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Arto Brick is an American Dream that refuses to end.   An immigrant story that understands the value of opportunity.  Its about family,  commitment and the thrill of creating.

Arto Brick is loyal to its vision and  puts its employees and lifestyles as first priority. “HAppy people make happy tiles” someone might say.


Are you thinking about renovating your home or are you responsible for designing the next great living space. Perhaps you and your team are collecting ideas for next years portfolio or arsenal of offerings. Arto Brick has covered walls and floors all over this place from  fancy hotels to comfortable Haciendas. There is no area too small for us and no area too large.We have done jobs as large as small countries and as small as your cozy cafe.  I do not know any tile factory in their right mind that will work with you on creating your own personal tile designs even if it is just a few pieces. So don’t be shy and step right up let us fill your life with colors and textures. Let us be part of creating your perfect atmosphere, from sea to shinning sea.


****SPECIAL IN SAN MARCOS CALIFORNIA  1450 sqft 12×12 Artillo Mission Red- call Greg @ (949) 254 4692 ************

***MORE****SPECIALS***EVERYTHING MUST GO**MAKE AN OFFER****** 560 sqft 8×8 Artillo & 100 pcs 6×12 Artillo Stairtreads ALL IN MISSION RED***ASK FOR MY GOOD FRIEND MR JACOB (760) 591 4570*****THESE ARE REALLY LUCKY PAVERS!!!!********



LEAD TIMES:  as of 8/22/14

Concrete tile lead times are 3-4 weeks average, some jobs come out faster some a little longer

Arto Tile Studio hand painted lead times are closer to 4-5 weeks, we do have small quantities of inventory, email for more info

Arto Ceramic tiles: lead times at this time are close to 4 weeks, but depending on which products and quantities things can happen sooner

call us or email a request we would love to help you


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well lets see now…..

250 sqft 8′ Hex Caqui

800 pcs 4×16 Artillo Hacienda

120 pcs 14″ Hexagon Natural

150 sqft 6×12 Artillo Mission Red

275 pcs 11×15 Durango Normandy Cream

500 pcs 11×15 Durango Artillo

720 pcs Mini Pata Grande Tuscan Mustard

150 sqft 6×12 BAstogne Tuscan Mustard Limestone

160 pcs 4×12 Artillo Mission Red

270 pcs 9×11 San Felipe Cotto DArk

196 8×8 Artillo City HAll Red

260 sqft 4×8 Antik Used Red

270 pcs 9×11 San Felipe Tuscan Mustard

310 sqft 4×8 Smooth Normandy Cream

1100 sqft 16×16 Artillo Rice Antik

900 12×12 Artillo Cotto Gold

600 sqft 12×12 Artillo Mission Red

300 sqft 12×12 Artillo Cotto DArk

800 sqft 16×16 Artillo Flagstone

500 sqft 2×8 Artillo Hacienda

530 16×16 Artillo City HAll Red

12 pallets 24×24 Broadway

2 pallets 12×12 Roman PAver EArly Gray

220 pcs 11×15 Durango Cotto Dark

100 pcs 10″ Roman Wall HAcienda


 ***MORE****SPECIALS***EVERYTHING MUST GO**MAKE AN OFFER****** 560 sqft 8×8 Artillo & 100 pcs 6×12 Artillo Stairtreads- ALL IN MISSION RED***ASK FOR MY GOOD FRIEND MR JACOB (760) 591 4570*****THESE ARE REALLY LUCKY PAVERS!!!!********

****SPECIAL IN SAN MARCOS CALIFORNIA  1450 sqft 12×12 Artillo Mission Red- call Greg @ (949) 254 4692 ************



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  • What size are the circle in the Granada Pattern?

    • The Dots Are 3″ 1/4
      Do you need a sample?

  • Just wanted to let you know that we recently sold our SoCal home, where the floor of the kitchen and adjacent eating area was done a few years ago in Arto Antik brick. EVERYONE who attended our open houses raved about how beautiful this floor is, and we’re sure it helped markedly in maximizing the beauty of our home and enhancing its selling price. Now we’re looking forward to putting your Artillo pavers into our new home! Thanks for making such great products at such affordable prices!

    • Thanks for the comment and we are looking forward to you placing an order with us. Have you seen our new products? Do you have any pictures of your home you would like to share? Look us up on Facebook or email pictures. Thanks again!

  • Hello Arto,

    We are custom residential architects in Northern CA and have a client who is very interested in using your concrete tile on their porches – open and enclosed porches (screened).

    Please send us some small samples in the 4 x 4 (or larger) for ease of shipping in the Normandy Cream color mix, as well as the Tuscan Mustard. I’d like to do a 12″ x 12″ square (min.) if you send the 4 X 4 size so I/we can see the range.

    We love the limestone texture, but if none is on hand the smooth finish is fine at this time as we develop the interior palette. Perhaps send another color of the limestone if not available in the right color.

    Let me know what you can send us and how.

    Very much appreciated. We have used your product before in the rectangular shape (darker red) and had great success with it. Looked fabulous and client loves it.

    Regards, Diana

    Marley + Wells Architects
    9 El Rose Drive
    Petaluma, CA 94952

    • Thanks for the Question and Comment Diana. An ARTO Sales rep will contact you.

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