Geppetto’s Toy Store Carlsbad / Antik Brick Used Red

This is an easy one to write about. ( Not much to write ). 2×8 Antik Brick in Color Used Red our most popular item. Suggested Retail is 6 dollars a square foot ( CRAZY ). Can be painted as well!       Read More

UPDATE 7-19 Kaleidoscope

7-19-16 It is official. The name for this collection is Kaleidoscope. I was surprised by how many said not to name it Alhambra or similar. The reasoning was that it would get lost in the sea of products of similar names and in turn not get discovered. A quick tally has the three most popular as Kaleidoscope, Read More

Antik Brick Brochure & Display

Howdy All, Have you seen these tools before ? Dealers Send me a Request . Everyone else drop me a line ( OH BOY ) [email protected]       Read More

Fountains / Build Your Dream Fountain ( or pool )

Well Hello, On our secret menu is our ability to produce Fountain Components. The team can go into the archives bring out some classic work to fit to your project or bring us a paper napkin with your dream pool or fountain. On that note we can start with a napkin but the more you show Read More

Sweet Home Alabama

Howdy ! ( scroll down for pictures and the video if you are impatient ) This post comes to you a little late. I was in Alabama this past May. I usually like to post sooner than this so nothing escapes me. As it is now my mind is a Steel Sieve .  Luckily I like Read More