I often say to people that will listen which most of the time is just my kids “you cannot enjoy being lazy if you do not do hard work” or some variant. As the 15th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and I see “never forget” almost every where I think there needs to be Read More

Las Vegas Revelation

  I hit the city and my team lost me. A bunch of us were descending on the city of Las Vegas for HD EXPO & others were left with less hands to run the show at Home.  Long story short I was put out of action. All I could see through darkness of my Read More

2016 Now

Well first I wish ( aspire) to tell better stories with pictures. Probably because pictures enter the brain quicker than the written word which is processed first then delivered by to the brain ( based on my studies ). By tradition ( put in motion by Arto & maybe his father as well back in Read More

New Friend on The World Wide Web Also Know as the Internets

Howdy All We have a new Internet friend that has listed us as a reference for #ConcreteTile . ConcreteNetwork.com We do not have an official Blog Roll ( is that term even used still ) so this post is our thank you .   THANK YOU ConcreteNetwork.com & Peace     Read More

Hexagon & Diamond Swinging in a Tree

If you read through this site you know that I( armen ) love the Hexagon. Below is from Our Monrovia Series Monrovia is High Fire Terra Cotta which means it can go almost & is frost resistant. These color are done via the monocottura method. Read More

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