Road Trip ( Lost in Sacramento )

On a road the next two weeks. While in Sacramento I missed a South or North when I entered information into the GPS. I am glad. I stumbled across this bridge ( FREEPORT BRIDGE )  by doing so.  ( LOCATION / GOOGLE MAPS )        Read More

Kitchen Connected to the Outdoors by a Common Floor

I am not sure brown is in but this period home wears it well. It is a calm space and as you scroll through the pictures you can see the color added by the hand painted decos adds charm. Material: #HighFireTerraCotta Series / Size: Oleson / 6×12 Color: Spanish Brown  and opens to the outside. Read More

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

Typical Tourist Picture of The Galleria. I took this picture and I would do it again. It is a wow when you look up. Wikipedia Google Picture Search  Map    Read More

Hospitality Project: Chez Billy Sud · Bar à Vin French Restaurant

The lead picture was sent in from customerASURFACE-DC.COM  .   The others are from Eater-DC . All I know is that the place looks great & I will order the Steak Frites when I am in town next time. Material: #HighFireTerraCottaMonrovia|| Series: Monrovia || Color: Gold Rush with Black & Blue               Read More

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