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January 16th, 2017

Call 310-768-8500. ( our lead times vary from a couple of days to a few weeks depending on the item)

Starting Production on 2×8 Studio ( 3/8 thick ) to keep as stock ( also available in 5/8 Monrovia if needed )

Average Production on Ceramic Items 4-6 Weeks
Average Production on Ceramic Field Color Tiles 3-4 Weeks


200 SF 12×12 Super Artillo Desert 1
2400 SF 12×12 Artillo Cotto Dark
900 SF 12×12 Artillo Tuscan Mustard
900 SF 12×12 Artillo Normandy Cream
300 PCS 12×12 Artillo Stairtreads Normandy Cream
200 SF 12×12 Super Artillo Cotto Gold
150 SF 12×12 Artillo Spanish Inn
1600 SF 16×16 Artillo Cotto Dark
3700 SF 16×16 Artillo Normandy Cream
220 SF 16×16 Artillo Spanish Cotto
200 SF 10×10 Artillo Spanish Cotto
200 SF 10×10 Artillo Cotto Gold

400 SF 9×11 San Felipe Normandy Cream

400 SF 9×11 San Felipe Cotto Dark
200 SF 9×11 San Felipe Cotto Gold
3000 SF 8×8 Artillo Hexagon Cream Fraiche Vintage
300 SF 8×8 Artillo Hexagon Creame Fraiche Smooth
300 SF 6×12 Artillo Normandy Cream
300 SF 8×8 Artillo Cotto Gold
600 SF 8×8 Artillo Normandy Cream
600 SF 4×8 Smooth Brick Tuscan Mustard
300 SF 4×8 Smooth Brick Cotto Gold Vintage
600 SF 4×8 Smooth Brick Cream Fraiche
500 SF 12×12 Hexagon Tuscan Mustard
300 SF 6×6 Hexagon Creme Fraiche Vintage
500 SF 6×6 Hexagon Cafe Olay
300 SF 8×8 Hexagon Cotto Dark
200 SF 8×8 Hexagon Caqui
800 SF 14×14 Artillo Hexagon Smoke
100 SF 14×14 Artillo Hexagon Sidewalk Gray
500 SF 12×13 San Felipe Cotto Gold
150 Sf 8″ Conche Creme Fraiche
200 SF 10×10 Octagon Tuscan Mustard
220 SF 8×16 Artillo Normandy Cream
600 SF Arabesque Pattern12 Hacienda Limestone
200 SF Arabesque Pattern 11a Creme Fraiche Vintage
100 SF Arabesque Pattern 11a Normandy Cream
200 SF Arabesque Pattern 8c Winslet Blend
100 SF Mini Arabesque Pattern 15 Normandy Cream
220 SF 2×8 Artillo Normandy Cream
390 SF 4×8 Antik Brick Used Red
900 SF 2×8 Standard Brick Early Gray Limestone

2000 SF 6×12 Bastogne/Bastogne

1500 2×8 Standard Brick Corners Used Red
1400 SF 2×8 Antik Brick Used Red


800 SF 6×6 Artillo Hexagons (Assorted Colors)






80 pcs 3×3 SD-103C

140 pcs 3X3 SD-110C

120 pcs 3X3 SD-112A

80 pcs 3X3 SD-112B

100 pcs 3X3 SR-300B

50 pcs 4X4 SD-100C

90 pcs 4X4 SD-101B

70 pcs 4X4 SD-107C

110 pcs 4X4 SD-110B

120 pcs 4X4 SD-111B

160 pcs 4X4 SD-112B

110 pcs 6X6 SD-100A
90 pcs 6X6 SD-100B
90 pcs 6X6 SD-100C
80 pcs 6X6 SD-103A
200 pcs 6X6 SD-103B
120 pcs 6X6 SD-110A

240 pcs 6X6 SD-110C

Field tile
7000 pcs 3×3 Studio Monrovia Red
5000 pcs 4×4 Studio Monrovia Red
300 Sf Pattern 12 Studio Monrovia Red
600 pcs 8×8 Monrovia Monrovia Red
600 pcs 12×12 Monrovia Monrovia Red
240 pcs LBX Stair Tread Monrovia Red
400 pcs 6×12 Oleson Monrovia Red
260 pcs 12×12 Oleson Monrovia Red





8656 pieces 6x6x .375″  Studio Field Tile  and 400 pcs 6×6 Surface Bullnose in the color: WG1 call (805) 650-1252

lead times are 3-4 weeks average for all products that have to be built to order

have a special request?

this ain’t your ordinary piano bar but send us a request-

Arto produces so many varieties of tiles that you can achieve  any style for any application , just take a look and see…..

Since we have so much variety 98% of our materials are produced when you order it.


What is tile?

What makes tile?

We use only the cleanest and purest sand and gravel and then we wash and clean it some more.

We intentionally & exclusively use locally sourced raw materials, not because it’s cool but because that is what we have always done and it is the right thing to do.

Our cement comes from the most modern and the most environmentally conscience cement factory in the world.

We are sand.

We are rocks.

We are alchemists. Our work is pure. Our hands caress nature our hearts embrace her power and her power embraces us. The societal rewards of working with nature are superficial in comparison to the true rewards of being part of a family of artisans who put the products they produce on a pedestal and the melding of creative minds, that is the great reward.

The ignition of ideas, the evolution of the process, the respect for mother earth and her awesome power. The reward is the being part of and the witness of the goodness of humanity.

Efficiency is not just a production term but it is how we give our praise & respect to the natural wonders that are given to us.

We do not value things for what they are. We value things for what they can be. We do not say how can we make a quick dollar. We say how can we make something that provides beauty and function as a service to our communities. It is not about making thousands of pieces of tile. It is about being as honest as we can with the craft and the people around us. It is about seeing families grow together. It is about the heart and the energy we believe that is being injected and harmonized with the natural wonders we have fallen into . We make tile, we are tile.


The full moon in May is also known as the “Flower Moon” appropriate because this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere the flowers and their colors come to life. And if the flowers come to life, the bears awaken, the creeks defrost and the fish become free.  All the wonderful animals of spring become more fertile than any other time of year.  I wonder what are the effects of spring on you? How do warmer temperatures effect you? How does your days routine change with the seasons? Do you find yourself outdoors more, breathing in deeply, eyes wide open absorbing the fresh miracles of nature. How does extended hours of sun light effect you? think about it


Arto Brick makes high fire ceramic products…check it out!! they are real special!! No one can do it like we do it!! Alos soon launching 50-60 new unique colors

Do you like the Arto concrete colors? Do you wish to obtain some of our liquid pigments with exclusive Arto formulas?  Well Arto has been selling liquid pigments for years now…but its been kind of a secret.  Not only do we sell Arto color pigments we also sell all the major color manufacters colors as well, our favorite being Davis Color/Huntsman color.  This is very convenient when you are pouring your own concrete slab, pour in place pool copings, making steps and any other project that you may need colored concrete. When ordering concrete color pigment all you need to specify is; “how many sacks of cement” or ” How many yards of concrete you will use”.  Please keep in mind there are many factors that go into consistent color and a broom finish versus a vibrated surface versus a hand trowelled surface texture will all vary in color= texture affects color.  Also proper measuring of water is critical.  So keep in mind Arto has color pigment for your next project!!

Everyday Arto manufactures new products– do you want to stay in touch with all the new things we can offer? great, stop on by next time you visit our little village by the sea or just check out Armen’s blog,facebook,twitter,instagram  or like he says, “pick your poison”

Are you an Arto distributor, would you like your key sales people to be well trained in what Arto can do for you? Just give us an email or a call so we can connect you with one of our friendly sales reps. We can offer product knowledge events at your showroom or online video conference, even plan a visit to the plant to see  how we really make everything happen.

Well we finally did it- We have expanded our concrete production by 25%. Creating a division just for our thin brick, America’s favorite thin brick!! get on board get some in stock and you will see your success grow. Typically once an Arto distributor starts stocking our thin brick they get hooked and order regularly supplying their addicted communities with flooring and wall covering  ecstasy!!

Arto makes…..

-high quality concrete tiles,brick veneeer, pool copings,sandset pavers from the old world to the new world

-high fire Southern California Spirited ceramics with the most unique color selections quality service and with a friendly joy

-hand painted ceramic, custom decoratives, custom murals and so much more

-Arto makes Rustic Elegance

-Arto makes tile Dreams come true

– How may we help you today?

Some are round , some are square. Which one are you?


Some guys wear pink shirts(innovators)

Some guys wear pink shorts(weirdoes)

Some guys where nothing at all.(Hedonistic vacationer) yeah you


We the people are never ending with expression.

Sometimes we choose

Sometimes we react instinctively

My favorite is when it just happens and you have no choice, but you love the outcome.

Like “Creative Roulette”, Russian and non Russian (that’s a good title)


So you’re fixing your home or you are moving into a new home.

Maybe you’re designing the next new thing, so what are you going to do?


Some are round, some are square, which one are you?


When I hear myself reading this, it makes me think of all the different birds in the world and all their different environments.

The Toucan in the jungle

The pigeon living under the beach pier

The peacock terrorizing homes in La Canada

The hummingbird traveling distances no man can comprehend just to stick its nose in a sweet flower.

They are all different sizes and shapes and they all had no choice about it, but all are very beautiful.


You want another example?

No I don’t, thank you.

I didn’t ask you.


Look, look closer, come’on, you see my big and crooked Armenian nose?


Arto tells a story …..about how once when he was slam-dunking his nose got caught up on the basket’s rim.  This story made a little more sense as I grew older and kids in the park would say “Air Vod” or ask for my shoes or autograph. I didn’t know what to do.  I just came to the park to play a simple game that I love. I can’t help it, if everybody wants my shoes my clothes my brick. I love the game and that love is reward enough. Oh yeah don’t worry the invoice is in the mail.


So where are we?

Yes…… some are square, some are round, which one are you?


Arto makes almost every shape out of concrete you can think of.

At least the sizes and shapes that our backs allow us to make.


Arto makes almost every color you can think of.

At least the colors that God’s lighting intended for us to see without technical assistance.


I like bright colors but some days I wear  black and it gives me another spirit through out the day. A bright colored shirt or a happy pattern is a great way to start the day but is it a great way to start your room?


The other day I had a dream and you were in it. You were asking me if the 8×8 Artillo Sonora Sunset was ok for your kitchen. In my dream I said “let us make you a sample, you can take it home and decide with your whole family”.  It was not only a dream but that’s what Arto does, we will make samples for your convenience and we want to be part of your dreams, just the good ones.


Some are Round Some are Square which one are you?


Since Arto makes almost any imaginable shape, size and color you can feel free to express yourself. One of my favorite things is to do California historical reproductions. I love the concrete medium and I love California it’s an honor to be part of any project.(easy money)


I also love when a client asks for something that pushes the envelope. Not the envelope under the door when I leave home and it says I won’t be back, but the envelope that says you haven’t thought of this before why don’t you give it the ol’ Gipper try and I do. Not  because I like Notre Dame football but because I like a good challenge and  I am a product of 1980’s politics.


Arto is your means for expression.

Arto is your source for developing your unique designs.

Arto has been producing fine handcrafted products his whole life and recently in 1966 he brought it to the American public in the form of ceramics and concrete products.


So some are square and some are round.

Which one are YOU!!??


Shes A Rainbow

Tiles come in colors from everywhere.

They are bright or dull like glass or shell

Colors are the temperature of our days

Some come in gold, some are pail as bone or snow


I’ve seen the years go by and colors come and go

When I was a child I chose my flavor by the color

Blues and Reds Sweeter than the others


Old and mature browns and beige

Savory colors flavor my wheel

Life keeps spinning around

but when

do we stop

to see the amazing colors?


There are colors in a can

There are colors in the crayoned hand

There are colors in the sky and there are colors in sand

There are colors toasted from land to hand

And colors boasted like Kings of Siam

Colors are copied from rural to urban

Carbon is the color of life from beginning to end

from asphalt to land


When a person goes from youth to man

From Mexico to Japan

The colors he puts in his home are reflections of the creature’s soul


Colors are petty, colors are grand

Colors impose emotion and others can provoke a patriotic notion


God paints a rainbow and man tries to paint God’s hand

Patterns and contrast like lines through the fall

Winter comes and paints the spring to amaze us all

When travels end and glory felt

To recreate the experience we make

A home in the home

A retreat on our la

Which colors do you choose?

Which experience have you made?


Oh what a nice surprise to see you here…We have been expecting you!!!!


Are you looking for a tile for a very special project? of course you are

But everything that you like, is not in stock, of course

Well isn’t it amazing you can have your own custom tiles built just for you and your project right here in the little village by the sea. Making tile dreams come true for you & me!

03/17/1929- 10/24/14  Mr Arto Alajian a great American, a great Dad, he will always be remembered.

We are very proud to of known him,to be taught by him and to be loved by him

have a special request?

Well this may not be  your ordinary piano bar

but we do take requests






  • Do you have 4×4 Artillo Spanish Inn Red tile in stock? Or do you know where i can pick some up or how long it takes to receive it if we have to order it?

    • Our In Stock list is accurate give us a call or send us an email for additional information. To order, depending on your square footage, lead times for production are 4-6 weeks.

  • Hi,
    I am looking for triangle tiles that are 2″ in height. They can be slightly more 2 1/2
    Do you have this in stock or is this something I would have to order. Also what is your selection of color?
    Thanks so much

    • We have Triangles. We can make triangles any size you need. They can be made with concrete, we have 40+ colors to choose from. They can be made with ceramic, we have 70+ glaze colors to choose from. Email or call the factory for pricing and lead time. Thanks.

  • Im a contractor-can I buy your product direct?

    • We no not sell direct. You can find an ARTO Reseller in your area HERE or speak with an ARTO Sales Rep. Thanks for the comment.

  • What size are the circle in the Granada Pattern?

    • The Dots Are 3″ 1/4
      Do you need a sample?

  • Just wanted to let you know that we recently sold our SoCal home, where the floor of the kitchen and adjacent eating area was done a few years ago in Arto Antik brick. EVERYONE who attended our open houses raved about how beautiful this floor is, and we’re sure it helped markedly in maximizing the beauty of our home and enhancing its selling price. Now we’re looking forward to putting your Artillo pavers into our new home! Thanks for making such great products at such affordable prices!

    • Thanks for the comment and we are looking forward to you placing an order with us. Have you seen our new products? Do you have any pictures of your home you would like to share? Look us up on Facebook or email pictures. Thanks again!

  • Hello Arto,

    We are custom residential architects in Northern CA and have a client who is very interested in using your concrete tile on their porches – open and enclosed porches (screened).

    Please send us some small samples in the 4 x 4 (or larger) for ease of shipping in the Normandy Cream color mix, as well as the Tuscan Mustard. I’d like to do a 12″ x 12″ square (min.) if you send the 4 X 4 size so I/we can see the range.

    We love the limestone texture, but if none is on hand the smooth finish is fine at this time as we develop the interior palette. Perhaps send another color of the limestone if not available in the right color.

    Let me know what you can send us and how.

    Very much appreciated. We have used your product before in the rectangular shape (darker red) and had great success with it. Looked fabulous and client loves it.

    Regards, Diana

    Marley + Wells Architects
    9 El Rose Drive
    Petaluma, CA 94952

    • Thanks for the Question and Comment Diana. An ARTO Sales rep will contact you.

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