We remember 1915

We remember the 1915 Armenian Genocide today and we acknowledge this date as the beginning of the systematic murder of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Empire on April 24th. Like all good things in nature we have multiplied to 8 million plus Armenians living around the world. The Armenian culture has grown stronger as Read More

Cable Car Ride

I just came back ( April 24 2016 ) from a 3600 mile trip to the Northwest United States ( Oregon , Washington & a little bit of Idaho ). Wow a secret part of the world. The clips below are of my ride on the famous cable car in San Francisco. I had a Read More

Hospitality Project Hotel Erwin Venice California

Hotel Erwin a boutique hotel located in Venice California is a new ( to me ). http://www.hotelerwin.com/ This Space Designed by Lucinda Pace of http://www.conceptxl.com/ . Material: #HighFireTerraCotta || Series: #HandPainted || Collection: 2d Impressions || Design: Rings ( We also produced the Subway Tile & Sanitary Cove )         Read More

Sunset Seen From Downtown Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon Is Special. This Sunset Crowns our Visit Last Week.         Read More

#ConcreteTerraCotta Handmade Hexagons ( French TerraCotta / Reclaimed TerraCotta ) For A French Farmhouse

There is more to this home. In fact there are two homes on this property. What style is this Kitchen? I am calling it French Farm House. Send us a note if you have a different opinion. [email protected] Material: #ConcreteTerraCotta | Series: Artillo | Color : Crème Fraîche | Shape: Hexagon           Read More

Road Trip ( Lost in Sacramento )

On a road the next two weeks. While in Sacramento I missed a South or North when I entered information into the GPS. I am glad. I stumbled across this bridge ( FREEPORT BRIDGE )  by doing so.  ( LOCATION / GOOGLE MAPS )        Read More

Kitchen Connected to the Outdoors by a Common Floor

I am not sure brown is in but this period home wears it well. It is a calm space and as you scroll through the pictures you can see the color added by the hand painted decos adds charm. Material: #HighFireTerraCotta Series / Size: Oleson / 6×12 Color: Spanish Brown  and opens to the outside. Read More

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

Typical Tourist Picture of The Galleria. I took this picture and I would do it again. It is a wow when you look up. Wikipedia Google Picture Search  Map    Read More

Hospitality Project: Chez Billy Sud · Bar à Vin French Restaurant

The lead picture was sent in from customerASURFACE-DC.COM  .   The others are from Eater-DC . All I know is that the place looks great & I will order the Steak Frites when I am in town next time. Material: #HighFireTerraCottaMonrovia|| Series: Monrovia || Color: Gold Rush with Black & Blue               Read More