ARTO Cladding – Facades

In Architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. From the engineering perspective of a building, the facade is also of great importance due to its impact on energy efficiency. ARTO team attended the Facades Los Read More

How much color variation can I expect with ARTO tiles?

ARTO colors will always have some variation due to our handcrafted production process and use of natural materials.  The amount of variation will vary depending on tile type.  Concrete tiles will typically have more variation than ceramic tiles.  Within concrete tiles our flashed colors or tiles with optional surface textures will have still more variation. Read More

What is the difference between Cement & Concrete Tile ?

ARTO concrete tiles are integrally colored using advanced liquid pigments.  This means the color is present throughout the tile body rather than pressed on top of a grey concrete base. The concrete tile manufacturing process also also for a wider variety of unique textures that can resemble brick, terra cotta, and many other surfaces. 4×8 Read More

Will Concrete Tile Fade?

The iron oxide pigments used in our concrete tile will not fade but the concrete itself can appear faded due to efflorescence, hard water, and other deposits.  These can be cleaned but proper sealing at the time of installation will protect against staining and make cleaning much easier.  But as they say the proof is Read More