern 11a Creme Fraiche Vintage
100 SF Arabesque Pattern 11a Normandy Cream
200 SF Arabesque Pattern 8c Winslet Blend
100 SF Mini Arabesque Pattern 15 Normandy Cream
220 SF 2×8 Artillo Normandy Cream
390 SF 4×8 Antik Brick Used Red
900 SF 2×8 Standard Brick Early Gray Limestone

2000 SF 6×12 Bastogne/Bastogne

1500 2×8 Standard Brick Corners Used Red
1400 SF 2×8 Antik Brick Used Red


800 SF 6×6 Artillo Hexagons (Assorted Colors)






80 pcs 3×3 SD-103C

140 pcs 3X3 SD-110C

120 pcs 3X3 SD-112A

80 pcs 3X3 SD-112B

100 pcs 3X3 SR-300B

50 pcs 4X4 SD-100C

90 pcs 4X4 SD-101B

70 pcs 4X4 SD-107C

110 pcs 4X4 SD-110B

120 pcs 4X4 SD-111B

160 pcs 4X4 SD-112B

110 pcs 6X6 SD-100A
90 pcs 6X6 SD-100B
90 pcs 6X6 SD-100C
80 pcs 6X6 SD-103A
200 pcs 6X6 SD-103B
120 pcs 6X6 SD-110A

240 pcs 6X6 SD-110C

Field tile
7000 pcs 3×3 Studio Monrovia Red
5000 pcs 4×4 Studio Monrovia Red
300 Sf Pattern 12 Studio Monrovia Red
600 pcs 8×8 Monrovia Monrovia Red
600 pcs 12×12 Monrovia Monrovia Red
240 pcs LBX Stair Tread Monrovia Red
400 pcs 6×12 Oleson Monrovia Red
260 pcs 12×12 Oleson Monrovia Red





8656 pieces 6x6x .375″  Studio Field Tile  and 400 pcs 6×6 Surface Bullnose in the color: WG1 call (805) 650-1252

lead times are 3-4 weeks average for all products that have to be built to order

have a special request?

this ain’t your ordinary piano bar but send us a request-

Arto produces so many varieties of tiles that you can achieve  any style for any application , just take a look and see…..

Since we have so much variety 98% of our materials are produced when you order it.


What is tile?

What makes tile?

We use only the cleanest and purest sand and gravel and then we wash and clean it some more.

We intentionally & exclusively use locally sourced raw materials, not because it’s cool but because that is what we have always done and it is the right thing to do.

Our cement comes from the most modern and the most environmentally conscience cement factory in the world.

We are sand.

We are rocks.

We are alchemists. Our work is pure. Our hands caress nature our hearts embrace her power and her power embraces us. The societal rewards of working with nature are superficial in comparison to the true rewards of being part of a family of artisans who put the products they produce on a pedestal and the melding of creative minds, that is the great reward.

The ignition of ideas, the evolution of the process, the respect for mother earth and her awesome power. The reward is the being part of and the witness of the goodness of humanity.

Efficiency is not just a production term but it is how we give our praise & respect to the natural wonders that are given to us.

We do not value things for what they are. We value things for what they can be. We do not say how can we make a quick dollar. We say how can we make something that provides beauty and function as a service to our communities. It is not about making thousands of pieces of tile. It is about being as honest as we can with the craft and the people around us. It is about seeing families grow together. It is about the heart and the energy we believe that is being injected and harmonized with the natural wonders we have fallen into . We make tile, we are tile.


The full moon in May is also known as the “Flower Moon” appropriate because this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere the flowers and their colors come to life. And if the flowers come to life, the bears awaken, the creeks defrost and the fish become free.  All the wonderful animals of spring become more fertile than any other time of year.  I wonder what are the effects of spring on you? How do warmer temperatures effect you? How does your days routine change with the seasons? Do you find yourself outdoors more, breathing in deeply, eyes wide open absorbing the fresh miracles of nature. How does extended hours of sun light effect you? think about it


Arto Brick makes high fire ceramic products…check it out!! they are real special!! No one can do it like we do it!! Alos soon launching 50-60 new unique colors

Do you like the Arto concrete colors? Do you wish to obtain some of our liquid pigments with exclusive Arto formulas?  Well Arto has been selling liquid pigments for years now…but its been kind of a secret.  Not only do we sell Arto color pigments we also sell all the major color manufacters colors as well, our favorite being Davis Color/Huntsman color.  This is very convenient when you are pouring your own concrete slab, pour in place pool copings, making steps and any other project that you may need colored concrete. When ordering concrete color pigment all you need to specify is; “how many sacks of cement” or ” How many yards of concrete you will use”.  Please keep in mind there are many factors that go into consistent color and a broom finish versus a vibrated surface versus a hand trowelled surface texture will all vary in color= texture affects color.  Also proper measuring of water is critical.  So keep in mind Arto has color pigment for your next project!!

Everyday Arto manufactures new products– do you want to stay in touch with all the new things we can offer? great, stop on by next time you visit our little village by the sea or just check out Armen’s blog,facebook,twitter,instagram  or like he says, “pick your poison”

Are you an Arto distributor, would you like your key sales people to be well trained in what Arto can do for you? Just give us an email or a call so we can connect you with one of our friendly sales reps. We can offer product knowledge events at your showroom or online video conference, even plan a visit to the plant to see  how we really make everything happen.

Well we finally did it- We have expanded our concrete production by 25%. Creating a division just for our thin brick, America’s favorite thin brick!! get on board get some in stock and you will see your success grow. Typically once an Arto distributor starts stocking our thin brick they get hooked and order regularly supplying their addicted communities with flooring and wall covering  ecstasy!!

Arto makes…..

-high quality concrete tiles,brick veneeer, pool copings,sandset pavers from the old world to the new world

-high fire Southern California Spirited ceramics with the most unique color selections quality service and with a friendly joy

-hand painted ceramic, custom decoratives, custom murals and so much more

-Arto makes Rustic Elegance

-Arto makes tile Dreams come true

– How may we help you today?

Some are round , some are square. Which one are you?


Some guys wear pink shirts(innovators)

Some guys wear pink shorts(weirdoes)

Some guys where nothing at all.(Hedonistic vacationer) yeah you


We the people are never ending with expression.

Sometimes we choose

Sometimes we react instinctively

My favorite is when it just happens and you have no choice, but you love the outcome.

Like “Creative Roulette”, Russian and non Russian (that’s a good title)


So you’re fixing your home or you are moving into a new home.

Maybe you’re designing the next new thing, so what are you going to do?


Some are round, some are square, which one are you?


When I hear myself reading this, it makes me think of all the different birds in the world and all their different environments.

The Toucan in the jungle

The pigeon living under the beach pier

The peacock terrorizing homes in La Canada

The hummingbird traveling distances no man can comprehend just to stick its nose in a sweet flower.

They are all different sizes and shapes and they all had no choice about it, but all are very beautiful.


You want another example?

No I don’t, thank you.

I didn’t ask you.


Look, look closer, come’on, you see my big and crooked Armenian nose?


Arto tells a story …..about how once when he was slam-dunking his nose got caught up on the basket’s rim.  This story made a little more sense as I grew older and kids in the park would say “Air Vod” or ask for my shoes or autograph. I didn’t know what to do.  I just came to the park to play a simple game that I love. I can’t help it, if everybody wants my shoes my clothes my brick. I love the game and that love is reward enough. Oh yeah don’t worry the invoice is in the mail.


So where are we?

Yes…… some are square, some are round, which one are you?


Arto makes almost every shape out of concrete you can think of.

At least the sizes and shapes that our backs allow us to make.


Arto makes almost every color you can think of.

At least the colors that God’s lighting intended for us to see without technical assistance.


I like bright colors but some days I wear  black and it gives me another spirit through out the day. A bright colored shirt or a happy pattern is a great way to start the day but is it a great way to start your room?


The other day I had a dream and you were in it. You were asking me if the 8×8 Artillo Sonora Sunset was ok for your kitchen. In my dream I said “let us make you a sample, you can take it home and decide with your whole family”.  It was not only a dream but that’s what Arto does, we will make samples for your convenience and we want to be part of your dreams, just the good ones.


Some are Round Some are Square which one are you?


Since Arto makes almost any imaginable shape, size and color you can feel free to express yourself. One of my favorite things is to do California historical reproductions. I love the concrete medium and I love California it’s an honor to be part of any project.(easy money)


I also love when a client asks for something that pushes the envelope. Not the envelope under the door when I leave home and it says I won’t be back, but the envelope that says you haven’t thought of this before why don’t you give it the ol’ Gipper try and I do. Not  because I like Notre Dame football but because I like a good challenge and  I am a product of 1980’s politics.


Arto is your means for expression.

Arto is your source for developing your unique designs.

Arto has been producing fine handcrafted products his whole life and recently in 1966 he brought it to the American public in the form of ceramics and concrete products.


So some are square and some are round.

Which one are YOU!!??


Shes A Rainbow

Tiles come in colors from everywhere.

They are bright or dull like glass or shell

Colors are the temperature of our days

Some come in gold, some are pail as bone or snow


I’ve seen the years go by and colors come and go

When I was a child I chose my flavor by the color

Blues and Reds Sweeter than the others


Old and mature browns and beige

Savory colors flavor my wheel

Life keeps spinning around

but when

do we stop

to see the amazing colors?


There are colors in a can

There are colors in the crayoned hand

There are colors in the sky and there are colors in sand

There are colors toasted from land to hand

And colors boasted like Kings of Siam

Colors are copied from rural to urban

Carbon is the color of life from beginning to end

from asphalt to land


When a person goes from youth to man

From Mexico to Japan

The colors he puts in his home are reflections of the creature’s soul


Colors are petty, colors are grand

Colors impose emotion and others can provoke a patriotic notion


God paints a rainbow and man tries to paint God’s hand

Patterns and contrast like lines through the fall

Winter comes and paints the spring to amaze us all

When travels end and glory felt

To recreate the experience we make

A home in the home

A retreat on our la

Which colors do you choose?

Which experience have you made?


Oh what a nice surprise to see you here…We have been expecting you!!!!


Are you looking for a tile for a very special project? of course you are

But everything that you like, is not in stock, of course

Well isn’t it amazing you can have your own custom tiles built just for you and your project right here in the little village by the sea. Making tile dreams come true for you & me!

03/17/1929- 10/24/14  Mr Arto Alajian a great American, a great Dad, he will always be remembered.

We are very proud to of known him,to be taught by him and to be loved by him

have a special request?

Well this may not be  your ordinary piano bar

but we do take requests





Mariachi Plaza Station in Boyle Heights Neighborhood of Los Angeles

This is a project in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles  an old area relative to the city of LA’s which was founded 1781. One of the younger cities on the west coast of the Americas. When you (Dealers) come out for a factory tour we can add this to our itinerary when we tour the city. It is called Mariachi Station because this is where you pick a Mariachi Band in pinch or come for a Festival . If we have time we can stop in for a Margarita .




Arto Brick Launches David Shipley Collection in Collaboration with Renowned Los Angeles Artist


Arto Brick Launches David Shipley Collection

in Collaboration with Renowned Los Angeles Artist


David Shipley Working in his Studio

David Shipley Working in his Studio


Los Angeles, CA, January 30, 2015 — Arto Brick, Southern California-based creators of hand-crafted tiles, brick veneer and pavers for residential, commercial and public applications, announces a unique collaboration with acclaimed local visual artist David Shipley.

Since 1966, Arto Brick’s in-house artisans have been hand-crafting small batches of product made from locally sourced clay and concrete. Unlike mass-produced, machine-made products, every Arto brick veneer, tile, and paver offers its own unique texture, color, variation and human warmth. Arto’s ongoing collaboration with critically acclaimed painter and sculptor Shipley reflects the company’s passion for creating products that are as beautiful and as individual as they are functional.

“I was first introduced to David Shipley’s work 18 years ago, when he used our concrete tiles in murals he was creating for LA homes,” recalls Armen Alajian who, along with his brother, Vod Alajian, is the second-generation owner of this family-run operation. “We’ve been talking about collaborating on a project ever since we first saw David’s amazing work. When we were establishing our ceramic division, we realized we now had the perfect canvas for David’s dynamic and arresting painting style.”

As a result of this collaboration, Arto Brick has introduced an innovative new collection of ceramic tiles featuring Shipley’s distinctive abstract paintings. “It’s not uncommon for producers in our industry to collaborate with designers,” explains Alajian. “But we are one of the only ones to collaborate with a renowned established painter like David. Now our customers will be able to bring David’s art into their homes. We’re incredibly excited about that.”

“Visual artists seldom collaborate on projects,” adds Shipley. “Our time is more often spent in a studio, waiting for commissions from collectors or for exhibitions of our work to go on display. That’s why I’m excited about my work being seen in people’s homes, on their floors, their walls, their patios, and not just on gallery walls. It has been a tremendous experience.”

Shipley is now working with Arto Brick to create an exclusive collection of textured tiles, ceramic paintings, tableware and a range of household items featuring the artist’s recognizable interplay of vibrant color, movement and emotion.

“I started experimenting at the Arto factory with glazes on tiles and acrylic paint on concrete tiles,” says Shipley. “As I experimented, the images and colors soon took on a life of their own. The firing process changes the piece completely. There is always an element of surprise in this medium.”

“We have always been enthusiastic about crafting products that enhance people’s living spaces, that create atmosphere, bring warmth to the home and have a life of their own,” concludes Alajian. “Our David Shipley Collection is an extension of this creative effort, and we’re confident our customers will love having these artistic pieces as part of their family. I look forward to seeing our collaboration with David evolve even as we create and offer other products.”

To view the David Shipley Collection, call (310) 768-8500 or email  to schedule a personal tour.





About Arto Brick

Founded in 1966 by Arto Alajian — an industrial designer with an artist’s heart — Arto Brick’s story began in a small studio equipped with a single kiln. Nearly 50 years later, Arto floors, walls and hardscapes can be found breathing life and warmth into distinctive living spaces across the country.

While Arto’s product lines and collections have continued to evolve, and its reach has continued to grow, the family-run operation still shares the same passion that went into the very first brick veneer that came out of its kiln: To create extraordinary, unique and beautiful products that become a part of the living spaces they enhance.

Today, Arto Brick continues to hand-craft small-batch ceramic and concrete tiles, brick veneers and pavers from their Gardena, CA headquarters, using locally sourced materials and adopting environmentally responsible practices. No two Arto Brick products are the same, and each one delivers its own Rustic Elegance that comes from having been crafted by artisans rather than machines.

About David Shipley

Even as a child growing up in Lubbock, TX, David Shipley never stopped drawing and painting. Focused on establishing himself as a skilled painter and sculptor, his formal art training included studying at the Cornish School of the Arts, the University of Texas/Austin, Texas Tech University/Lubbock, and Cal State/Long Beach.

Now a California Artist, Shipley’s work strives to harness the visceral impact of abstract art so that it might best express his personal outlook on life. Shipley has long been fascinated by color contrasts and their ability to invoke reaction and incite emotion. By applying a vibrant color scheme to his intense paintings and sculptures, his quixotic artwork is often somehow both kinetic and soothing at the same time.

Exhibiting since 1980, Mr. Shipley has had a dozen solo exhibitions and has participated in more than fifteen group shows. He maintains a studio in Southern California and has recently introduced a full line of dynamic ceramic paintings into the repertoire of his work. Learn more at



January in Los Angeles ( probably warmer than where you are )

I had a different picture for today but on the way home yesterday ( the day before Tile Tuesday 1-24-16 ) I saw this.

Sun, Sea & Catalina . I think it was between 59 & 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

Picture Taken from Point Fermin 

Sun Sea Catalina

Surf & Sun #1

Found this picture on my friends Social Media Stream not his picture but had to share it. repost from Instagram ( Photo Credit ) 

Taken in Early January of 2016 in Southern California. Send me your pictures .

Surf Sun

Hospitality Project: Ace Hotel ( picture set I )

This set of pictures were found on the Web Here. ( Photo Credit )

It is of the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. You would know  if your are dealer & had time for one of our City Tours. We working on getting more pictures of this project.

What is in this project is our Roman Series in Early Gray & Custom Work

Ace Hotel Roof Top Bar Tile

Ace Hotel Roof Top Bar Tile Ace Hotel Roof Top Bar Tile Ace Hotel Roof Top Bar Tile

Ace Hotel Roof Top Bar Tile



Handmade Concrete Wall Tile

Real Concrete Wall Tile

( sometimes called cement )

This 2×8 Thin Brick ( Shown in Early Gray ) is from our Artillo Series. This Kitchen is in Canada ( I think ), I have forgotten. In any case if this your project tell me I will give yo credit for it. It looks good !


DSC_7679 DSC_7674 DSC_7665 DSC_7649




2016 Now

2016 resolution / aspiration

Well first I wish ( aspire) to tell better stories with pictures. Probably because pictures enter the brain quicker than the written word which is processed first then delivered by to the brain ( based on my studies ).

By tradition ( put in motion by Arto & maybe his father as well back in Cairo ) I come to work & open the doors , run the water drink coffee, smoke a cigar drink port, pray , journal & write a few words that help me be better which I always hope trickles down to all stake holders in my life personal & professional.

This year I have the words a head of schedule but I still drank, smoked & prayed. This year I resolve to be a Peace Maker Not a Peace Keeper. What this means to me is to love more but not tolerate, to resolve & not ignore. These are all hard for me because my natural self is to kill or runaway in most circumstances.

As I write I think this is building on past resolutions; Last year was a question “How are you building relationship today ”


Armen > Draft but posted 1-1-16

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

No need to add to this. All I can say is be grateful.

Proclamation of Thanksgiving

Washington, D.C.
October 3, 1863

By the President of the United States of America.

A Proclamation.

The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful providence of Almighty God. In the midst of a civil war of unequaled magnitude and severity, which has sometimes

Lincoln's Thangsgiving Proclamation

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation 

seemed to foreign States to invite and to provoke their aggression, peace has been preserved with all nations, order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed everywhere except in the theatre of military conflict; while that theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the Union. Needful diversions of wealth and of strength from the fields of peaceful industry to the national defence, have not arrested the plough, the shuttle or the ship; the axe has enlarged the borders of our settlements, and the mines, as well of iron and coal as of the precious metals, have yielded even more abundantly than heretofore. Population has steadily increased, notwithstanding the waste that has been made in the camp, the siege and the battle-field; and the country, rejoicing in the consiousness of augmented strength and vigor, is permitted to expect continuance of years with large increase of freedom. No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy. It has seemed to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American People. I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens. And I recommend to them that while offering up the ascriptions justly due to Him for such singular deliverances and blessings, they do also, with humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience, commend to His tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquillity and Union.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington, this Third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the Independence of the Unites States the Eighty-eighth.

By the President: Abraham Lincoln

William H. Seward,
Secretary of State

New Friend on The World Wide Web Also Know as the Internets

Howdy All

We have a new Internet friend that has listed us as a reference for #ConcreteTile .

We do not have an official Blog Roll ( is that term even used still ) so this post is our thank you .



& Peace




Twitter Lists Exposed

One of my favorite parts of social media is social learning. There is a treasure trove of information at your fingertips if you look, listen and absorb from the social community.

I was on a couple chats with people who expressed that they don’t follow more than X amount of people with the implication that more than that is too many to manage. Early on in my social media career I had those thoughts too. Thoughts like: “How do these social influencers manage thousands of people they follow and how do they still find a way to engage with me!” So, I did what I do best: LISTEN. I observed, listened and learned through these remarkable people.TwitterLists

Don’t miss out on following people because you don’t think you can manage it. One of your social goals should be brand awareness, whether you’re a business or an individual. What better way to gain this awareness than connecting with more people and establishing more relationships! As your followers grow, creating lists is imperative so you don’t forget to engage with those you care about. Because engagement is key in social.

Here is Twitter’s brief explanation on how to create lists: This is very useful information. Don’t forget to check “member of”. This is where you will find a list of who has you listed. When someone lists me, I put them in this list:, that way they get thanked in their notifications with just a click of the button.

Twitter lists ROCK and here are 10 helpful tips.

  1. Create lists that breakdown your industry. We have lists for: construction, interior design, etc.
  2. How I increased my followers early on was through my favorite morning ritual. You can find that list here, Sharing Coffee:
  3. You can subscribe to lists too as shown in Twitter’s explanation noted above. All it takes is a click of a button. Why reinvent the wheel especially if you engage with these people already. Look at @kbtribechat; they have a couple lists. One is Kbtribe Brands. Instead of creating a similar list, we subscribe to the list and so do more than 20 people.
  4. Creating lists is a way to do market research as well. What are your competitors up to?
  5. You can also make a list private. If you don’t have a long list and want time to create it, you can make it private and then change it to public when you are ready to go live. Or, keep it private for your eyes only. Creating a list of competitors that you want to keep an eye on would be best to keep private.
  6. Creating a list of people you meet is also a good way to stay engage and abreast of what they are doing once you are back in the daily grind.
  7. Make a list for shows/conferences you attend or want to attend. You don’t have to leave your booth to see what is happening all around you. This gives you insight as to who is there as well. You can drive traffic to your booth by engaging with them as well. If you aren’t at the conference, you can vicariously see what is happening while you are still back at the office.
  8. The sky is the limit with lists: here are some more examples to get the creative juices flowing: blogs you read, peers, subjects you interested in, people with common interests, etc. Go to some of your favorite creative people on Twitter. They have some of the best ideas for lists.
  9. All of these lists can help you with content. Blogs you read, for example, are probably relevant information your community wants to read as well. Being helpful is important and sharing other people’s content (OPC) is as well. Try to keep an 80 OPC/20 YC (Your content) rule. You never want to run out of content. Content is crucial.
  10. You can even create a list for research purposes like Ted Coiné did which was discussed in A World Gone Social by Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt.

We included a couple posts that Buffer and Kim Garst produced that have even more ways of using lists. Comment below with any additional ways you use lists. That is what social is all about: sharing information.

Happy listing!


Here are a few articles on the subject to give you more insight:

Kim Garst @kimgarst :

Buffer @Buffer:

Written by Lori A. King @translationlady

Brand Ambassador at ARTObrick


Coachella Tile Collection ( update )

The Coachella Collection Has Been Out for a Couple Months Now but this new display board that our Greg had us build is just incredible .

Coachella in Arabesque Pattern 12

Coachella in Arabesque Pattern 12

This pattern & color-way has the ROMANTIC name of  “C”

What would you call it?

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – FRIDAY, August 28; 11:00 AM

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, and end users are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present & Future”on Friday, August 28. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products (the tour also offers AIA credit).

For lunch, we provide authentic Italian food from the famous Eatalian Cafe – a great match for our handcrafted tiles, pavers, brick veneer, wall panels, and hardscape elements.

The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow at 12:00 PM and the continuing educatdion course will be presented afterward. Please meet at the ARTO factory located at 15209 S. Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248.

Please click the link to register for the Friday, August 28 factory tour.

Free street parking is available and please call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions.

We hope you can make it!

Roman Concrete Wood Cladding & Tile

available now

Roman Concrete Wood Cladding looks and feels like Board Formed Concrete.

available now!

1 inch Thickness

Sizes; 3 1/2 x 24 , 6 x 24, 8 x 24, 3 1/2 x 36, 8 x 36

Popular Colors; Smoke , Sidewalk, Natural Gray, Antik Gray, Charcoal Gray, Early Gray

Board Formed Concrete

Roman Concrete Wood Cladding Shown in Antik Gray


Hexagon & Diamond Swinging in a Tree

If you read through this site you know that I( armen ) love the Hexagon. Below is from Our Monrovia Series

Monrovia is High Fire Terra Cotta which means it can go almost & is frost resistant.

These color are done via the monocottura method.

#hexagon #tile #modern & #rustic ( #orange #matteblack )

Hexagon & Diamond

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Thursday, June 25

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, and end users are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present & Future”on Thursday, June 25. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products. Lunch is provided plus the tour also offers AIA CEU credit.

The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow at 12:00 PM and the course will be presented afterward. Please meet at the ARTO factory located at 15209 S. Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248. Free street parking is available and please call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions.

Please click the link to register for the Thursday, June 25 tour.


ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Friday, May 29

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, and end users are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present & Future”on Friday, May 29. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products. Lunch is provided plus the tour also offers AIA CEU credit. The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow at 12:00 PM and the course will be presented afterward. Please meet at the ARTO factory located at 15209 S. Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248. Free street parking is available and please call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions.

Please click the link to register for the Friday, May 29 tour.

Saint Patrick’s Day 2015 our #49 th

On this, the anniversary
Of our incorporation
We send along these gifts
To show you our appreciationWe do our best to serve you
And be worthy of reliance
We celebrate that service
With our vendors and our clientsAlas, our celebration
Is a little changed this year
It’s the first time for our family
Our founder isn’t here.He worked with dedication
Whether times were thin or thick
And we’re proud to know his legacy
Is written in our brick

Before the moment passes
Or the memories grow dim
When you raise your glass today


Please raise a glass for him


UL-Certified EPD for North American-Made Ceramic Tile Paves the Way for Points, Credits, and Compliance in Green Construction

December 10, 2014


The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for ceramic tile made in North America, certified by sustainability leader UL Environment, is now available for use by architects and specifiers seeking to satisfy green building project requirements, such as those set forth by LEED and Green Globes.

The 23-page report, available HERE, is a comprehensive disclosure of the environmental impacts of North American-made ceramic tile. When using this certified EPD alongside other flooring products’ EPDs one thing is clear: Ceramic tile has the lowest 60-year environmental impact per square foot (and per square meter) across all major impact categories: global warming, abiotic resource depletion, acidification, smog formation, eutrophication, and ozone depletion.

“These are the most commonly referenced environmental impact categories relating to how the manufacture and use of a product will affect the well-being of humans and our environment,” says Bill Griese, the Green Initiative Manager for Tile Council of North America (TCNA). “With the EPD in hand, building designers and owners can now make better informed product choices with respect to sustainability.”  Tile GWP Graph

Not only does the certified EPD for North American-made ceramic tile report tile’s low environmental impact, it also offers the environmental transparency and reporting necessary for building design professionals to satisfy requirements for countless green building points and green building criteria.

As all major North American manufacturers provided data aggregated to produce the EPD—specifically Arto, Crossville, Dal-Tile Corporation, Florida Tile, Florim USA, Interceramic, Ironrock, Porcelanite Lamosa, Quarry Tile Company, StonePeak Ceramics, and Vitromex de Norteamérica—the EPD represents well over 95% of the tile produced in North America. Hence, virtually all ceramic tile made in North America can help building design professionals meet sustainability requirements for transparency. The EPD’s use can contribute to earning up to 2 points under LEED v4 provisions, which require the use of at least 20 products with EPDs and 50% of products with improved life cycle performance. Additionally, use of North American-made tile can contribute toward earning up to 30 points under Green Globes provisions for core, shell, and interior fit-outs. And its use can facilitate earning the 3 available points in CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) for using at least 10 products with EPDs.

“Representing the broad spectrum of North American tile, this certified EPD is a powerful and useful tool for specifiers concerned with sustainable construction and who are looking to include tile in their projects,” according to Eric Astrachan, Executive Director of TCNA.

Under 2014 ASHRAE Standard 189.1, the use of North American-made ceramic tile now helps fulfill requirements to use products with EPDs; the same is true for the 2015 International Green Construction Code (IgCC), which doubles a tile’s contribution toward compliance if it is also Green Squared Certified®, meaning it conforms to the Green Squared® standard (ANSI A138.1) for sustainability. Similarly, the 2014 GSA Facilities Standards for Public Buildings, P-100, requires Green Squared certification and the availability of an EPD under the sustainability provisions of its tiling section.

The California Green Building Code for non-residential construction and the 2012 NAHB National Green Building Standard include provisions for the use of materials with lower life cycle environmental impacts than alternative options based on a 60-year assessment. Since the EPD for North American-made tile provides a 60-year assessment showing lower environmental impacts than those found in EPDs of alternative flooring options, North American-made ceramic tile can help satisfy those requirements.

EPD label updated

The EPD specific to North American-made ceramic tile is derived from in-depth analysis of data related to tile manufacturing and use—from the raw material extraction process to disposal of tile at the end of its life—with emphasis on the priority considerations of the green building community, including energy and resource consumption and emissions to air, land, and water. The environmental impacts that are measured and the methodology for measuring them are dictated by the North American Product Category Rule (PCR) for flooring EPDs. By following this standard, the ceramic tile EPD reports the environmental facts of ceramic tile in a fashion similar to other flooring EPDs, much as nutrition labeling for food is standardized in order to simplify its use.

“Green construction continues to evolve, with a trend toward more stringent requirements for evaluating and reporting environmental impacts. Manufacturers can no longer focus on single attributes, like recycled content or VOCs, or generalize when it comes to sustainability,” says Griese. “The North American ceramic tile EPD provides the environmental reporting rigor and specificity that building designers and owners are increasingly demanding.” He adds, “product selection involves balancing a wide array of information. Designers and specifiers need to feel comfortable that environmental pros and cons are weighed throughout the product selection process and that their decisions are based on reliable, life cycle-based sustainability information.”

Production of the North American Ceramic Tile EPD was a collaborative effort of the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) and its participating members, with data analysis and modeling by PE International and third party independent certification by UL Environment.


Click to view the EPD Transparency Summary by UL Environment.


Bill Griese, TCNA Green Initiative Manager

For high-resolution image files, contact Roxanne Shiflet, TCNA Communications Associate

Hexagon Tile not with a Geometric Pattern ( finally )

Saturday February 7th 2015

David Shipley  Hexagons !

I was excited to see him Paint ( with ceramic glaze ) on a Hexagon Tile (I love the Hexagon) .I was even happier when I saw that it was not another geometric pattern . Request a quote or 310-768-8500

(David welcomes commissions )

Tiles can be used on walls & floors in wet areas as well as pools & in freeze thaw conditions. Custom Shapes available.

to see David’s Paintings

New #hexagon #ceramic #tile collaboration with #davidshipley.

8×8 Hexagon Style Confections Colors Assorted



Engagement in Vegas: #KBIS2015


Engagement in Vegas: #KBIS2015

by Lori @TranslationLady

The week started off with coffee and a short flight to Vegas for Armen Alajian, of ARTO Brick. A convergence of designers, manufacturers, architects, bloggers and Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYs) bombarded the desert city with energy and passion for their work.

Good Morning!Manning social back at headquarters in Southern California, I could feel the energy across states. It was electrifying and exciting to hear and see what trends and topics were being discussed in the world of design and interior design. Tweets were being fired off full of flashy images of the next best thing in the design community and industry experts sharing who they met IRL (In Real Life).

As a Talent Culture brand ambassador who delves into everything social about the work of work, I noticed broadcasting craziness as I tried to engage with those attending the massive event. Working behind the scenes to establish meet-ups with my boss and people in his industry, I noticed very few people were checking notifications or they just weren’t paying attention. In their madness to record and deliver content, many brands neglected to converse with their audience. Maybe they were just too busy talking with show participants; but, they missed opportunities to connect, truly connect with people. Social is about engagement and engagement means listening and replying to your customers, clients and future collaborators.

Since my favorite part of social is connecting and collaborating, I want to share some valuable take-aways:

Why not utilize social to the full extent when you are attending conferences, trade shows, visiting clients and other meaningful meetings?

  • Share that you are going to be at a luncheon, event, meeting, etc. Event organizers love to hear you are there.
  • Follow-up after the event by checking notifications, replies, likes, etc. and engage with the people who are engaging with you. Even better, do it in real time if you are able.
  • If no one said anything, still close the conversation with how it turned out.


Your followers, clients and customers will begin to see you as a human being and people want to buy from people. It is all about the relationships you build in your community: everyone benefits.


ARTO Factory Tours: Free Lunch & AIA/ASID Credits!

Hope 2015 is treating you well and we hope to see you at our upcoming factory tours. See our handcrafted concrete and clay production in action, eat tasty food from the renowned Eatalian Café, and get AIA/ASID credits to boot!
RSVP using the links below or contact William Love; 310-308-4222 for more information.
Friday, February 13; 11:00 AM -2:00 PM (factory tour, lunch, AIA/ASID CEU)
Thursday, March 12; 11:00 AM -2:00 PM (factory tour, lunch, AIA CEU)
Friday, April 13; 11:00 AM -2:00 PM (factory tour, lunch, AIA/ASID CEU)
“The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation” (AIA CES 1.0 LU/HSW/SD)
The course explores how concrete tile, pavers, and wall veneer are employed for restoration and renovation of buildings and infrastructure. The design and manufacturing process is detailed to better understand the range of options. Case studies demonstrate how these products can preserve the cultural heritage of architecturally significant buildings and places while contributing toward sustainability and LEED certification.
“Malibu Tiles & Murals: Past, Present & Future”
The course covers the history of the famed Malibu Potteries factory and their unique hand painted tiles. Cultural influences are explored in case studies of the Adamson House and LA City Hall. Design influences, manufacturing techniques, and current applications are also discussed.

Martin Luther King Junior laughed

Martin Luther King had a foundation of right & wrong based on the Gospel.

His faith changed the United States of America.

I thought about how to honor him & his faith with out being somber.

I found the quote first then added the word “laughing” to my google search & these pictures popped up.

“It is cheerful to God when you rejoice or laugh from the bottom of your heart.”


Photo Credit


photo credit

Interior Design: Diamond Tile Kitchen & Office Backsplash

Artillo 3×5 Diamond shown here in Color Tres Gres is a hand cast concrete tile. The production process is similar to the production of hand cast terra cotta.

Installed in the same method as well. This project was sold unsealed to the customer. The customer chose to use an invisible sealer also known as Penetrating or impregnating Sealer. You have the choice to do the same or use a Matte / Satin or Glossy sealer.

These are individual tiles not mesh-mounted or one big panel. This gives the project an even warmer look as the tile is made one by one and installed one by one. Another advantage is that you can install the tile in any way you prefer. There are many more possible patterns  & color combinations. ( more colors )

This size and shape tile is also available in ceramic / high fired terra cotta .


rbe_vingette_14 copy rbe_kitchen_v1 copy rbe_vingette_13 copy rbe_float_wall_v1 copy

Merry Armenian Christmas

ARTO BRICK is an Armenian run company.  That means when you stop in for a factory tour if we do not tell you to get off the property we will give you a big smile and a cup of very strong coffee. What it also means is that Christmas is TODAY January 6th. A lot of you call it Epiphany to bad for you, ha ha.

I spent sometime looking for the Huell Howser ( I miss him) episode #1112 . In this episode he enjoys a meal with an Armenian family on, you guessed it January 6th. All I could find was the 16 second promo .

But I did not give up & found this one too. It is hilarious I assume only to Armenians. Be warned it is PG13.


If you have read this far you must read what I clipped from Wikipedia

Armenians celebrate Christmas (surb tsnunt, Սուրբ Ծնունդ, meaning “saint birth”) on January 6 as a public holiday in Armenia. It also coincides with the Epiphany. Traditionally, Armenians fast during the week leading up to Christmas. Devout Armenians may even refrain from food for the three days leading up to the Christmas Eve, in order to receive the Eucharist on a “pure” stomach. Christmas Eve is particularly rich in traditions. Families gather for the Christmas Eve dinner (khetum, Խթում), which generally consists of: rice, fish, nevik (նուիկ, a vegetable dish of green chard and chick peas), and yogurt/wheat soup (tanabur, թանապուր). Dessert includes dried fruits and nuts, including rojik, which consists of whole shelled walnuts threaded on a string and encased in grape jelly, bastukh (a paper-like confection of grape jelly, cornstarch, and flour), etc. This lighter menu is designed to ease the stomach off the week-long fast and prepare it for the rather more substantial Christmas Day dinner. Children take presents of fruits, nuts, and other candies to older relatives.

It is frequently asked as to why Armenians do not celebrate Christmas on December 25 with the rest of the world. Obviously, the exact date of Christ’s birth has not been historically established—it is not recorded in the Gospels. However, historically, all Christian churches celebrated Christ’s birth on January 6 until the fourth century. According to Roman Catholic sources, the date was changed from January 6 to December 25 in order to override a pagan feast dedicated to the birth of the Sun which was celebrated on December 25. At the time Christians used to continue their observance of these pagan festivities. In order to undermine and subdue this pagan practice, the church hierarchy designated December 25 as the official date of Christmas and January 6 as the feast of Epiphany. However, Armenia was not affected by this change for the simple fact that there were no such pagan practices in Armenia, on that date, and the fact that the Armenian Church was not a satellite of the Roman Church. Thus, remaining faithful to the traditions of their forefathers, Armenians have continued to celebrate Christmas on January 6 until today.[61]

In addition to the Christmas tree (tonatsar, Տօնածառ), Armenians (particularly in the Middle East) also erect the Nativity scene. Christmas in the Armenian tradition is a purely religious affair. Santa Claus does not visit the nice Armenian children on Christmas, but rather on New Year’s Eve. The idea of Santa Claus existed before the Soviet Union and he was named kaghand papik (Կաղանդ Պապիկ), but the Soviet Union had a great impact even on Santa Claus. Now he goes by the more secular name of Grandfather Winter (dzmerr papik, Ձմեռ Պապիկ).

Merry Armenian Christmas


From the UK with Love ( g rated )

The team from Terry Blinds of the United Kingdom wrote up a quick note on my brother & me



Courtesy of: Terrys Blinds

Corduroy Tile ( for my fire place )

I have been blessed to get to use my own tile before the age 75 in my own home. Often I see makers be the last to use the fruits of their own labor.

Below are process shots of Corduroy Going up on my fireplace. The tile would no be suitable for floors based on the grove , well maybe but the tile also has a plate / cup action going on that would make any tile man cry .

But the affect gives it truly the look of fabric.


Corduroy Corduroy Corduroy Corduroy Corduroy Corduroy

Cersaie Italy 2014

Mr Cabinet Care a fellow traveller on Twitter  posted this short note on my travels of my first time to Italy.



November 24, 2014

Many of our clients who upgrade their kitchen with beautiful cabinet refacing, often ask us about the latest tile trends and backsplash designs. After talking with my friend Lori Anding with Arto Brick, I learned about their recent trip to Italy. They attended the International Exhibition, where they found some amazing tile inspiration. She’s joining us here today on the MRCC blog to share more about the trip in hopes to inspire your own interior design project:

Hi all! I’m so happy to be here. I had the pleasure of talking with Armen Alajian, co-owner of ARTO Brick (with his brother Varoujan) to chat about his recent trip to Bologna, Italy for Cersaie 2014, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings held at the end of September. With over 100,000 visitors, this event should definitely be on your radar if you are in the industry, an interior designer, or an architect.  I must say that after talking about his first-time Italian experience, it made me want to return to Italy to visit the quiet, intriguing city of Bologna.

Being in the tile and concrete industry, Armen found pleasure in just walking through the city and noticing the material used for walls, streets, sidewalks, buildings and ceilings. He didn’t need museums, restaurants, parks and all the usual sites that excite tourists. He found great pleasure and excitement in the texture and raw materials used as infrastructure to the city at large.

Italy is known for their churches and the most famous one in Bologna is San Petronio Basilica, the 6th largest church in all of Europe. When you approach the church, you notice something right away: the contrast between the upper and lower portions of the church.

Armen asked, “Do you know why it is so different? It’s because the contractor never finished the job!”

He informed me that the top portion is actually the substrate and not the finished product like below. How fascinating and truly beautiful in its raw form.

“What we think is beautiful may be someone else’s mistake.” Armen chuckles with a grin.

Bologna was designated a UNESCO Creative City of Music in 2006 which spurred me to ask him what he thought of this honor. He thought for a second and said, “All I heard was American music!” Armen noticed that there was a lot of American influences in Bologna.  Although, surprisingly, in his experience no one spoke English. He learned the basics prior to his departure and was thankful he did as it helped him communicate with the locals. They appreciated his efforts.

After visiting several Italian cities, in retrospect, Armen noted that Bologna didn’t have the buzz one feels in some of the more famous Italian cities. “I would go there again rather than Rome.” He said. “It was much more down to earth.” In parting our ways, he looked over his shoulder and said, “I will be returning next year for Cersaie 2015 with my wife.”

Sounds like a great idea, Armen. We hope to join you next year so we can gather our own ideas and tile inspiration from walking the streets of Italy.



Moroccan Tile Made In Los Angeles

These pics just came in from a customer’s home in La Quinta California.

I will be adding descriptions asap

8cBlue Close Up

8c Arabesque in Blue

Steps Up Close WOW

Kitchen Blue 8c conche Upclose Fireplace UpClose Firepalce Concehe Centered

Fountain Up Close

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA CEU & Lunch – Thursday, December 18

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA CEU course: “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation”on Thursday, December 18. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products. Lunch is provided plus the tour of our concrete factory also offers AIA CEU credit.

The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow at 12:00 PM and the AIA CEU course will be presented afterward. Please meet at the ARTO factory located at 15209 S. Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248. Free street parking is available.

Please register online and call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions. Thanks and we hope to see you then.

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Friday, December 5

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present, Future” on Friday, December 5. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products. Lunch is provided plus the tour of our concrete factory also offers AIA CEU credit.

The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow at 12:00 PM and the AIA/ASID CEU course will be presented afterward. Please meet at the ARTO factory located at 15209 S. Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248.  Free street parking is available.

Please register online and call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions. Thanks and we hope to see you then.

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA CEU & Lunch – Tuesday, November 18

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA CEU course: “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation”on Thursday, November 18. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products. Lunch is provided plus the tour of our concrete factory also offers AIA CEU credit.

The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow at 12:00 PM and the AIA CEU course will be presented afterward. Please meet at the ARTO factory located at 15209 S. Broadway, Gardena, CA 90248. Free street parking is available.

Please register online and call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions. Thanks and we hope to see you then.

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Thursday, October 30

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present, Future” on Thursday, October 30.

There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products. Lunch is provided plus the tour of our concrete factory also offers AIA CEU credit. The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow and then the AIA/ASID CEU course.

Please register online and feel free to call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions.

Thanks and we hope to see you then.

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Friday, September 26

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present, Future” on Friday, September 26.

There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products. Lunch is provided plus the tour of our concrete factory also offers AIA CEU credit. The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow and then the AIA/ASID CEU course.

Please register online and feel free to call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions.

Thanks and we hope to see you then.

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Friday, August 22

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present, Future” on Friday,  August 22.

There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our unique handcrafted clay and concrete products. Lunch is provided plus the tour of our concrete factory also offers AIA CEU credit. The factory tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow and then the AIA/ASID CEU course.

Please register online and feel free to call William Love 310-308-4222 with questions.

Thanks and we hope to see you then.

tenacious ( the Armenian people )

An Ancient People

A Tenacious People

April 24th marks the beginning of one of those times that tested their tenacity. ( read more here )

It is the day the Ottomans began pogroms against the Armenian Citizens of the Ottoman Empire.

Arto’s father was made an orphan & became a refugee  during this time.

Sincere Peace



#Armenians a #tenacious #people (  #april24 #genocide )


#photo #challenge #2014

Enter ARTO Brick Instagram/Twitter Photo Challenge in honor of Coverings 2014 in Las Vegas, NV April 29 – May 2, 2014 using hashtag: #artobrick plus the hashtag for the “Theme of the day” to win ARTO tile coasters


California Revival Deco


We enjoy the conversation and thought this challenge  would help us reach out to our customers, friends, fans and people who are interested in the same to have some fun with tile, brick, texture, shape, color and coverings in general. Join us!

How it works:

1. Four (4) pictures total can be submitted: one for each day of the show pertaining to a theme noted below: #4. You have through Monday, May 5th 11:59 PM  to submit pictures for each day as we know you are busy with the show and want to give ample time to enjoy the contest as well.

There will be four winners (ARTO tile coasters).

2. The winner for each day will have the most likes on Instagram and most RTs with a mention: @artobrick on Twitter combined for the entry each day. For Twitter users, the @artobrick mention must be used to be counted. We will notify winners by May 12, 2014 or later should the winners not respond in a timely manner.


3. You do not need to attend Coverings 2014 to be eligible. You must have a public profile to enter for us to count you and communicate to the winners. If it comes to our attention that you are using multiple accounts to enter, you will be ineligible
4. Themes “Theme of the Day” ~ Each day has a  hashtag theme. For each day you need to add two hashtags: the theme and #artobrick i.e. Day 1: #travel #artobrick. If the two hashtags are not included, the picture will have to be ineligible for the contest day.

Day 1:  #Travel

Day 2: #Color

Day 3: #Texture

Day 4: #Shape

5. The winners will be contacted via the social media platform through which they entered the contest. If the winners do not respond within five (5) business days from being notified, the next person will be contacted as the winner.


Lastly, most importantly, if you’re a hater, no need to play ( HA !)

April Fools 2014


If I were a bathroom tile salesman, my pitch would be, “think of how great this will look in the background of your social networking pics.”

Ha.  Wish I would have though of that one myself but need to give credit where credit is due.  Oh and by the way The joke is on us, this twitter account has been suspended.  April fools!!



Transitional / between here & there

These are made the same way as our California Revival Collection via the dry line method which means still hand made. All these patterns come with paint sheets so you can create your own color way.

More info here .


3D / Dimensional Tile in Concrete or Ceramic

Have you see me? Stop by  factory showroom to to touch & feel me. Or Request a Sample

More Info Here 

GB74 18'' Target Tile Natural Gray

GB74 18” Target Tile
Natural Gray



ARTO/MAPEI Design Professional Appreciation Day

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.34.17 PM

Thursday, April 10; 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
15209 S. Broadway St, Gardena, CA 90248

Learn how ARTO handcrafts unique concrete and clay products.
Enjoy handcrafted Italian food from the Eatalian Cafe.
Earn AIA/IDCEC continuing education credits from ARTO & MAPEI

ARTO & MAPEI would like to invite you to a special event for design professionals at
ARTO (Gardena) featuring a factory tour, lunch from the world-famous Eatalian Cafe and
two courses offering AIA/IDCEC credit.

There is no charge to participate in this special event and it is great way to earn 2-3 LUs
while learning how ARTO handcrafts their unique concrete and clay products ranging from
tile, pavers, and wall veneer to architectural and hardscape elements.

Please RSVP online HERE and feel free to contact William Love 310-308-4222 with questions or for additional information.
Thanks and we hope to see you the factory on Thursday April 10!

Schedule & Course Summaries

  • 11:00 Meet at ARTO for Factory Tour
  • 11:10-12:00 Tour of Concrete & Clay Production (1 LU/HSW Credit – AIA only)
  • 12:00-1:00 Lunch from the Eatalian Café
  • 1:00-2:00 LEED: Sustainability in the Construction Industry (1 LU/HSW Credit) An explanation of which LEED credits apply to the construction industry; understanding the construction challenges and solutions when a LEED project is specified; how product manufacturers are meeting the requirements of “green” and “sustainability;” and how it is good for the environment, economy and community.
  • 2:00-3:00 Malibu Tiles: Past Present & Future (1 LU/HSW Credit) The course covers the history of the famed Malibu Potteries factory and their unique hand painted tiles. Cultural influences are explored in case studies of the Adamson House and LA City Hall. Design influences, manufacturing techniques, and current applications are also discussed.

St. Patrick’s Day 2014

St. Patrick’s Day #48.

Why ?

Arto Alajian started ARTO Brick in 1966, 48 years ago.
Arto Alajian was born on March 17th more than 48 years ago.

Other reasons to celebrate:

ARTO Brick was incorporated on March 17th.
Beginning of the Tile Season, although this year it has started earlier.
You have more time to read this versus the end of the year.
And why not.


Thank you for letting us be a part of your business in a big or small way as a vendor or customer.

Thank You.


ARTO Brick

Factory Tour January 31st

Stumbled across a custom deco #tile #tiletuesday


We will be opening up our showroom & factory to YOU.

Stop in for an AIA or ASID CEU or just for a tour , food & a laugh

Click the link below or to the right to reserve your spot!

2014 tradition & direction

New Years Day Tradition . ( my pop Arto started )

Got to work .

Walk around .

Open Doors.

Run the water.



Set goals for the business .

This year I was directed to the most important thing.

& my biggest weakness .


( for those that follow, yes to cigar no to port , sherry this time)( pic link )


New Years Day Tradition . Come to work . Walk around . Open Doors. Run the water. Journal. Pray. Set goals for the business . This year I was directed to the most important thing. & my biggest weakness . Relationship. ( picture . Founder my pop Arto. Mom. My brother & me )

Founder my pop Arto. Mom. My Brother. me.

arto custom studio

When I am asked how much of our work is custom I say  ” imagine us a bakery about 80% of the time we produce Glazed Donuts & 20 % of the time we make wedding cakes “. 20% is a lot but it can be more and with the NEW ECONOMY we think it important to promote our capacity to fashion items out of Concrete, Clay, Glass & Steel . ( yes glass & steel , try us )

When we publish our new price book we will have a section devoted to the ARTO CUSTOM STUDIO .


Handcrafted Ceramic


Arabesque Pattern 12 update II

This post is originally from December 19 2013.

Since then Arabesque Pattern 12 has become  even more popular.

This picture came in a few months ago.

& the original question still stands below.

What makes a tile, Color or Pattern ?


Color or Pattern make a tile?


Below is the transformation of Arabesque Pattern 12. First picture is in Mission Red the bottom  is Hacienda Limestone ( before  grout)

BB16 Arabesque Pattern 12 Mission Red

Arabesque 12 Hacienda Limestone

Arabesque 12 Hacienda Limestone

2014 Price Book

2014 Price Book

A new PRICE LIST will be distributed Early January with an effective date of February 1st

Changes to The Price List

Prices : specific items have price increase not the whole book

Coverages : updated coverages to reflect field use still a suggestion & still sold per piece

Items & Colors : added & subtracted .

During the year stay current by joining our tribe.

pick your poison below


* 12 – 19 -13 first draft before the team gets their hands on it

Oleson Handmade

Oleson Handmade

Oleson Handmade

I must say tonight I struggled to write these three sentences. I have plenty to transcribe but no juice to do so.  So all you get is this great picture of 6×12 Oleson Handmade in Spanish Brown with custom decos.

6x12 Oleson Handmade Spanish Brown

Art under Glass

*** update

found the link to the Exhibit.

I have been sitting on these pics for a couple of weeks. Vic took the call and made it happen for the customer. It is an art exhibit at

Looks good !

What do you think?

There are more pics here do you think?




Preparing for The New Big

It has been 4 almost 5 years since the release of what we call at the factory as “the big”. It is our brochure if you have not see it before here is a link to it . It was a big deal for us to produce it. The timing was perfect. It kept the wind in our sails when the economy  shut down.

In preparation of the new BIG I have been on safari looking for job site photos. I captured the below picture on the campus of CalTech. I think it is stunning.


I have been on picture safari this month for the catalog. Shot this picture at #caltech. (#tile #aztec #mayan #notsure )

Tile Floor Caltech

oh..oh.oh PickMe

in the beginning when my father Mr Arto let me hit the road to start promoting the company i chased the big guys & gals of tile & brick. i was looking to get my father’s company picked. getting picked would bring first fame then fortune.

i am glad i failed at getting the company picked by “big”. it made us a much more durable company in the long run .  gave us the liberty to poke the box.

then who picked us you ask.  more soon


Oh oh #pickme.


“Slippery Tile Test ” Update

I used this title instead of the scientific name
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) update.
It is replacing the old test COF.
What is the difference?
The bottom line is more accuracy and less human input in the test.
The result will be in a number that relates to how slippery or not a floor is when wet.
Every test will come with an explanation sheet to help the specifier understand it.
Hope to have all test results on the website January 2014
By the end of 2014 the new test will be the law of the land this year will be a gray area hence that is why the test will come with an official looking explanation.
What we are testing 
artillo ( at this time all with no sealer )
roman ( at this time all with no sealer )
no texture
glazed with texture added 
no glaze
Dry Line / Cuerda Seca
I wanted to post a cool video of the test. Nothing cool at all. This is the best one I could find.
Here is a funnier video on slippery floors ( i said funnier not funny )


Sunset & Traffic

#skies of #losangeles @ #sunset  have stopped me in my tracks as if  each was my first.  even when my tracks have been stopped by traffic#sunset #traffic


Custom Clay Curved Grooved Stairtread

The process for making a Custom Stairtread with ARTO Clay.


ARTO Utility Products


ARTO Solar Ballast Blocks are available in a wide range of standard sizes and weights for residential and commercial applications. Solar panels in zero-penetration, flat-roof applications require ballast weight to secure the panel to the roof.  These systems are easy to install while minimizing the potential for water intrusion.

ARTO Solar Ballast Blocks are made with fiber-reinforced concrete featuring high compressive strength and density for exceptional long term durability.

A wide range of standard sizes and weights are offered plus ARTO can create custom dimensions, weights, densities, and colors to meet your specifications.

ARTO Solar Ballast Blocks are proudly manufactured in Los Angeles, CA with high quality materials that meet or exceed all ASTM/AASHTO standards .   We offer quick lead times and can ship to most places in North America and beyond.

A thank you #1


Calling this post “a thank you #1” . The name is a lie as it is probably “thank you #1,976,986 ” . All that said never posted one before till now.

Thank You #1

ARTO Impressions 2D Decos

Introducing 3D looking, hand painted decos form the ARTO Studio. Seven new designs based on our hand-cast 3 dimensional wall tiles.   Offered in a gray assortment for a modern rustic look.

More designs are on the way.

More colors on the way.

Buckle Deco

Buckle Deco

Ring Deco

Ring Deco


Compton Deco


target Deco


Cubic Deco


Compass Deco


Escher Triangle

What if surfing was your job?

When there are hard days just remember your blessed if you can choose them.

What if surfing was your job?
Same waves, different day.

The risk of skin cancer. The falling. Sand in your socks. The people hassling you for your spot on the wave. The pressure to do more sets. The other guys at the beach who don’t appreciate your style. The drudgery of doing it again tomorrow, when the weather sucks. And then every day, from now on, never ceasing.

Where would you go on vacation?

Your drudgery is another person’s delight. It’s only a job if you treat it that way. The privilege to do our work, to be in control of the promises we make and the things we build, is something worth cherishing.



ARTO Factory Tour/Course/Lunch with 2 AIA LU – Friday, June 28, 2013

Architects, design professionals and ALL are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA course: “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation” on Friday, June 28.

There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity for two  AIA LUs and a tasty lunch while learning more about our unique handcrafted concrete products.

The AIA certified tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow at 12:00 PM.  The AIA course will be presented afterward and we will then offer informal tours of our new ARTO Tile Studio and Western Quarry Tile clay production facilities.

Please RSVP by email, website (Click Here)  or call William Love 310-308-4222 for more information.  We hope to see you here at ARTO on Friday, June 28.


Arabesque Pattern 11(a) Normandy Cream


Coverings 2013 Package

Howdy Coverings 2013 Attendees & the Curious!

Below is the starter package, provided free of charge when the following is completed within thirty days of receipt of display boards.

  • A PO# is submitted for display boards
  • Boards are hung up on store walls
  • Pictures of staff in front of boards, taken inside your showroom
  • List of Staff (Email & Responsibility)
  • Product Knowledge seminar completed
  • Your Logo
  • Credit card number on file ( If all of the above steps are not completed within 31 days of the receipt of boards we will charge your card $200. Please understand that this is only to insure that the requirements are met.)

Remember this is the free package you can select your own or add to this.


BB30 6'' Hexagon Normandy Cream

BB30 6” Hexagon Normandy Cream
Shown with “butter cream” grout @ Coverings. Your board will ship with “butter cream”

GB29 Smooth Brick Cotto Dark

GB29 Smooth Brick Cotto Dark



Limited Quantity Avilable (front and back of board shown)




BB26 Arabesque Pattern 8c Winslet Blend.  Great tease of our arabesque series

BB26 Arabesque Pattern 8c Winslet Blend.
Great tease of our arabesque series


Tip The World Over

Tip The World Over On Its Side And Everything Loose Will Land In Los Angeles

Frank Lloyd Wright


Frank Lloyd Wrong Tile

Tile designed by Vod

What to Expect When Choosing ARTO Tile

Armen talks about what to expect, packaging and sealing. He also throws in some personal insight.

It ARTO right for you?


ARTO AIA CEU Event – March 22, 2013


Highlights form the factory tour and AIA CEU.  Please contact William Love about scheduling/sponsoring an event or times and dates of already scheduled events.

William Love

AIA CES Provider/Project Specifications/ LEED Assistance For
Architects/Landscape Architects/Interior Designers

Phone: (310) 308-4222

Send email

ARTO AIA CEU and Factory Tour, February 22, 2013

Highlights form the factory tour and AIA CEU.  Please contact William Love about scheduling/sponsoring an event or times and dates of already scheduled events.

William Love

AIA CES Provider/Project Specifications/ LEED Assistance For
Architects/Landscape Architects/Interior Designers

Phone: (310) 308-4222

Send email

ARTO AIA CEU Sponsored by Ceramic Tile Design – San Rafael

If you are in the Bay Area or plan to visit around March 20, 2013 sign up to take an ARTO AIA CEU course sponsored by Ceramic Tile Design San Rafael.

What will the course be about?

The Beautiful World of Concrete : Understanding precast and specifying for your project

Where will it be?

Ceramic Tile Design San Rafael

846 W. Francisco Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94901

What time?

4:30 pm – 6:00pm


Who is organizing this event?

It will be presented by William Love and Stephanie Morgan and sponsored by Ceramic Tile Design – San Rafael


How much Does it Cost?

Its Free!


How do I get a ticket?

Register to Attend HERE

ARTO Factory Tour/Course/Lunch with 2 AIA LU – Friday, January 25

Architects and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA course: “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation” on Friday, January 25.

There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to start the year with two AIA LUs and a tasty lunch while learning more about our unique handcrafted concrete products.

The AIA certified tour starts at 11:00 AM with lunch to follow at 12:00 PM.  The AIA course will be presented afterward and we will then offer informal tours of our new ARTO Tile Studio and Western Quarry Tile clay production facilities.

Please RSVP to or call William Love 310-308-4222 for more information.  We hope to see you here at ARTO on Friday, January 25.

Arabesque Pattern 9b Assorted Grays

Arabesque Pattern 9b Assorted Grays

Ridiculous is the New Authentic (Remarkable)

I started out from birth in the business with a romantic view of it. Along the way I was bombarded with events and people that said I was ridiculous for it. Sometimes you need reassurance that being odd is what got you to the dance.

Here is Seth’s view “ridiculous is the new remarkable”

ridiculous is the new remarkable

Overruns to Restore (Habitat Los Angeles)

Howdy All,

We just sent a few truck loads of overruns to Habitat Greater Los Angeles (Located in Gardena

We hope to bring back the old Boneyard Program we had while we were located in West Los Angeles but till then pick them up over the REstore

Karin loading the Habitat Truck

Karin loading the Habitat Truck

ARTO Tile Studio Launch

ARTO is proud to introduce his own line of Clay Deco Tiles and Clay Field tiles form the ARTO Tile Studio.

The ARTO Tile Studio, in essence, is a Design Studio first and a factory second.  We are designers at heart and enjoy making custom pieces for you.  We have an extensive catalog of  traditional predesigned line drawings that can be colored to match your decor and style.  From a deco to a large scale mural, the ARTO Tile Studio Artisans can create new designs or modify our existing catalog.

  • Made in the USA
  • 33% Recycled Content
  • Freeze Thaw Rated
  • For Waterline/Wet Areas

The California Revival Collection.

  • Quickship
  • Standard Decos
  • Standard Field Tile and Trim
  • Murals
  • Custom Available


Quickship Collection

The Quick Ship Collection consists of ten designs in two distinct color ways, and is available in 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 sizes.  Due to the bodies being high fired, they are freeze-thaw resistant.  They can be used for walls or floors, indoor or outside, and also for pools and fountains.   From the source of the clay to the hand painting, all ARTO Tile Studio decos are produced  in California, USA.

Quick ship means they are ready to ship in 1 to 2 weeks.





Standard Collection

The Standard Collection is 25 pre-colored, traditional, designs.  They are available in 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6.  Just like the Quick Ship Collection, they can be installed just about anywhere.   Styles “a” and “b” are completely glazed while the “c” color way has sections intentionally  unglazed to show the beauty of the raw clay body.






Standard Field Tile and Trim

ARTO has 52 Glaze colors to complement the Standard Deco Collection.  Field tile sizes are available in 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 , a 4” Hexagon.  ARTO Tile Studio has a full range of trim pieces to finish the job, from Mouldings to Base Coves.  All field tile and trim pieces are made in the USA.


The ARTO Tile Studio has an extensive catalog of murals.  To find out more about the murals, please call 888.757.8453 or email

AIA CES Course Luncheon, September 19

AIA CES Course Luncheon

Hosted by ARTO and Green Goods

Green Goods

111 South Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Wednesday, September 19, 2012: 12:00 PM

Guest Speaker , William Love, ARTO

“The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation”   (AIA 1.0 LU/HSW/SD credit)


The course explores how concrete tile, pavers, and wall veneer are employed for restoration and renovation of buildings and infrastructure.  The design and manufacturing process is detailed to better understand the wide range of design options.  Case studies demonstrate how concrete tile, pavers, and wall veneer can preserve the cultural heritage of architecturally significant buildings and places while contributing toward sustainability and LEED certification.

Since 1966, ARTO has designed and handcrafted concrete tile, pavers, brick veneer, wall panels, hardscape products, and architectural elements in Los Angeles, CA.  We offer rustic & modern styles plus we specialize in custom fabrication, color matching, and historic restoration.  Our Western Quarry Tile division has been handcrafting glazed and unglazed terracotta products for over 30 years. The ARTO Tile Studio offers handpainted tiles and murals from classic designs to custom images and logos.

ARTO products can contribute to LEED certification in a variety of ways as we are locally manufactured with locally sourced raw materials plus we can incorporate a wide range of recycled content.  We also offer 12 colors certified to reduce the heat island effect plus permeable and pervious pavers to minimize runoff and water pollution.  Notable projects include Terranea Resort (spa pool & restaurant), Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, City of San Clemente and LA City Hall (historic restoration), Mariachi Plaza subway station (custom canopy panels), and the Port of Los Angeles Cruise Ship Terminal (custom ballast blocks for 1.2 MW photovoltaic system).

Low Relief Tile / R&D

Howdy Guys

Made in USA handcrafted tile

Made in USA handcrafted tile

Beto from the Western Quarry factory is working on a project. He produced these wonderful Low Relief Handmade Glazed Tiles. I  am not sure what period they are from or what the romantic name is for them but they are good looking. The ones shown are glazed  & fired with the Western Quarry Color Ways in a Gas Kiln at cone 4. They have that feel when you hold one.

Low Relief Tile Made in USA

Low Relief Tile Made in USA

Shout out to our Sales Guys Rory, Steph & Dale if you want to be on the early release track



Sustainability Committee /

Armen Alajian also recently attended Committee Week for the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)


The NPCA represents manufacturers of diverse precast products ranging from septic tanks and utility boxes to decorative wall panels and architectural details. Armen is an active member of the Sustainability Committee which is responsible for developing standards to minimize the environmental impacts of these products and their manufacturing.   The committee also works to promote awareness of these efforts and the sustainable qualities of precast concrete within the architectural and design communities.


The Sustainability Committee is developing a sustainable plant certification process and voted to create Sustainability Awards to recognize projects that best incorporate these aspects of precast concrete.  Other topics discussed were the recent postponement of LEED 2012 (renamed LEED v4) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) which are essentially “nutrition labels” that can be used to compare environmental impacts of different materials.  Product Category Rules (PCR) can be material specific and used to set parameters for both EPDs and LCAs (life cycle analysis).


The Sustainability Committee is also developing a new AIA CES course on the topic and will be contributing content for a new column on sustainability for Precast Solutions magazine.  Visit the NPCA website for more information on the sustainable aspects of precast concrete products plus other resources for architects and design professionals.


Precast Concrete

Editorial: Seth’s Note for note

Our Tag Line is “Rustic Elegance” it has started to become small as we have grown at least to me. It still works but it comes across narrow. When I read this Post from Seth it clarified what we meant many years ago. I may revisit the tag line again but in the mean time I have added two more tools to my small vocabulary #tilemagic & #brickmagic

Note for note

I’m listening to an obscure CD of the Silver Beats, a group of four Japanese lads who play note for note renditions of Beatles songs. They don’t speak a word of English. And yet they sing beautifully.

I saw them as an opening act a few years ago, and the novelty was extraordinary.

The thing is, I don’t want to see them again. Why would I? It’s note for note. No chance for random rhapsodic moments. No chance for total disaster.

Part of the magic of our work is that it’s not guaranteed. As soon as it is, we can digitize it or mechanize it or outsource it.

PRECAST.ORG Update June 2012

ARTO Technical Director William Love recently attended Committee Week for the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)

The NPCA represents manufacturers of diverse precast products ranging from septic tanks and utility boxes to decorative wall panels and architectural details. William serves as Chairman of both the Building Product Committee and the Architectural Subcommittee in order to develop standards for and increase awareness of precast concrete architectural products.

The committee & subcommittee have developed a comprehensive repair guide for architectural precast concrete products which standardizes procedures for repair both before and after installation. Once formally approved, the repair guide will supplement the NPCA’s industry leading QC/QA manual and plant certification process.

Other projects include developing new AIA CES offerings, including an exciting course on sustainability to debut at the upcoming PrecastShow (Indianapolis, January 11-13, 2013), as well as guide specifications for commonly used products. Visit the NPCA website to learn more about the exciting possibilities of architectural precast concrete and the many resources available for architects and design professionals.


2011 Creative Use of Precast Awards

Honorable Mention for Mariachi Plaza

Created custom concrete tile to match stone of the Gazebo.

The judging was extremely close.  In most cases, the winning projects were separated from the rest of the projects by less than one point…..The entry [Mariachi Plaza] finished just a fraction of a point behind the third place score, however, and earned a Honorable Mention.

~Bob Whitmore Communications Director NPCA

Still looks like a winner to me. We are very proud to have this Honorable Mention.   To see other Civic projects CLICK HERE.


Gardena California – New Jewelry District

You Don’t Drive a Bentley without a BIG Watch in Malbu

Gardena California’s New Jewelry District

ARTO Tile studio is a division of ARTO that produces hand painted deco tiles, murals and jewelry. These are the true “bling” that accents our concrete line from ARTO and our clay line form Western Quarry. The Tile Studio, started in January of 2012, specializes in historic reproductions of a broad array of designs from Moorish to Malibu.

For the complete story visit:
ARTO Tile Studio

Coverings 2012 Thanks

The Professional One
Well We “Thinks” So


We prepared this before we left for Orlando with our staff & stuff. We assume it went well for us and for you as well.

Upon our return home we will catch our breath and start planning for the next show and theme. Last year we focused on Arabesque shapes, highlighted existing tessellations we had in our library and added more that complemented those. These shapes are not new to the world, but instead a place for us to focus our energy. Next year our energy will be set on Wall Cladding, from the brick veneer we started with to the three dimensional (3d) units, with sizes ranging from small to as big as you can set without mechanical assistance. By now we hope that you have seen the attached cut sheet and that it is pleasing to your senses.

We are grateful if you picked up and used the other five press releases. We would be even more grateful if we brought a smile to your face for at least a split second while reading them. We hope you visited either one of our booths or, even better, both of them – Western Quarry & ARTO BRICK.  Please drop us a line if you want to be included in future “breaking news” from us @ARTOBRICK.


ARTO Brick and Ca Pavers have been designing and manufacturing rustic elegance since 1966.  ARTO creates concrete products for walls, floors and hardscapes, and can be used for interior or exterior applications.

You Got Chocolate in My Peanut Butter

You Got Peanut Butter on My Chocolate

Who Carries Around a Jar of Peanut Butter

Long Beach, CA—Ken Mason Tile (KMT) is set to launch Village Line at Coverings 2012. The Village Line consists of ARTO’s signature rustic concrete tiles with KMT’s staining and waxing process.  Handmade tiles are stained (hand rubbed) which leaves the color predominantly in the recesses of each specific piece. His technique adds a generation of patina to the product and gives a protective coating as well.  The result is “two great tastes in one.”  If you are familiar with Ken Mason then you know this will be impressive.  If not, stop by his booth located at #2912.


The truly unique Village Line with its aged and reclaimed look is only available through KMT’s dealers, but will eventually flow through all of ARTO’s dealers this summer.  ARTO and KMT’s partnership is still in its infancy, but they have the same values when it comes to the handmade process.  No machine can replicate the human hand techniques of KMT and ARTO.

To see ARTO concrete tiles in the raw, please stop by booth #2813.



ARTO Brick and Ca Pavers have been designing and manufacturing rustic elegance since 1966. ARTO creates concrete products for walls, floors and hardscapes, and can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Edible Arabesque

Europe, Islam, Ballet, Debussy, Disco, Peck & Sophia Loren.
Searching for the Meaning


Gardena, CA—The word “arabesque” is as ambiguous as the tile shapes that we produce and call by that same name.  When ARTO started to create his “Arabesque,” he knew that he was inspired by Moorish, Celtic, Islamic, Spanish and M.C. Escher, but he did not know what to call them.


These shapes are not new.  They are ancient.  They are found in nature.  No one owns them. So he chose a name that was ambiguous as the shapes themselves.

1.        [count] : a complicated decorative design made with many lines that curve and cross each other

2.        : a ballet position in which the dancer stands on one foot and holds one arm forward while the other arm and leg are held out behind [count] ▪ The students practiced their arabesques.[noncount] ▪ She held her arms in arabesque.


1.        a : mosaic

b : a covering of an infinite geometric plane without gaps or overlaps by congruent plane figures of one type or a few types

2.        : an act of tessellating : the state of being tessellated
If you made it this far to the bottom…

Bring the Press Release to booth #2813 to pick up an arabesque-shaped boutique made TOFFEE, yum!
AND check out our tile in Arabesque shapes.

If you can not make it, for fun enjoy the links & videos below.

Wikipedia Arabesque (European Art)


Arabesque -Friday Night Hit Disco 1978

Debussy, Arabesque #1, Piano Solo


Ballet Glossary – Arabesques


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Clay:

Love/Leather, The Milkman & Concrete

Gardena, CA—Adversity is said to be the mother of invention, the fire that transforms music, art & food. Arto Alajian, a designer born in Cairo, the son of Krikor, an Armenian refugee, began designing & literally cutting tanned leather from Milan. When revolution came to Egypt, he fled to Beirut where he worked for British Airways. When turmoil began there, he set his eyes on North America, landing in New York, Houston, British Columbia, and finally settling down in Venice, California. We are getting closer to tile, hold on.

In Los Angeles, Arto attended school for aviation mechanics, worked for the Adamson Family (of the famed Malibu home) at their Adohr Farms Dairy delivering milk. While starting his new life, he met Irene Berchtenbreiter, a ceramicist that was exhibiting with Peter Volkus & Paul Soldner. Irene made beautiful hand painted ceramic wall murals that were both one-dimensional and three-dimensional. Love & Art connected here as Arto studied to be a ceramicist and developed a thin wall tile that was extruded and unglazed to frame the murals. In 1966, Arto left the dairy and school and founded & produced ARTO BRICK VENEER.

Flash forward to the oil embargo in the early 1970’s; Arto is pushed from ceramic to concrete due to high energy costs. Producing first wall cladding and then floor tile made of concrete. The mother of invention brought to the market high value low cost hand made tile (produced since 1966) in Southern California employing 51 team members at two factories.

Now what?

Wait For it….

ARTO Brick and Ca Pavers have been designing and manufacturing rustic elegance since 1966.  ARTO creates concrete products for walls, floors and hardscapes, and can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Job Opportunity

(Concierge)(order desk) / AKA Director of First Impressions

Reports to COO

Supports Order Desk

Supports Shipping

The Work;
Answer Phones
Answer Questions Regarding Orders (Answers Available in NS). Answer Product & Price Questions (retail only) using ARTO websites. Direct calls to appropriate person or take message when no answers available on WEB or NESTUITE. Other methods available to respond with EMAIL & FAX

Enter Orders

Greet Visitors

General Office Organization

Aid with Mailings, Keep Copier Filled, Empty Shredder, Keep Coffee Maker Filled & Clean. As Needed to help in the office.

Skills/ Talents Needed
Multi Tasker
Tech Geek
People Person

Send report to COO of your high point & low point of week.
Enter orders within 15 minutes of being sent



St. Patrick’s Day 2012

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2012.  What is so important about this day?

  1. It is Arto Alajian’s 83rd Birthday.
  2. It is the day we incorporated the company.
  3. And it is the unofficial start of Spring and the building season.
  4. Lastly, we not only are very appreciative of all our clients and distributors, we are very appreciative of ARTO and all the hardworking people that have dedicated their lives to him as he dedicated his life for us.

We share our picture because we want you to know us. We are genuine and sincere from good morning to start the day till the last piece is made and the last order goes out for the day, real like the sunrise and sunset.

Our employees embody hundreds of years of experience in each room of the factory.


Over the next few weeks our Dealer and Distributors will receive 4 items in the mail to celebrate and share.

First is a postcard of the ARTO Family.  We are a family literally and spiritually.  On the front is a picture taken on the last Friday of the 2011.  Here you can see how our family has grown with the addition of Western Quarry and our ARTO Tile Studio.

Second, you will all receive a Vintage Catalina Tile Deco, Made by Western Quarry and glazed by the ARTO Tile Studio.

Third, Candy.  Like our tiles we have commissioned a talented candy maker to handcraft, some of the best peanut brittle you will ever taste, in our new arabesque shapes.  Please share.

Forth, new products.  We are a design and manufacturing firm and continue to add more to an already expansive line of concrete and clay.

Thank you for being our partners and lets make 2012 a great year.

If you haven’t received any of the above items from us, drop us a line and well make sure you are able to share in the celebration.



NPCA article quick note


Our art department will do a better job in a few days crafting the page but in the mean time enjoy this video.


Be Our Guest at Surfaces 2012

Be our guest at Surfaces 2012 in Fabulous Las Vegas January 24-26.  ARTO will be displaying a huge 10×20 booth featuring ARTO’s signature rustic concrete and clay tiles.  We will also be introducing Studio, hand painted cuerda seca tiles.   Visit, register and use the Promo Code: BIEP.  If you don’t gamble you may come out ahead. 

A 23 year old tradition

Since I was 18 , 23 years ago now I have been coming in to ARTO on New Years Day.I come in for some corny reasons. I open the doors and turn on the water something about new air and water mostly hokum. But I do a few things that are not. I reflect, write, pray, look at the facts & set goals & a direction then pray again that I am not full of BS. Remembering that I do not know everything but preparing for everything, preparing for opportunities & drought.

Cigar Booze & Fear of the Lord!

Cigar Booze & Fear of the Lord


ARTO on DIY’s Extra Yardage

Enjoy a nine minute video of ARTO highlights on the new hit DIY Series “Extra Yardage”.    The host Billy Derian is not only enjoyable to watch but has a vision for transforming dull backyards to livable spaces that inspire.  Of course those spaces  include plenty of ARTO.   You can see full versions of these episodes on the DIY network.

Filming has already begun on the next season and that’s right,  there will be plenty of beautiful ARTO tiles, bricks, Roman pavers, and precast to see.



Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment.

Timeless Artistic Tiles

Call it Arabesque.  Call it Celtic, Moorish, interlace, Islamic.  Modern?   Rustic?  Although the ideas, and these classic shapes, have been around for thousands of years ARTO has interpreted them in a new way.


Integrated colored concrete to be specific.

Arto has been creating brick, tile and precast in southern California since 1966 using colored concrete.  The result is the ability to produce any shape, color and style imaginable.

Which brings us back to Arabesque.  It’s not new.  But what you can do with it becomes new.  Be traditional or untraditional.  Be rustic and modern at the same time.  Add bold colors or muted tones.
If you can think it we can do it.

Arabesque Pattern 2b

Arabesque Pattern2c

Arabesque Pattern3

Arabesque Pattern 4

Arabesque Pattern 5b

Arabesque Pattern 8a

Arabesque Pattern 8b

Arabesque Pattern 8c

Arabesque Pattern 9a

See ARTO at the ASLA EXPO 2011

ARTO will be at the ASLA Expo 2011 in San Diego.  October 30th to November 2nd.  Come by Booth # 1939 and say “Hi”.  Enjoy free admission compliments of ARTO.  Just click on the flyer below to download a free pass.  Thanks and see you in San Diego!

“Friday Night” and Arabesque, Tiles for Walls and Floors

Friday Night Oh what a night!  ARTO has been working hard in the concrete lab to create 18 new Moorish inspired tiles.  Some incorporate shapes we already have like the 12×13 Big Felipe, 3×5 Diamond, and the Daisy form the Daisy Deco, While most are brand new.  Click on the thumbnails for larger picture!

While doing some research for Arabesque I ran across this group for 1978.  Any one know anything about them?

When I Think about it

When I think about it I see ARTO as a living organisim


A New Creation


I am very excited about the new site that the ARTO art department put together in house. It reminds me of the old days of working with Dream Weaver and guessing how to put a site together not very pretty but boy did the personal touch work. The new site goes back to our roots yet still is a new creation.




The handcrafted elegance of ARTO products is complemented by their rugged durability and unmatched versatility for Walls, Floors and Hardscapes. Tiles, brick veneer, pavers, wall caps, pier caps, pool coping, balustrades, and more are offered in a wide variety of colors and textures to create your own look.
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