Stone Porcelain

Rustic & Elegant Stone Porcelain

Howdy Tribe Arto, (if you are new welcome) The first thing to get out of the way. The written word is like magic for me, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I have been toying with building a curated line of products for over a decade. I thought about building a brand called Read More

Brasília not Rio II

It seems that my eyes have found more color in Brasília. Yes it is a Handsome Gray Concrete on the outside but look at the Color on the inside ( scroll down ) Before I began my internet travels of the Brazilian Capital my minds eye saw it as the Capital of Brutalism as well, gray. Read More

Richmond San Rafeal Bridge @ Sunset

      Read More

Sweet Home Alabama

Howdy ! ( scroll down for pictures and the video if you are impatient ) This post comes to you a little late. I was in Alabama this past May. I usually like to post sooner than this so nothing escapes me. As it is now my mind is a Steel Sieve .  Luckily I like Read More

Newport Beach May 2016

Since I believe 2006 our family has been traveling up to 1 hour ( inside joke – a travel time of 1 hour to escape. escape is where you make it ) from our home to visit this escape from reality called Newport Beach.  My favorite is to walk to Crystal Cove State Park on the Read More

A Classic Ranch Style Home ( Thin Brick / Exterior Cladding )

Antik Brick simple, rustic & elegant. Antik Brick adds value & charm to your project . Shown here in Color Used Red. Antik Brick is available in many colors which have been inspired by the indigenous bricks colors seen around the world. Antik Brick is 1/2″ thick ( known as brick veneer, brick tile or thin brick ) Read More

Compton working it in Salt Lake ( a 3d Tile Story )( Dimensional Tile)

I had heard rumors about this project then the team @ European Marble & Granite sent me the link to it. Below are a few pictures I grabbed from the site highlighting our Compton Tile. Material: Concrete , Series: Impression, Item:Compton, Color: Sidewalk HT ( thank you to ) : City Home Collective        Read More

Pismo Beach Quick Trip ( #artoroadtrip )

After a Wedding Saturday In Bakersfield California we took the Long Way home through Pismo Beach. Almost jumped in ! Read More

Cable Car Ride

I just came back ( April 24 2016 ) from a 3600 mile trip to the Northwest United States ( Oregon , Washington & a little bit of Idaho ). Wow a secret part of the world. The clips below are of my ride on the famous cable car in San Francisco. I had a Read More

Sunset Seen From Downtown Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon Is Special. This Sunset Crowns our Visit Last Week.         Read More

Road Trip ( Lost in Sacramento )

On a road the next two weeks. While in Sacramento I missed a South or North when I entered information into the GPS. I am glad. I stumbled across this bridge ( FREEPORT BRIDGE )  by doing so.  ( LOCATION / GOOGLE MAPS )        Read More

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

Typical Tourist Picture of The Galleria. I took this picture and I would do it again. It is a wow when you look up. Wikipedia Google Picture Search  Map    Read More

Somewhere Over the Rockies

When I captured this one I almost dropped the phone from Excitement. The scene was stunning.   Read More

Clara Meets Mosaic in Arto’s New Collaboration with Artist Allison Eden

  Submitted by Patricia Neumann 4/17/23 Clara Meets Mosaic in ARTO’s New Collaboration with Artist Allison Eden The moment Armen Alajian first saw Allison Eden’s work featured in Tile Letter magazine, he thought to himself, “Here’s someone I’d like to collaborate with.” Armen and his brother Vod are the co-owners and operators of ARTO, SoCal-based Read More

Opening: Supervisor Concrete

Howdy!If you are kicking tires to see if the place is worth your sweat and time, thank you for getting this far. Before you read on, I will warn you the job is hard. We are growing; we are building systems. This is not a turn-key opportunity. The processes are not all set up yet; Read More

We Hired Michelle!

Michelle Labriola Brings a Midwest Focus to ARTO Michelle Labriola may be one of the newest additions to ARTO’s team, but her knowledge of ARTO goes way back. Previously working with a Chicago-based dealer, Michelle fell in love with ARTO’s unique handmade tiles the first time she saw the collection. “I love that ARTO offered Read More

Arto’s Super Bowl Commercials

The Los Angeles Raiders did not win Super Bowl LVII, but they could have! Also, if Arto had enough cash, we could have won the Super Bowl Commercial Bowl, if there was one. Steve Martin may be a better Actor, but we can make commercial history for under $240 US dollars. Oh, BTW the commercials Read More


Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

No need to add to this. All I can say is be grateful. Proclamation of Thanksgiving Washington, D.C. October 3, 1863 By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation. The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, Read More

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