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CA Revival

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Have questions about Cleaning or  Sealing click on the links below.  What is Efflorescence?  Find the Answers here.



We’ve been making our Concrete Products for over 40 years.  See below for the best way to install without problems.


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CSI 3 Part Specifications

These are for Architects and Specifiers.  The Master Specifications can be a  boring read,  if your not into it.

Test Data

Interested on how much weight you can put on our tiles before they break, or how slippery are they,  see the test data below.



We make a green product.  Do the math here.



Welcome to the new password protected ARTO pricelist.  The password may change or expire periodically.  If your current password is not working please contact your ARTO Sales Rep.  Thanks.

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Google Sketch-Up

Click on the link below to see the full catalog of 3D models.



The handcrafted elegance of ARTO products is complemented by their rugged durability and unmatched versatility for Walls, Floors and Hardscapes. Tiles, brick veneer, pavers, wall caps, pier caps, pool coping, balustrades, and more are offered in a wide variety of colors and textures to create your own look.
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