January in Los Angeles ( probably warmer than where you are )

I had a different picture for today but on the way home yesterday ( the day before Tile Tuesday 1-24-16 ) I saw this. Sun, Sea & Catalina . I think it was between 59 & 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Picture Taken from Point Fermin  Read More

Surf & Sun #1

Found this picture on my friends Social Media Stream not his picture but had to share it. repost from Instagram ( Photo Credit )  Taken in Early January of 2016 in Southern California. Send me your pictures [email protected] . Read More

Hospitality Project: Ace Hotel ( picture set I )

This set of pictures were found on the Web Here. ( Photo Credit ) It is of the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. You would know  if your are dealer & had time for one of our City Tours. We working on getting more pictures of this project. What is in this project is our Read More

Handmade Concrete Wall Tile

Real Concrete Wall Tile ( sometimes called cement ) This 2×8 Thin Brick ( Shown in Early Gray ) is from our Artillo Series. This Kitchen is in Canada ( I think ), I have forgotten. In any case if this your project tell me I will give yo credit for it. It looks good Read More

2016 Now

Well first I wish ( aspire) to tell better stories with pictures. Probably because pictures enter the brain quicker than the written word which is processed first then delivered by to the brain ( based on my studies ). By tradition ( put in motion by Arto & maybe his father as well back in Read More