Stone Porcelain

Rustic & Elegant Stone Porcelain

Howdy Tribe Arto, (if you are new welcome) The first thing to get out of the way. The written word is like magic for me, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I have been toying with building a curated line of products for over a decade. I thought about building a brand called Read More

Brasília not Rio II

It seems that my eyes have found more color in Brasília. Yes it is a Handsome Gray Concrete on the outside but look at the Color on the inside ( scroll down ) Before I began my internet travels of the Brazilian Capital my minds eye saw it as the Capital of Brutalism as well, gray. Read More

Richmond San Rafeal Bridge @ Sunset

      Read More

Sweet Home Alabama

Howdy ! ( scroll down for pictures and the video if you are impatient ) This post comes to you a little late. I was in Alabama this past May. I usually like to post sooner than this so nothing escapes me. As it is now my mind is a Steel Sieve .  Luckily I like Read More

Newport Beach May 2016

Since I believe 2006 our family has been traveling up to 1 hour ( inside joke – a travel time of 1 hour to escape. escape is where you make it ) from our home to visit this escape from reality called Newport Beach.  My favorite is to walk to Crystal Cove State Park on the Read More

A Classic Ranch Style Home ( Thin Brick / Exterior Cladding )

Antik Brick simple, rustic & elegant. Antik Brick adds value & charm to your project . Shown here in Color Used Red. Antik Brick is available in many colors which have been inspired by the indigenous bricks colors seen around the world. Antik Brick is 1/2″ thick ( known as brick veneer, brick tile or thin brick ) Read More

Compton working it in Salt Lake ( a 3d Tile Story )( Dimensional Tile)

I had heard rumors about this project then the team @ European Marble & Granite sent me the link to it. Below are a few pictures I grabbed from the site highlighting our Compton Tile. Material: Concrete , Series: Impression, Item:Compton, Color: Sidewalk HT ( thank you to ) : City Home Collective        Read More

Pismo Beach Quick Trip ( #artoroadtrip )

After a Wedding Saturday In Bakersfield California we took the Long Way home through Pismo Beach. Almost jumped in ! Read More

Cable Car Ride

I just came back ( April 24 2016 ) from a 3600 mile trip to the Northwest United States ( Oregon , Washington & a little bit of Idaho ). Wow a secret part of the world. The clips below are of my ride on the famous cable car in San Francisco. I had a Read More

Sunset Seen From Downtown Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon Is Special. This Sunset Crowns our Visit Last Week.         Read More

Road Trip ( Lost in Sacramento )

On a road the next two weeks. While in Sacramento I missed a South or North when I entered information into the GPS. I am glad. I stumbled across this bridge ( FREEPORT BRIDGE )  by doing so.  ( LOCATION / GOOGLE MAPS )        Read More

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

Typical Tourist Picture of The Galleria. I took this picture and I would do it again. It is a wow when you look up. Wikipedia Google Picture Search  Map    Read More

Somewhere Over the Rockies

When I captured this one I almost dropped the phone from Excitement. The scene was stunning.   Read More

The Run Down for August 1st

Time is valuable. I hope this is short and sweet enough to save you time. Tile & Brick Lead times, this document was internal now we are sharing it, published on Wednesdays LINK.  New Sample Policy LINK Supply Chain issues Finally caught up to us, cutting a couple of glazes and closing out a curated collection LINK. Do you have the New Price Read More

Notice of Product Discontinuation 2022-08-01

2022-08-01ARTO friends and family!We would like to inform you that we are discontinuing the products below to make room for even better! The main reasons for discontinuation are the shortage of some minerals in the supply chain and the uncertainty about the future supply.Effective immediately, the following products will no longer be available. · Specialty Read More

Arto Joins National Tile Contractors Association

2022-02-01 A Spontaneous Relationship. Over the years I have neglected an important stakeholder in the selection and installation process, The Tile Contractor. I believe the biggest roadblock was not knowing where to start. My goal for 2022 was to “know” the Tile Contractor. We started to advertise in the Tile Letter which is a monologue Read More

Versatility? ARTO is thy name.

ARTO offers a wide range of colors and textures in both concrete and ceramic tiles for just about any application.  This beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills is a great example.  The fireplace above features concrete 18×18 Buckle tiles in Early Gray while the backsplash below is highlighted by 6×6 Compton tiles in Natural Gray. Stair risers Read More

Sometimes You Just Need a Bird in the Hand

One of the many cool things about ARTO is that you can create extremely distinctive looks using our vast selection of standard colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.  New color blends, unique combinations of colors and textures, and novel patterns are all possible. The lead time is typically 4-6 weeks which is not bad for tiles Read More

ARTO Featured on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” and in Magnolia Market

Chip & Joanna Gaines have risen above the HGTV chaff to become a national sensation with their show “Fixer Upper”.  I walked into my local Target recently and they had just added a giant Magnolia Home section.  I understand they are going to end the show to focus on their local and national retailing efforts but Read More

Cal Mare Restaurant – One of the Hottest Restaurants in LA (Eater LA & Hollywood Reporter Agree)

ARTO is proud to have provided concrete tile, brick veneer, and custom hand painted murals for Cal Mare restaurant in the (under renovation) Beverly Center.  Eater LA listed Cal Mare as one of the 15 Hottest Restaurants in LA Right Now plus it was featured in The Hollywood Reporter: Where Hollywood Eats: L.A.’s 20 Hottest Restaurants Read More

Exploding Tiles in Singapore Highlight Importance of Grout & Movement Joints

We have written before about the need to always include grout and movement joints when installing tiles.  These stories from Singapore highlight what can go wrong if you don’t. Singapore: Residents terror-stricken after floor tiles ‘explode’ at HDB flats Reports of tiles popping and cracking in flats across Singapore Weather may be one of several factors behind ‘popping’ Read More

15 Quality Tile Installation Resolutions from the CTEF

A very useful list of 15 tile installation resolutions from the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF). It is great summary of many of the points we emphasize in our installation guidelines and on our blog. If I could add a 16th it would be to “only install ARTO tiles.” (In a perfect world, of course). Read More

Learning with ARTO – Pepperdine, USC, Scripps College

ARTO tiles can be found in hotels, estates, restaurants, retail stores, and even in prestigious universities.  The educational projects detailed below include a renovated library, a brand new academic building, and a restoration of historic residence halls. The common thread that binds these diverse projects is they are distinguished thanks to our vast selection of Read More

ARTO Tiles in The Most Romantic Restaurants In The World (Cecconi’s South Beach)

Architectural Digest just released a list of The Most Romantic Restaurants in the World.  We were pleased to see that Cecconi’s South Beach was recognized as it features ARTO 12×12 Oleson tiles in Walnut Spice and Copper high fired glazes  The Oleson tiles are individually handcrafted yet they are freeze thaw resistant and meet the most Read More

How a Hexagon Can Also Be a Chameleon

One of the fun things about ARTO tiles is that same tile can look wholly different in another color or texture.  The two kitchens below both use blends of  8″ Artillo Hexagons but with much different results.  Normandy Cream, as shown in the Bastide de Bonheur Residence, features a blend four ARTO colors (Artillo Cafe, Read More

Hands. Touching Hands. Reaching Out. Touching Tiles.  Touching You.

One of the coolest things about ARTO concrete tiles in this age of automation, robots, and killer drones is that every single tile is touched by multiple hands throughout the production process.  However we also utilize advanced technology like concrete admixtures and the Chameleon color batching system that can make thousands of colors at a Read More

(Entry) Monumental Achievement

In a nod to its agricultural heritage, the City of Camarillo (in Ventura County, CA) uses a bougainvillea motif in its logo and public art.  Painted or printed bougainville images were used on earlier entry monuments but the city wanted a more polished look for its newest examples. The landscape architects contacted ARTO to explore a custom Read More

The Versatility of Concrete – Normandy Cream Kitchen, Wine Room & Mud Room

ARTO has been using concrete as a medium since the early 1970’s.  While we love cool grey concrete in all its rough and tumble splendor we are also love how concrete can take on a wide range of other looks.  This beautiful house in Rancho Santa Fe is a case in point.  Artillo Hexagons in Read More

New AIA CES/IDCEC Course: “Concrete Possibilities: Designing with Encaustic and Concrete Tiles”

ARTO is proud to offer our new line of Indochine cement encaustic tiles, individually handcrafted in Vietnam.  Some might wonder if concrete includes cement then how does a concrete tile differ from a cement tile? Toward that end our newest AIA/IDCEC continuing education course has just been approved for architects and interior designers.  A full Read More

The Story of the Vanana and the Importance of Full Size Samples

Many years ago my dad and I had a brown VW camper van.  After some major body work my dad decided (unbeknownst to me) to paint it as well.  I returned home from school and found a bright canary yellow van in the driveway, visible from miles around.  It soon became known as the Vanana. Read More

ARTO Cladding – Facades

In Architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. From the engineering perspective of a building, the facade is also of great importance due to its impact on energy efficiency. ARTO team attended the Facades Los Read More

Ever wondered how your tile was made? Join us on an ARTO factory tour.

Although ARTO is unique for a number of reasons, maybe the number one reason is that we have been making handcrafted products in Southern California for over 50 years now. Arto (our founder) started in Culver City back in 1966 and moved to Gardena in 1999 when we outgrew our space.  Since then our factory Read More

How to Evaluate a Finished Tile Installation

Very much liked this article from the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation.  Much useful information including the excerpt below. Evaluate the Finished Installation from a Normal Distance Perhaps the most important aspect for evaluating a finished installation is the viewing distance. It should be viewed for acceptability from a normal viewing distance, not a foot away or Read More

The Acid Test – Why We Love This Topical Sealer

Every box of ARTO tile notes that the installation is not finished until sealed.  While it is no doubt important to seal your (porous) concrete tile installation, sealers have always come with trade offs.  Penetrating sealers give a natural look but could be better at protecting against stains and scratching.  Topical sealers provide more protection Read More

Concrete Tile is “Movin’ On Up”

ARTO has made beautiful concrete tiles for decades but the perception lingered that concrete tiles were gray, basic, and utilitarian.  Since then, concrete has been recognized as a warm and versatile medium but it still surprises us old-timers to see this quote in a recent article in Los Angeles Magazine:  Then there are the label-conscious Read More

Sleeping with ARTO – The Hotel Californian

The Hotel Californian is the new center of the Santa Barbara waterfront incorporating the original 1925 Spanish Revival facade and featuring interiors by celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard.  Indochine cement tiles are featured throughout the rooms and public spaces along with concrete tile accents from our Artillo series. Read More

Sleeping with ARTO – The Santa Barbara Inn

ARTO handcrafted terracotta tile made in Southern California perfectly complements the Santa Barbara lifestyle.  After an exhaustive search the owners were initially unable to find the classic yellow terracotta tiles envisioned for the lobby.  However they eventually found ARTO through our local distributor Buena Tile and selected 16×16 Oleson tiles in Yellowstone.  As you can Read More

Indochine Kitchen Tile Installation – Pat’s (not so) Grim Progress*

We here at ARTO are very excited about our new Indochine line of handcrafted cement tile and our graphic designer/webmaster Pat is already installing them in his kitchen.  They look fantastic so far and will look forward to sharing professional photos once the job is complete.  For all you fashionistas, Pat’s kitchen floor is wearing the Read More

The Importance of Proper Materials

Although tile is the most visible (and typically most expensive) component, it is just one part of the ultimate tile assembly.  We have been making our concrete and ceramic tiles for over 50 years so we know they work pretty well.  However, using the wrong mortar, grout, membrane, or other materials can result in cracking, Read More

Manufacturing Day 2017 – ARTO Factory Tour – Friday, October 6

Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) 2017 is a celebration of modern manufacturing organized by the National Association of Manufacturers. ARTO is proud to participate in this annual event featuring factory tours in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Design professionals, end users, neighbors and anyone interested in learning about local manufacturing are invited to tour the ARTO factory Read More

The Life of ARTO – Drinking with ARTO!

We here at ARTO love to enjoy potent potables (as Alex Trebek would say) especially when our handmade tiles, decos, and brick veneer can join the fun.  The rooftop bar at the ACE Hotel DTLA features Roman tiles plus custom decos inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright concrete block patterns. For a change of scene and Read More

Grouting Where Tiles Meet Different Materials

Most people (hopefully) in the tile industry are familiar with the requirement to include movement joints as detailed in the TCNA Handbook (section EJ 171). However, the same section also notes that perimeter joints should be included any where tilework abuts restraining surfaces such as walls, dissimilar floors, curbs, columns, ceilings, or where backing surfaces Read More

The Life of ARTO – Eating Out with ARTO (Ceramic)

Following up our earlier post here are some great examples of ARTO ceramic tiles used in restaurants.  Some might say they look good enough to eat (groan).  The Mighty Kitchen in Los Alamitos features a wild, five-color pattern using our Studio Pickets and Squares.  We love the reaction this floor gets – people love it Read More

EPDs may become mandatory in California – ARTO is already ready to go

Claude Goguen is a good friend and colleague of ours from the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA).  He recently posted an article in Precast Magazine noting that environmental product declarations (EPDs) may soon become mandatory for California state government and university projects. The Buy Clean California Act (AB 262) would require state officials to take Read More

What are the prerequisites for a successful tile installation?

Your installation requirements will vary depending on the specific product and application.  However, these basics are common to all successful installations. Experienced installer – it is a good idea to confirm with the contractor’s licensing board that your installers holds a current license and to review any complaints.  Make sure that the installer has experience Read More

The Life of ARTO – Eating Out with ARTO (Concrete)

One of the things we love about working at ARTO is seeing our concrete tiles, brick veneer, and pavers installed all around Southern California and beyond.  We hope that our products handmade with love and passion bring joy to you as you enjoy your meals.     Read More

How do I know my ARTO tile will last outdoors and in harsh climates?

ARTO concrete tiles are made using a high strength, fiber-reinforced mix design.   ARTO ceramic tiles are also very durable thanks to their high fired terracotta composition.  That sounds nice but how do we know they will perform well in exterior environments and in freezing and thawing climates? One way is through laboratory testing which simulates Read More

Will my ARTO tile be slippery?

Most ARTO tiles meet TCNA (Tile Council of North America) requirements for use in exterior or wet areas.  All concrete tiles and pavers have been tested and meet the 0.42 value for dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) which is the most current and robust standard for slip resistance.  Many other manufacturers still use the outdated Read More

Why does my ARTO concrete tile have white powder on it ?

Unless you are partying at Charlie Sheen’s or Tony Montana’s house the white powder is almost certainly efflorescence. It may sound serious but efflorescence is just a fancy word for salts that migrate to the surface.  It is a normal phenomenon that can be seen in clay brick, concrete, mortar, grout, and in all types Read More

How much color variation can I expect with ARTO tiles?

ARTO colors will always have some variation due to our handcrafted production process and use of natural materials.  The amount of variation will vary depending on tile type.  Concrete tiles will typically have more variation than ceramic tiles.  Within concrete tiles our flashed colors or tiles with optional surface textures will have still more variation. Read More

What is the difference between Cement & Concrete Tile ?

ARTO concrete tiles are integrally colored using advanced liquid pigments.  This means the color is present throughout the tile body rather than pressed on top of a grey concrete base. The concrete tile manufacturing process also also for a wider variety of unique textures that can resemble brick, terra cotta, and many other surfaces. 4×8 Read More

Will Concrete Tile Fade?

The iron oxide pigments used in our concrete tile will not fade but the concrete itself can appear faded due to efflorescence, hard water, and other deposits.  These can be cleaned but proper sealing at the time of installation will protect against staining and make cleaning much easier.  But as they say the proof is Read More

Dwell on Design 2017

Stop in to our Booth @ Dwell on Design this June 23rd through 25th We are in booth 2419 Link to One Day Free Pass    LINK     Read More

post image

Toca Madera West Hollywood

These pics came to me early this week( Monday ). I was floored ( no joke ) by the use of our Handcast Concrete Tiles The exterior facade is using our Eye of Felipe in Charley Brown LINK  The Interior is Using Our Pattern 5B a blend of Eye of Felipe & San Felipe LINK Read More

Calendar & A New Year’s Tradition

Did you get a Calendar in the mail last week?  Our Dad Arto has been sending these puppies out for maybe 25 years or longer. We get calls from people saying they did not get their’s . Did you get yours ? NO. Register here to get on the list. Quick 15 second action video Read More

USC Marshall School of Business : Fertitta Hall

When I said I was getting better pictures I did not know how much better they would be. Holy Molly ! This is built on our Handcrafted Quarry Clay Body.   Click the Below Picture To See More Color Choices on our Handcrafted Quarry Clay Body.   Read More

An Italian Estate in California

Howdy All, This home I am going to call out as an Italian Renaissance but I am probably wrong. What style would you call it? Products Used : Pata Grande from the Artillo Series Handpainted Decos from the California Revival Collection Read More

Bread & Butter / 12×12 Artillo Cotto Gold

Picture below is 12×12 Artillo Cotto Gold . Concrete Tile Handcrafted in Los Angeles. Our bread & butter. Everyday for many years, Thank you. Oh do not forget about the decos, we make those too.  ( link is a glimpse of the future in the works )   Read More

Milwaukee Museum of Art

I had a choice to stay in Chicago one day or head straight to Milwaukee. I picked Milwaukee. As I write I am glad I did. I will come back and do more exploring. I will still make the time for Chicago. Like most of my posts it is all about the pictures I will Read More

After the Election of November 8th 2016

Do not Worry The Sun Will Still Rise Tomorrow like it did today over the Pacific.. (Even if the Earth is Void of Life. / Joke / bad Joke but joke ) On a Serious note the world will still be turning. We still will have the choice to treat our Neighbor with Love & Respect. Read More

David Shipley Back in The Studio

David is Back in the studio. When I first met David he was working on Sculptures and has two permanent pieces in the Library at Texas Woman’s University . I do not have any quality pictures to share (yet ). While here he will be sculpting again as well as Painting. We invite you to his studio. 730 Read More

The Los Angeles Rams

Nothing official about the Bus that I know of but Vic from shipping told me that it was once a St Louis Rams Bus. Until proven otherwise I think the guy staring through the window is Patrick from Marketing.           Read More

Safety Is Important @ ARTO

So is having Fun. Jordie Below in the Shipping Department sporting our new line of Eye Protection.   Read More

Project: Roman Series Hermosa Charley Brown Limestone

A change of Pace. Not just Tile but all the accessories to finish your Landscape Project. Shown below is our Roman Series in Color Charley Brown with texture Limestone. All that is missing from the project is pool coping and showing off our Curves ( Radius Pieces ). Well there is more to the series  Read More

Stephanie & Daniel

Looking through the Archives I came across this one of Daniel & Stephanie from maybe 2 years ago. Read More

Put Color Back In Architecture ( when appropriate )

In a Sea Of Gray ( we have that too ) call out some color for your project. Size & Shapes to Glaze   Series Oleson ||  Series  Monrovia  ||  Series Studio  ||     Read More

Lower Alabama & The Pan Handle of Florida

SSH. It is a secret part of the USA ( Pensacola Beach). Took just a few pictures all from the same spot. This is what I saw after work everyday. ( BTW better in person ) Read More

Avila Brothers

So there are many sibling sets at Arto. My brother Vod & I ,The Avilas below and I can think of at least 4 more.   Read More

the boss, our dad , Arto back in the day

My brother Vod  recently scanned a treasure trove of old pictures. Since then when I present Arto Brick to folks that do not know our company culture I have started to share this picture.   I mumble a few words and end with the fact that he, Arto our father has always been cool. Cool since the beginning of time. Read More

Hospitality Project: Zinque (8 x 8 Hexagon 3″ Thick)

Howdy All ! The hexagon is a timeless shape. Use by nature by Honey Bees and see in Volcanic Stone formations. Arto produces Hexgaons in #ConcreteTerraCotta & #HighFireTerraCotta in sizes from 4×4 to 14×14. The color options are over 100. The Pictures below are of Restaurant called Zinque I stumbled across on LA.Eater  .  They use three shade Read More

William in Action

William in action ( the guy in the Blue Arto T-Shirt ) giving a factory tour.    Read More

Coachella 2016

Updated 10-17-16 The Coachella Collection has been available going on two years but never in the Price Book. The Coachella Collection in the new price book  staring on Page 11 . Below are some of the Concept Boards We came up with . Do you have suggestions?  Which ones do you have a project for or Read More

Petronilo !

Howdy All Petrolino has been at Arto since 2002. In a prior life my brother has know him maybe since late 1999. Read More

A little bit Texas

Howdy ! Just a few shots of Texas. I did not snap a lot as I normally do but no excuses I found few that will do. Not In Order of visited but in order of how they uploaded . How I saw Austin, a lot of Building going on in a small space. Drive Read More

Bathroom #1 Houston House Surprise

I am on a road trip across Texas . In Houston as I write. Jennifer @ Alamo Stone took me to one her projects. Met Kurt on site . He wears shorts to work like myself. It made my day. Below are some cell phone pictures of one of the bathrooms. Using my favorite; 6×6 Read More

Conche Tile #HACK

We discovered this project on Instagram. Instagram & Pinterest still a great place to find nuggets of creativity. At this time this DIYer is anonymous will be tracking her down to give her an Avocado Sandwich and Professional Pictures of her  project. VERY COOL !!! Thank you for using our Tile ! OH what is the hack ?!: Read More


Go to the Downloads Page , You will find us There Read More

Fishing Trip ! 2016

Okay Real Quick ! Want to get on the list for next time send me a note [email protected]  . A lot of our fisherman were first timers and had a blast. They were blessed with a Calm Sea and Fish ! This first picture is of George our sealer vendor . He was pleased to pick Read More

ASID Los Angeles Story on David Shipley

The work of David Shipley is easy on the eyes yet challenging. We have enough success that we are going in two directions in order to scale his work . What I mean by scale is make it available to more people yet not lose the option of a Commission exclusively made for your project. Below is Read More

The Gentleman of The Office

  Read More

New Conche Studio Ceramic Board

A new Hand Board in the Works We wanted to pour gas on the fire of the popularity of our Conche Shape ( Fan Tile , Conche Tile, Fish Scale Tile) Get on the list. via email or here. Read More


My brother & I are in talks to build a program where one can use their hands, their imagination and improve their core. Interested drop a note in the mail. Below is from our Monday workout.     Read More


I often say to people that will listen which most of the time is just my kids “you cannot enjoy being lazy if you do not do hard work” or some variant. As the 15th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us and I see “never forget” almost every where I think there needs to be Read More

Silk Road Tile Update 9-6-18

  Silk Road trade routes literally moved people, goods and cultures since the 2nd millennium BCE. In your mind’s eye picture it connecting Asia the Middle East, North Africa & Europe. Present day the Silk Road is what we live everyday as we acquire a Red Wine from Chile, Water from Fiji, a song from a band in Reykjavik , or Read More

Los Angeles Fleet Week 2016

This past week was #FleetWeek in Los Angeles to be specific it was @ the Port Of Los Angeles / Ports of Call / Cruise Terminal. I am not a big fan of crowds & there was plenty of people at the event but the space was so big that my agoraphobia did not flare up. I Read More

Vic & the Painting Ladies

Vic & the Painting Ladies of the Tile Studio in front of #1   Read More

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Tile Floor

AKA Mighty Kitchen in Los Alamitos This is one of those projects that when you see it being built on the factory floor you say ” Wow that takes some guts”.  I must say they pulled it off. I do not know the designer , I do not know much about this project look forward Read More

The Design of Redbird, Robert Weimer Interviewed by Amy Knoll Fraser

The Design of Redbird, Robert Weimer Interviewed by Amy Knoll Fraser LINK TO STORY We are pleased to be in the running for AIA|LA People’s Choice Awards, 2106 Restaurant Design Awards! The highest recipient of votes in each category, as well as the Jury winners, will be announced in person at a ceremony on Saturday, June 25, 2016 Read More

Concrete Colors for life

What color is concrete? Thanks to Arto’s Chameleon Express color automation system by Davis Colors, Arto can make thousands of colors on demand. The Chameleon system is much like the paint tinting systems you see in paint stores, but is designed for concrete manufacturers. The Chameleon system blends liquid red, yellow and black iron oxide Read More

Kaleidoscope Contest Link to entry  We want to see your Feet on the Floor. Enter the contest by either entering the URL of your image of a winning picture of Feet on the Floor from the internet or uploading your image. The image URL can be directly from your Facebook or Instagram account. Make it fun Read More

Brasília Not Rio

I am hoping I make this type of post a regular feature. What is type of post? A post that highlights a regions’s architecture or particular building or space. I will come back to the definition and refine it as I write more of these “types of posts”. Okay guys, Brasília. What I know: built in the Read More

Silk Road Tile ( 7-11-16 )

Silk Road ( I like the sound of it ) Built on our High Fire Terra Cotta. This hand crafted tile is tough enough to be used in severe weather ( freezing )  wet areas or submerged & On Commercial floors. As you can see from the detail there is an unique beauty to it. Which would look Read More

Candy Tile

Howdy All, If you have met me you know that other than being tall, dark, thin, handsome with thick hair that I am excitable.  These Cadmium Colors excite me and make me hungry.  These ( Yellow, Orange & Red ) color are available on Dimensional Tile,  Monrovia, Oleson & Studio bodies. ( scroll down 5 pictures in Read More

Geppetto’s Toy Store Carlsbad / Antik Brick Used Red

This is an easy one to write about. ( Not much to write ). 2×8 Antik Brick in Color Used Red our most popular item. Suggested Retail is 6 dollars a square foot ( CRAZY ). Can be painted as well!       Read More

UPDATE 7-19 Kaleidoscope

7-19-16 It is official. The name for this collection is Kaleidoscope. I was surprised by how many said not to name it Alhambra or similar. The reasoning was that it would get lost in the sea of products of similar names and in turn not get discovered. A quick tally has the three most popular as Kaleidoscope, Read More

Antik Brick Brochure & Display

Howdy All, Have you seen these tools before ? Dealers Send me a Request . Everyone else drop me a line ( OH BOY ) [email protected]       Read More

Fountains / Build Your Dream Fountain ( or pool )

Well Hello, On our secret menu is our ability to produce Fountain Components. The team can go into the archives bring out some classic work to fit to your project or bring us a paper napkin with your dream pool or fountain. On that note we can start with a napkin but the more you show Read More

Thank You Emily Henderson

Howdy All, While we were sleeping Emily Henderson chronicled the remodel of her kitchen using our Tile on This project LINK TO FULL STORY ON HER SITE . What is great about the story is that First it looks great then second she has this feature where she calls out “Get the Look” & “Look For Less” we Read More

360 Tour of Our Booth @ Hospitality Expo In Las Vegas

Our Booth @ HD EXPO  enjoy the tour.   Read More

Las Vegas Revelation

  I hit the city and my team lost me. A bunch of us were descending on the city of Las Vegas for HD EXPO & others were left with less hands to run the show at Home.  Long story short I was put out of action. All I could see through darkness of my Read More

We remember 1915

We remember the 1915 Armenian Genocide today and we acknowledge this date as the beginning of the systematic murder of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire on April 24th. Like all good things in nature we have multiplied to 8 million plus Armenians living around the world. The Armenian culture has grown stronger as Read More

Hospitality Project Hotel Erwin Venice California

Hotel Erwin a boutique hotel located in Venice California is a new ( to me ). This Space Designed by Lucinda Pace of . Material: #HighFireTerraCotta || Series: #HandPainted || Collection: 2d Impressions || Design: Rings ( We also produced the Subway Tile & Sanitary Cove )         Read More

#ConcreteTerraCotta Handmade Hexagons ( French TerraCotta / Reclaimed TerraCotta ) For A French Farmhouse

There is more to this home. In fact there are two homes on this property. What style is this Kitchen? I am calling it French Farm House. Send us a note if you have a different opinion. [email protected] Material: #ConcreteTerraCotta | Series: Artillo | Color : Crème Fraîche | Shape: Hexagon           Read More

Kitchen Connected to the Outdoors by a Common Floor

I am not sure brown is in but this period home wears it well. It is a calm space and as you scroll through the pictures you can see the color added by the hand painted decos adds charm. Material: #HighFireTerraCotta Series / Size: Oleson / 6×12 Color: Spanish Brown  and opens to the outside. Read More

Hospitality Project: Chez Billy Sud · Bar à Vin French Restaurant

The lead picture was sent in from customerASURFACE-DC.COM  .   The others are from Eater-DC . All I know is that the place looks great & I will order the Steak Frites when I am in town next time. Material: #HighFireTerraCottaMonrovia|| Series: Monrovia || Color: Gold Rush with Black & Blue               Read More

HD EXPO 2016

Howdy All ! We will be in Las Vegas May 4th  thru 6th. We will be In Booth 31239. Link To Free Pass Send us a note to make an appointment [email protected] Read More

Kitchen Design: Hexagon , Contemporary but Warm

This kitchen for me is a good blend of Contemporary &  Modern. I must be reveal to you that I also think one of the most timeless shapes is the Hexagon. No matter your world view it is ancient.                           Read More

50th Anniversary Party Pictures

There is more coming in but this is what has come in a few days since the party             Read More

The World Keeps Turning

March 22nd 20016. We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate Read More

Hospitality Project: Cecconi’s Miami Beach. In the courtyard of Soho Beach House

Series: Monrovia Size: 12×12 Color(s) : Walnut Spice & Light Copper Material: #Glazed #HighFireTerraCotta ( #Ceramic ) The space achieved a classic Miami Look with tile that is #Handcrafted , Durable & Great for Interior & Exterior applications.                           Read More

Hospitality Project: Brick @ Hook Burger

I am thinking of Creating a Table Top book of our products in Restaurants . An excuse to visit more eating establishments. Moving on The 2×8 Antik Brick in color Tuscan Mustard is showcased in this Hook Burger Location. They did nit use corners but the installer did a good job with what he had. Read More

The Order Desk

These are a few of the guys who Answer your emails & phone calls at Arto Brick . ( Coming soon the Shipping ) Left to Right ( Hugo, Jose, Marc, Not sure )       Read More

This Place Is Big

For the last 7 days I have been on the road driving east on the 10 then north on the 65. What I have developed are two contradictory views. America is big & America is Small. I have logged a lot of miles but yet America ( the 48 ) is a place where you can touch any Read More

Spanish Colonial Revival or Mission Revival ?

Howdy All. Is there a definitive book or website that defines the unique characteristics of Spanish Colonial Revival & Mission Revival if so send a note to [email protected] . I am going to call the one below a Mission Revival for now. The picket pattern below is from the Artillo Series. The Pattern is the Read More

Picture of the Moment 3-1-16

Sunrise @ ARTOBRICK  Read More


Do you follow @ARTOBRICK  on #Instagram? Follow Here > Tile Pictured: Material: #ConcreteTerraCotta Series: Artillo Color: Tuscan Mustard Shape: San Felipe BY The Way what kind of dog is this? Picture Credit Goes To @morganmccollum1 Read More

Picture of The Moment 2-23-16

Sunrises are my Favorite. (Sunsets too.) Picture Taken from the Korean Friendship Bell near Pt Fermin Lookin Out over the Port Of Los Angeles down onto Long Beach & Orange County . Read More

Tools for You !

We have some new tools Available for Dealers & Design Professionals. Request your Display Boards or Color Chips by emailing [email protected] New Chip Box For Premium & Classic colors in the #HighFireTerraCotta New Premium Color Palette Boutique Board for #HighFireTerraCotta This Conche / Fish Scale Pattern is in our #HighFireTerraCotta , Color: Coachella Blue Read More

My Blue Kitchen ( Maybe Turquoise ?)

Howdy Guys. These pictures were sent in by Imperial Tile of Los Angeles ( Thank You ) It is our Pattern 2A Monrovia Color Coachella Blue ( #HighFireTerraCotta ). ( Dealers request the Board Here [email protected]  ) Read More

New Deco Paint Sheets & Color Ways

Two teams @ARTOBRICK got together to update & produce new Decos using our color ways from the Premium Color Palette. These glazes can be used in commercial , exterior , wet, flooring & freeze thaw conditions.  YES! 8×8 & Hexagons Coming soon? What to be notified as they are released? [email protected] Do you have our premium Read More

Howdy Did You Spend Your Presidents Day?

How did you spend your Presidents Day ? Photo Credit Read More

Sunrise over Los Angeles 2-8-16

never get tire of this or the sunrise ! Read More

#TileTuesday Black Conche 2-9-2016

The source of these pictures is the designer . She did a great job with the grout joints. I have a fondness of the big grout joint even though the world has moved away from it she nailed it. Also  she lacquered up the floor. Even though it may actually not be lacquer it gives the impression of Read More

Mariachi Plaza Station in Boyle Heights Neighborhood of Los Angeles

This is a project in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles  an old area relative to the city of LA’s which was founded 1781. One of the younger cities on the west coast of the Americas. When you (Dealers) come out for a factory tour we can add this to our itinerary when we tour the city. Read More

Arto Brick Launches David Shipley Collection in Collaboration with Renowned Los Angeles Artist

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Arto Brick Launches David Shipley Collection in Collaboration with Renowned Los Angeles Artist     Los Angeles, CA, January 30, 2015 — Arto Brick, Southern California-based creators of hand-crafted tiles, brick veneer and pavers for residential, commercial and public applications, announces a unique collaboration with acclaimed local visual artist David Shipley. Since 1966, Arto Read More

January in Los Angeles ( probably warmer than where you are )

I had a different picture for today but on the way home yesterday ( the day before Tile Tuesday 1-24-16 ) I saw this. Sun, Sea & Catalina . I think it was between 59 & 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Picture Taken from Point Fermin  Read More

Surf & Sun #1

Found this picture on my friends Social Media Stream not his picture but had to share it. repost from Instagram ( Photo Credit )  Taken in Early January of 2016 in Southern California. Send me your pictures [email protected] . Read More

Hospitality Project: Ace Hotel ( picture set I )

This set of pictures were found on the Web Here. ( Photo Credit ) It is of the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. You would know  if your are dealer & had time for one of our City Tours. We working on getting more pictures of this project. What is in this project is our Read More

Handmade Concrete Wall Tile

Real Concrete Wall Tile ( sometimes called cement ) This 2×8 Thin Brick ( Shown in Early Gray ) is from our Artillo Series. This Kitchen is in Canada ( I think ), I have forgotten. In any case if this your project tell me I will give yo credit for it. It looks good Read More

2016 Now

Well first I wish ( aspire) to tell better stories with pictures. Probably because pictures enter the brain quicker than the written word which is processed first then delivered by to the brain ( based on my studies ). By tradition ( put in motion by Arto & maybe his father as well back in Read More

Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

No need to add to this. All I can say is be grateful. Proclamation of Thanksgiving Washington, D.C. October 3, 1863 By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation. The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, Read More

New Friend on The World Wide Web Also Know as the Internets

Howdy All We have a new Internet friend that has listed us as a reference for #ConcreteTile . We do not have an official Blog Roll ( is that term even used still ) so this post is our thank you .   THANK YOU & Peace     Read More

Twitter Lists Exposed

One of my favorite parts of social media is social learning. There is a treasure trove of information at your fingertips if you look, listen and absorb from the social community. I was on a couple chats with people who expressed that they don’t follow more than X amount of people with the implication that Read More

Coachella Tile Collection ( update )

The Coachella Collection Has Been Out for a Couple Months Now but this new display board that our Greg had us build is just incredible . Coachella in Arabesque Pattern 12 This pattern & color-way has the ROMANTIC name of  “C” What would you call it? Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – FRIDAY, August 28; 11:00 AM

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, and end users are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present & Future”on Friday, August 28. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about Read More

Roman Concrete Wood Cladding & Tile

available now Roman Concrete Wood Cladding looks and feels like Board Formed Concrete. available now! 1 inch Thickness Sizes; 3 1/2 x 24 , 6 x 24, 8 x 24, 3 1/2 x 36, 8 x 36 Popular Colors; Smoke , Sidewalk, Natural Gray, Antik Gray, Charcoal Gray, Early Gray   Read More

Hexagon & Diamond Swinging in a Tree

If you read through this site you know that I( armen ) love the Hexagon. Below is from Our Monrovia Series Monrovia is High Fire Terra Cotta which means it can go almost & is frost resistant. These color are done via the monocottura method. Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Thursday, June 25

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, and end users are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present & Future”on Thursday, June 25. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Friday, May 29

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, and end users are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present & Future”on Friday, May 29. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about Read More

Saint Patrick’s Day 2015 our #49 th

On this, the anniversary Of our incorporation We send along these gifts To show you our appreciationWe do our best to serve you And be worthy of reliance We celebrate that service With our vendors and our clientsAlas, our celebration Is a little changed this year It’s the first time for our family Our founder Read More

UL-Certified EPD for North American-Made Ceramic Tile Paves the Way for Points, Credits, and Compliance in Green Construction

UL-Certified EPD for North American-Made Ceramic Tile Paves the Way for Points, Credits, and Compliance in Green Construction FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 10, 2014   The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for ceramic tile made in North America, certified by sustainability leader UL Environment, is now available for use by architects and specifiers seeking to satisfy Read More

Hexagon Tile not with a Geometric Pattern ( finally )

Saturday February 7th 2015 David Shipley  Hexagons ! I was excited to see him Paint ( with ceramic glaze ) on a Hexagon Tile (I love the Hexagon) .I was even happier when I saw that it was not another geometric pattern . Request a quote [email protected] or 310-768-8500 (David welcomes commissions ) Tiles can be used on Read More

Engagement in Vegas: #KBIS2015

  Engagement in Vegas: #KBIS2015 by Lori @TranslationLady The week started off with coffee and a short flight to Vegas for Armen Alajian, of ARTO Brick. A convergence of designers, manufacturers, architects, bloggers and Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYs) bombarded the desert city with energy and passion for their work. Manning social back at headquarters in Southern California, I Read More

ARTO Factory Tours: Free Lunch & AIA/ASID Credits!

Hope 2015 is treating you well and we hope to see you at our upcoming factory tours. See our handcrafted concrete and clay production in action, eat tasty food from the renowned Eatalian Café, and get AIA/ASID credits to boot! RSVP using the links below or contact William Love [email protected]; 310-308-4222 for more information. Friday, Read More

Martin Luther King Junior laughed

Martin Luther King had a foundation of right & wrong based on the Gospel. His faith changed the United States of America. I thought about how to honor him & his faith with out being somber. I found the quote first then added the word “laughing” to my google search & these pictures popped up. Read More

Interior Design: Diamond Tile Kitchen & Office Backsplash

Artillo 3×5 Diamond shown here in Color Tres Gres is a hand cast concrete tile. The production process is similar to the production of hand cast terra cotta. Installed in the same method as well. This project was sold unsealed to the customer. The customer chose to use an invisible sealer also known as Penetrating or Read More

Merry Armenian Christmas

ARTO BRICK is an Armenian run company.  That means when you stop in for a factory tour if we do not tell you to get off the property we will give you a big smile and a cup of very strong coffee. What it also means is that Christmas is TODAY January 6th. A lot Read More

From the UK with Love ( g rated )

The team from Terry Blinds of the United Kingdom wrote up a quick note on my brother & me     Courtesy of: Terrys Blinds Read More

Corduroy Tile ( for my fire place )

I have been blessed to get to use my own tile before the age 75 in my own home. Often I see makers be the last to use the fruits of their own labor. Below are process shots of Corduroy Going up on my fireplace. The tile would no be suitable for floors based on Read More

Cersaie Italy 2014

Mr Cabinet Care a fellow traveller on Twitter  posted this short note on my travels of my first time to Italy.   INTERNATIONAL EXHIBIT OF CERAMIC TILE & BATH, ITALY 2014 November 24, 2014 Many of our clients who upgrade their kitchen with beautiful cabinet refacing, often ask us about the latest tile trends and backsplash designs. After Read More

Moroccan Tile Made In Los Angeles

These pics just came in from a customer’s home in La Quinta California. I will be adding descriptions asap Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA CEU & Lunch – Thursday, December 18

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA CEU course: “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation”on Thursday, December 18. There is no charge for the tour or the course Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Friday, December 5

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present, Future” on Friday, December 5. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA CEU & Lunch – Tuesday, November 18

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA CEU course: “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation”on Thursday, November 18. There is no charge for the tour or the course Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Thursday, October 30

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present, Future” on Thursday, October 30. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Friday, September 26

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present, Future” on Friday, September 26. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our Read More

ARTO Factory Tour, AIA/ASID CEU & Lunch – Friday, August 22

Architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA/ASID CEU course: “Malibu Tiles: Past, Present, Future” on Friday,  August 22. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great opportunity to learn more about our Read More

tenacious ( the Armenian people )

An Ancient People A Tenacious People April 24th marks the beginning of one of those times that tested their tenacity. ( read more here ) It is the day the Ottomans began pogroms against the Armenian Citizens of the Ottoman Empire. Arto’s father was made an orphan & became a refugee  during this time. Sincere Peace Read More

#photo #challenge #2014

Enter ARTO Brick Instagram/Twitter Photo Challenge in honor of Coverings 2014 in Las Vegas, NV April 29 – May 2, 2014 using hashtag: #artobrick plus the hashtag for the “Theme of the day” to win ARTO tile coasters     We enjoy the conversation and thought this challenge  would help us reach out to our Read More

April Fools 2014

If I were a bathroom tile salesman, my pitch would be, “think of how great this will look in the background of your social networking pics.” Ha.  Wish I would have though of that one myself but need to give credit where credit is due.  Oh and by the way The joke is on us, Read More

Transitional / between here & there

These are made the same way as our California Revival Collection via the dry line method which means still hand made. All these patterns come with paint sheets so you can create your own color way. More info here . Read More

3D / Dimensional Tile in Concrete or Ceramic

Have you see me? Stop by  factory showroom to to touch & feel me. Or Request a Sample More Info Here      Read More

ARTO/MAPEI Design Professional Appreciation Day

Thursday, April 10; 11:00 AM-3:00 PM 15209 S. Broadway St, Gardena, CA 90248 Learn how ARTO handcrafts unique concrete and clay products. Enjoy handcrafted Italian food from the Eatalian Cafe. Earn AIA/IDCEC continuing education credits from ARTO & MAPEI ALL FOR NO CHARGE! ARTO & MAPEI would like to invite you to a special event Read More

St. Patrick’s Day 2014

St. Patrick’s Day #48. Why ? Arto Alajian started ARTO Brick in 1966, 48 years ago. Arto Alajian was born on March 17th more than 48 years ago. Other reasons to celebrate: ARTO Brick was incorporated on March 17th. Beginning of the Tile Season, although this year it has started earlier. You have more time Read More

Factory Tour January 31st

  We will be opening up our showroom & factory to YOU. Stop in for an AIA or ASID CEU or just for a tour , food & a laugh Click the link below or to the right to reserve your spot! Read More

2014 tradition & direction

New Years Day Tradition . ( my pop Arto started ) Got to work . Walk around . Open Doors. Run the water. Journal. Pray. Set goals for the business . This year I was directed to the most important thing. & my biggest weakness . Relationships. ( for those that follow, yes to cigar Read More

arto custom studio

When I am asked how much of our work is custom I say  ” imagine us a bakery about 80% of the time we produce Glazed Donuts & 20 % of the time we make wedding cakes “. 20% is a lot but it can be more and with the NEW ECONOMY we think it Read More

Arabesque Pattern 12 update II

This post is originally from December 19 2013. Since then Arabesque Pattern 12 has become  even more popular. This picture came in a few months ago. & the original question still stands below. What makes a tile, Color or Pattern ? Color or Pattern make a tile? both Below is the transformation of Arabesque Pattern 12. Read More

2014 Price Book

2014 Price Book A new PRICE LIST will be distributed Early January with an effective date of February 1st Changes to The Price List Prices : specific items have price increase not the whole book Coverages : updated coverages to reflect field use still a suggestion & still sold per piece Items & Colors : Read More

Oleson Handmade

I must say tonight I struggled to write these three sentences. I have plenty to transcribe but no juice to do so.  So all you get is this great picture of 6×12 Oleson Handmade in Spanish Brown with custom decos. Read More

Art under Glass

*** update found the link to the Exhibit. I have been sitting on these pics for a couple of weeks. Vic took the call and made it happen for the customer. It is an art exhibit at Looks good ! What do you think? There are more pics here What do you think?     Read More

Preparing for The New Big

It has been 4 almost 5 years since the release of what we call at the factory as “the big”. It is our brochure if you have not see it before here is a link to it . It was a big deal for us to produce it. The timing was perfect. It kept the wind Read More

oh..oh.oh PickMe

in the beginning when my father Mr Arto let me hit the road to start promoting the company i chased the big guys & gals of tile & brick. i was looking to get my father’s company picked. getting picked would bring first fame then fortune. i am glad i failed at getting the company Read More

“Slippery Tile Test ” Update

I used this title instead of the scientific name Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) update. It is replacing the old test COF. What is the difference? The bottom line is more accuracy and less human input in the test. The result will be in a number that relates to how slippery or not a floor Read More

Sunset & Traffic

#skies of #losangeles @ #sunset  have stopped me in my tracks as if  each was my first.  even when my tracks have been stopped by traffic   Read More

Custom Clay Curved Grooved Stairtread

Making a custom clay curved stairtread. Read More

ARTO Utility Products

ARTO Solar Ballast Blocks are available in a wide range of standard sizes and weights for residential and commercial applications. Solar panels in zero-penetration, flat-roof applications require ballast weight to secure the panel to the roof.  These systems are easy to install while minimizing the potential for water intrusion. ARTO Solar Ballast Blocks are made Read More

A thank you #1

Howdy Calling this post “a thank you #1” . The name is a lie as it is probably “thank you #1,976,986 ” . All that said never posted one before till now. Read More

ARTO Impressions 2D Decos

3D looking tiles. Read More

What if surfing was your job?

When there are hard days just remember your blessed if you can choose them. What if surfing was your job? Same waves, different day. The risk of skin cancer. The falling. Sand in your socks. The people hassling you for your spot on the wave. The pressure to do more sets. The other guys at Read More

ARTO Factory Tour/Course/Lunch with 2 AIA LU – Friday, June 28, 2013

Architects, design professionals and ALL are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA course: “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation” on Friday, June 28. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is Read More

Coverings 2013 Package

Howdy Coverings 2013 Attendees & the Curious! Below is the starter package, provided free of charge when the following is completed within thirty days of receipt of display boards. A PO# is submitted for display boards Boards are hung up on store walls Pictures of staff in front of boards, taken inside your showroom List of Read More

Tip The World Over

Tip The World Over On Its Side And Everything Loose Will Land In Los Angeles Frank Lloyd Wright Tile designed by Vod Read More

What to Expect When Choosing ARTO Tile

Armen talks about what to expect, packaging and sealing. He also throws in some personal insight. It ARTO right for you?   [yframe url=’’] Read More

ARTO AIA CEU Event – March 22, 2013

[yframe url=’’]   Highlights form the factory tour and AIA CEU.  Please contact William Love about scheduling/sponsoring an event or times and dates of already scheduled events. William Love AIA CES Provider/Project Specifications/ LEED Assistance For Architects/Landscape Architects/Interior Designers Phone: (310) 308-4222 Send email Read More

ARTO AIA CEU and Factory Tour, February 22, 2013

Highlights form the factory tour and AIA CEU.  Please contact William Love about scheduling/sponsoring an event or times and dates of already scheduled events. William Love AIA CES Provider/Project Specifications/ LEED Assistance For Architects/Landscape Architects/Interior Designers Phone: (310) 308-4222 Send email [yframe url=’’] Read More

ARTO AIA CEU Sponsored by Ceramic Tile Design – San Rafael

If you are in the Bay Area or plan to visit around March 20, 2013 sign up to take an ARTO AIA CEU course sponsored by Ceramic Tile Design San Rafael. What will the course be about? The Beautiful World of Concrete : Understanding precast and specifying for your project Where will it be? Ceramic Read More

Highlights from ARTO AIA CEU Course at the Factory

[yframe url=’′] Read More

ARTO Factory Tour/Course/Lunch with 2 AIA LU – Friday, January 25

Architects and design professionals are invited to tour the ARTO factory complex in Gardena, CA and attend our AIA course: “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation” on Friday, January 25. There is no charge for the tour or the course and it is a great Read More

Ridiculous is the New Authentic (Remarkable)

I started out from birth in the business with a romantic view of it. Along the way I was bombarded with events and people that said I was ridiculous for it. Sometimes you need reassurance that being odd is what got you to the dance. Here is Seth’s view “ridiculous is the new remarkable” Read More

Overruns to Restore (Habitat Los Angeles)

Howdy All, We just sent a few truck loads of overruns to Habitat Greater Los Angeles (Located in Gardena We hope to bring back the old Boneyard Program we had while we were located in West Los Angeles but till then pick them up over the REstore Read More


Armen’s Favorite! Read More


NEW! Also looks like dragon scales. Read More

ARTO Tile Studio Launch

ARTO is proud to introduce his own line of Clay Deco Tiles and Clay Field tiles form the ARTO Tile Studio. The ARTO Tile Studio, in essence, is a Design Studio first and a factory second.  We are designers at heart and enjoy making custom pieces for you.  We have an extensive catalog of  traditional Read More

AIA CES Course Luncheon, September 19

AIA CES Course Luncheon Hosted by ARTO and Green Goods Green Goods 111 South Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 Wednesday, September 19, 2012: 12:00 PM RSVP to [email protected] Guest Speaker , William Love, ARTO “The Beautiful Face of Concrete: Using Precast Tile, Pavers, and Wall Veneer for Historic Restoration and Renovation”   (AIA 1.0 LU/HSW/SD Read More

Low Relief Tile / R&D

Howdy Guys Beto from the Western Quarry factory is working on a project. He produced these wonderful Low Relief Handmade Glazed Tiles. I  am not sure what period they are from or what the romantic name is for them but they are good looking. The ones shown are glazed  & fired with the Western Quarry Read More

Sustainability Committee /

Armen Alajian also recently attended Committee Week for the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)   The NPCA represents manufacturers of diverse precast products ranging from septic tanks and utility boxes to decorative wall panels and architectural details. Armen is an active member of the Sustainability Committee which is responsible for developing standards to minimize the Read More

Editorial: Seth’s Note for note

Our Tag Line is “Rustic Elegance” which got us from a team of 3 people to 20 something people.  As we have grown we have attracted customers that may not have heard or even understand what Rustic Elegance means, especially to me. I may revisit the tag line again but in the meantime, I have Read More

PRECAST.ORG Update June 2012

ARTO Technical Director William Love recently attended Committee Week for the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) The NPCA represents manufacturers of diverse precast products ranging from septic tanks and utility boxes to decorative wall panels and architectural details. William serves as Chairman of both the Building Product Committee and the Architectural Subcommittee in order to Read More

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