Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Tile Floor

AKA Mighty Kitchen in Los Alamitos This is one of those projects that when you see it being built on the factory floor you say ” Wow that takes some guts”.  I must say they pulled it off. I do not know the designer , I do not know much about this project look forward Read More

The Design of Redbird, Robert Weimer Interviewed by Amy Knoll Fraser

The Design of Redbird, Robert Weimer Interviewed by Amy Knoll Fraser LINK TO STORY We are pleased to be in the running for AIA|LA People’s Choice Awards, 2106 Restaurant Design Awards! The highest recipient of votes in each category, as well as the Jury winners, will be announced in person at a ceremony on Saturday, June 25, 2016 Read More

Concrete Colors for life

What color is concrete? Thanks to Arto’s Chameleon Express color automation system by Davis Colors, Arto can make thousands of colors on demand. The Chameleon system is much like the paint tinting systems you see in paint stores, but is designed for concrete manufacturers. The Chameleon system blends liquid red, yellow and black iron oxide Read More

Kaleidoscope Contest Link to entry  We want to see your Feet on the Floor. Enter the contest by either entering the URL of your image of a winning picture of Feet on the Floor from the internet or uploading your image. The image URL can be directly from your Facebook or Instagram account. Make it fun Read More

Brasília not Rio II

It seems that my eyes have found more color in Brasília. Yes it is a Handsome Gray Concrete on the outside but look at the Color on the inside ( scroll down ) Before I began my internet travels of the Brazilian Capital my minds eye saw it as the Capital of Brutalism as well, gray. Read More